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  1. Finally,a reply to my PMS,hopefully this will be sorted soon,🙏🙏
  2. Well still no reply to my PMS,and still waiting for items paid for in January
  3. I've been watching this with interest,. I've bought a few things from rick in the past,and always got them eventually but I'm still waiting for a few bits ,I paid for on 2-1-21, And getting fed up of waiting I've pmd him a few times regarding this ,and always the same reply that it will be with you next week,🥱
  4. I've bought a few bits off him,it can be a bit frustrating when he doesn't answer your PM,s
  5. Thanks guys Sorted now, Al
  6. Hi mate Ordered it beginning of November, arrived last Thursday,
  7. Cheers guys, Just I'd never seen a power adapter with pins like that,
  8. Hi all Just purchased the above from adam ,and in the instruction manual it says to use the power adapter supplied with the v3,and not the adaptor supplied with the a&d scales ,but the adapter will not fit uk sockets, its a 2 pin adapter with flat pins ,any advice please, Btw I've emailed Adam but had no reply yet
  9. Spud, on the website it said on back order,but I messaged him yesterday, and he had 4 boxes in stock,
  10. None in stock ,its on back order, Thanks Al
  11. Does anyone know who has any of the above brass in stock,preferably lapua, Tia, Al
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