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  1. Whatever you spend only expect to reliably range to about 75% of the claimed distance which will be in ideal light conditions on a reflective target and probably from a tripod or other very stable platform with no wobble to make the beam either over a wide area. Vectronix are mostbpeoples dream but soooooo spendy! Leica , Sig excellent. If you are happy to trade up later you should find second hand bargains from Bushnell , Vortex and others good for 400 yards or more. Look at reviews and decide budget. Go for smallest beam divergence specs that you can find.
  2. Ditto Catch-22. I have taken mine well beyond 2000yards BUT... they all vary greatly in performance based on light conditions! If I could afford it my choice would be a Vectronix....I wish!
  3. DaveT

    Bullet choice for PRS

    123g Scenars.👍👍👍
  4. DaveT

    Electronic Seating Force Monitor

    I don't know if this helps or confuses but Litz gave up on a pressure measurement of seating force as it varied wildly based upon how quickly / forcefully you seated the bullets.
  5. DaveT

    Problems Sierra TMK seating

    Backing up brass 243 to 260 is an act of desperation nowadays......it will create donuts 100%. It causes havoc with bullet seating.
  6. DaveT

    Bullet Coatings

    I have used Hbn in 260 Rem and 6mmSLR. I did the load workup from scratch in the usual way so finding accuracy nodes was arrived at in the process. I CAN say for certain that the bore stays waaaay cleaner and that I see no first shot fliers. I am HOPING that bore wear....especially in the 6mm which I run 'hot' ..... will be much reduced but this harder to prove. In terms of its application vs moly........ easy peasy and clean.
  7. Both good but both have their usage foibles. The Magnetospeed can be a faff to attach and can affect POI so you may have to do load testing and speed testing separately. The Labradar can gave triggering issues with small calibre and suppressed fire.... an accessory recoil trigger can overcome this. Both are accurate and WAAAY better than standard chrono.
  8. DaveT

    .338LM loads with 250 and 300gr bullets

    N570 for me ...95g with 250g Scenars and Federal gold match magnum primers. Interestingly Litz states that the 250g bests the 300g past about 1500 yards if I recall correctly. Shorter bullet retaining stability through transonic.
  9. DaveT

    Robot messages,

    Yep.....pulled out before sending any payments!
  10. Can't view the FB link until membership approved!
  11. To John M-H....... I also have a Magnetospeed but got fed up with the faff of fitting it....... as a chrono I agree it works really well. I like your setup but I have various stocks and don't want multiple rigs. To 1066 re the trigger he made.....wow....that tech is way over my head! Impressed! To 1 in 8 twist..... thanks for the heads up re German supplier...I will, take a look see.
  12. Love my Labradar BUT....... Missed shots due to low calibre report and / or suppressed use also not giving enough blast to trigger the onboard sensors ...driving me nuts. I see US companies such as JKL and Piet selling low-cost inertial triggers but know from experience that they either will not ship or the shipping more than doubles the cost! These MUST be a simple build for someone like 1066 on here and I reckon that there will be a market albeit not a massive one. Any thoughts or takers?
  13. DaveT

    Removing expander ball on dies

    No expander on my Type S dies either but I use Lapua brass which has uniform neck walls and / or put an expander mandrel through the neck after contraction with the bushing. If you have brass which is not uniform thickness all round and you don't neck turn then any off-centre tendency is transfered to the inside diameter by the bushing which doesn't help concentricity any.
  14. DaveT

    Why we do this

    Agree with all the above Plus.....here in the UK stocks of factory ammo can be patchy even if you find one that works. I teach reloading and all of my students seem far happier to be independent of factory offerings despite the outlay on kit.

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