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  1. AR15 straight pull built on Southern Gun Co. for high power matches by Dave Wylde (Valkyrie Rifles), 20 inch1in 8 twist barrel, Carry handle open sights and Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24 BDC in Sportsmatch cantilever mount. Four P-mags (two with ranger plates) and a speed loader. Unsure of the round count but it's low due to the format of shooting it's been used for. I bought this for my daughter to use but as she's moved away and needs furniture its up for sale. More photos by email ALL SOLD
  2. I used RL10x in my .204 to good effect but as its a double based powder and the 20br is an overbore cartridge I went with a single based powder.
  3. 39g SBK, 30.5g Viht N133, CCI BR4 primers, Lapua 6br brass 3950fps Sassen 1:10 twenty four inch barrel fitted by Baldie Dave on here. I went for N133 as apposed to RL10x as its slightly kinder to the barrel. Never mind the lock time, the bullet seems to arrive before you've finished pulling the trigger! you are going enjoy yours....
  4. Contessa picatinny rail for Tikka T3/T3x, Matt chromed finish to match Tikka stainless, with recoil stop and screws SOLD advertised elsewhere
  5. I don't do targets any more so up for sale. Tier One 34mm 6 mil/20.6 moa canted medium picatinny unimount (T1MUS340632) SOLD Tier One 30mm medium picatinny rings (T1PIC30M) SOLD Leupold PRW2 1 inch medium picatinny rings £55 inc postage Hawke 1 inch Precision medium weaver/picatinny rings £25 inc postage advertised elsewhere
  6. Carl Zeiss Diavari-Da 1.5-6x40, 30mm tube, graduated turrets for 100-600 yards and short range 10-75 yards calibrated for .308 168g or similar. I have used it on a .22magnum and .223 as well. Some scratches and scuffs due to age, lenses clear and good working order. SOLD Advertised elsewhere.
  7. Double rifle- 5014 Just measured it. Internal measurements 1270x345x152 approx External 1340x430x170 approx
  8. SKB iSeries waterproof/airline approved mil spec case (alternative to Peli), will take two sporting rifles, I used it for my now departed AW with spare barrel, scope, moderators and mags. Middle 50mm foam cut to only and only light use. SOLD Advertised elsewhere
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