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  1. Just curious and don't want to change the thread too much but..... what ammunition is proving successful at 200 and 300?
  2. Hi happyplinker, we don't have any of the Marlin darks I'm afraid. We do have a few Marlins in 357, both new and used and a Henry silver boy which is new. pics on the web site. regards, Ian.
  3. couple of burn tables I have it put it similar to Red Dot, very slightly slower than Bullseye. You could use these as a reference maybe, start at the bottom end of things. I haven't got any pistol load data for Titewad though, so I advise caution. Someone else may have some data / experiance with it.
  4. I have a Rem 700 with a Shillen 1:9 that shot very well at 600 metres. 69gr SMKs over 24gr of Vhit N-140. Nothing hot, but performed very well. It often gets an airing at 500 yards. Nothing wrong at all with tighter twists and heavier bullets, but just illustrating that .223s can easily handle mid distance.
  5. Bushmaster XM15-E2S AR15 .223 for sale. Very little use, shot very little in the last three years. 1:8 twist stainless fluted 20" barrel, Alchemy charge handle, Bipod is a Harris, Scope is a Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 4.5-14x44. Both to go with the rifle Along with three magazines. £1450. There is also a .22RF upper and magazine available which came with it. M4 type configuration, Carry handle type standard AR sights. £225. More pics on request. Thanks.
  6. Mine are listed on my FAC as lever action. To be honest, I always send notifications as 'lever action'. Hopefully our constabulary know the difference. Something to be weary of though.
  7. Quite an exciting concept. Wouldn't be cheap I imagine but if you love the AR action and are super familiar with it..........
  8. https://uintahprecision.com/ Interesting. Is this something anyone in the UK could do. A bolt action upper for the AR 15 AND 10s out there. You could have a .22 semi, .223 straight pull and a bolt action 6mm ARC, 6.5 Grendel, Valkyrie or 300 blackout with one lower or 308, 6 or 6.5 creedmoor with an AR10 lower. Might be good for switching between the center fire and rimfire PRS style comps. There was a test in a recent Guns & Ammo mag. Looks nice.
  9. Would this cause a complication to Dealers selling brass and bullets by post if you have to show a certificate for the purchase? some dealers do a hell of a lot of business with this. This bit: the possession of component parts of ammunition with intent to manufacture unauthorised quantities of complete rounds of ammunition should be made an offence. Already covered by the amount of ammunition of each caliber an individual can keep I would have thought. I think personally that the parts that go bang are already regulated to the law abiding. I don't see a need for furth
  10. Vortex Viper HD 8 X 42 binoculars. Brand new, last pair in stock to clear. £475 inc tracked postage.
  11. Had something from Andrew a few weeks ago. As far as i know all is well. Odd.
  12. Welcome, lots of helpful folks on here.
  13. Come on, we all know who 44 mag would be. Do you feel lucky punk? 🙂
  14. Sorry for the late response. Doesn't have CL marked anywhere on the barrel, but going by the chamber finish i would say it is chromed.
  15. Tier one Unimount, 20moa, 34mm, high. Brand new, £265 delivered. Thanks.
  16. As above, a used CPG Design all metal chassis stock for a Remington 700 short action. Accepts AICS magazines and AR type butts. Excellent condition, has obviously seen very little action. £250 inc tracked postage.
  17. We're currently offering a 15% discount on all of our under lever rifles on our website. Some bargains to be had on new and used Henry, Chiappa and Marlin. Please mention UKV if you call. Thanks.
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