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300 Norma Magnum

John MH

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Anyone have any experience loading for this cartridge?

I have Lapua cases, Russian Standard LRP and Magnum LRPs, 200 to 225 grain bullets and RS70 ready to assemble and am looking for a load to shoot between 1200 and 2000 yards from a 30" 1 in 8 twist barrel.

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I’m about to start on this journey myself.

I’m going with the 230g Berger hybrids and RS80 (aka Reloader 33). My thinking is the shorter bullet will be better going transonic.

28” 1:9 barrelled rifle on the way.

Going to use an Ivey base for the scope.

once rifle’s in my hands will be heading to the tunnel to sort loads 

will let you know how it goes!


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My thinking is to go with the Hornady 225 Grain ELD-M to start with, still waiting for rifle to touch down but everything ready to go. Don't think I'm going to need an adjustable base and as its a multi cal rifle with a 20 MOA integral rail I'm thinking maybe a 20 or 30 MOA base for the 5-45x56 PMII.

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Afternoon John, Terry

My .300NM is going to proof in the next week or so, Neil Mckillop has just spun the tube up, sorry I've no data as yet.

I'm using Norma brass, H1000, 220grn SMKs not sure which primers yet!

My build is a Mausingfield action with 30MOA integral rail

Bartlein 30'' 1/9 heavy varmint profile 

Triggertech diamond unit 

AX chassis

20.6MOA Spuhr uni mount, 8-32 NXS

Hoping she's going to be in my dirty little mitts mid November, then all the fun begins. 

Will keep you posted.

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I am interested in a new build for 2019 IF Salisbury Plain comes back online..... can't honestly see myself going all the way up to Gardners to shoot as nice as it looks!

I was thinking 375 CT or Barret 416 on the assumption that reamers etc can be had... its early days resesrch at present with no set-in-stone decisions.

I know 2 of you and would doubt that you had chosen the 300 Norma without good reason..... do you mind sharing your decision process?

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Well I chose the .300NM because, I've always wanted a .30cal capable of pushing a high BC 200grn + bullet at 3000fps+ and get to 2000yrds plus, also low recoil was a big factor.

Never fancied a belted magnum, after doing some interweb research and seeing the longrange capability of this round i settled on the NM. 

I did consider the 375CT but as you pointed out the sourcing of reloading component's etc would have been a long drawn out process.


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H1000 should work. But I went with powders that will be available in the future, could probably obtain ‘a barrels worth’ of H1000 but using RS80 (aka R33) as a starting point.

Norma brass, Fed215L or Myron LR primers. 230g Berger. Hybrid OTM’s


In answer to your ‘why 300NM’ it was for a few reasons, moved to Warminster area so FCSA was joined as a sensible local LR venue. Did not want to go 50cal route, nothing against them, have shot them in competitons (not target) . 338LM? nice but cannot shoot Bisley and quite expensive to load. The 300 Norma looked good, lots of nice 30 cal bullets coming out and as you say pretty much on par with the 338LM ballistically.

Was weighing all this up in my mind. Visited a fiend in the US who is also a pretty good gunsmith and there on the beach is his workshop are 4 300MN’s laid out in parts, also on one side is a spare action (Defiant, in a version built for my friend)  & barrel for the same, so this tipped it for me and I went with the 300NM. It is at the shippers and should arrive UK this week:


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Evening Terry

The reason I went with H1000 was has luck would have it, I've got 23lb to hand and another 20lb that's got my name on it :-)))...so roughly 2 barrels worth. If not I'd have gone with RS80 as you have.

The yanks seem to love H1000 in the .300NM as you know its a nice cool burner, hoping to preserve the throat as much as I can.

Is that a pic of your rig?...German gunstock? That's a nice looking rifle. 

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Yes, no great shakes to have a rifle built and exported/recived etc. - just a process which is pretty quick as it is ‘on-line’ at the US end.

Re. Additional barrels - have some in build, the Smith in question can make additional barrels to fit the original build so no issue, does not need the rifle to hand.

The rifle is shipped and recived UK end by a freight handling company who are also RFD’ (PBS International/March Scopes UK) who arrange proof and I go collect, they enter onto my cert.


Yes that is my stick, not a German stock but the original which it copies, KMW Sentinel  https://www.kmwlrs.com/

Brgds terry


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Well I need to see my 338 barrel out but might well look at 30 cal option.

Still tempted by a sub 50 cal bigun!

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Berger Hybrid 215 - G7 BC 691

GS Custom 308197SP204 (197g LT Solid) - BC 827............



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Well rifle ships out of the USA on Sunday and is expected at the East Midlands cargo agent on Monday, so I will hopefully have it before Christmas. Limited on powder choice and availability so going to start with RS70 and N560, intend to move onto RS80 in the New Year. There is some load data available for N560 so I'll use that for fireforming my Lapua cases.

Rifle is a Tubb Adaptive Target Rifle, a switch barrel design and its coming with both 300NM and 6XC barrels. Will be interesting to see how it performs, if its anything like my T2k it will be a tac driver. Got a very nice S&B 5-45x56 PMII to sit on top in a Spuhr uni mount with a Aimpoint Micro H2 sat on the side.

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winting on mine, it is at their KLondon proof house waiting on the proof cartridges from the Birmingham labs which should be available this week.

Looking to possibly book the tunnel range over Xmas if you want to do some joint load devlopment?


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