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  1. Thank you to the forum....I am now sorted with a BR scope. What a pleasant easy transaction with "Jockey" [Steve], Ultra safe and distanced, what a nice guy to deal with. Nice to meet and chat Steve with yourself and your good lady. Thank you and stay safe & kindest regards Geoff
  2. The weaver would of been ideal.............🙁 Thank you Noel for thinking of me, it is very much appreciated.
  3. NOW SORTED........thanks guys. HI Guys, Would anyone have a fixed mag scope suitable for indoor air rifle 25 yd BR ?? AS a weaver T36, older Leup i believe 32/35/36 mag something of ilk ?? Max only of £400 [sorry] if that enough ?? Anything in decent condition considered, i am new to this BR lark. Thank you for reading.
  4. Many thanks for your reply.............Thank you mods very much appreciated.
  5. AS a complete newbie [3 posts ] on this site , would i be able to put a wanted ad post on here ?? without causing offence? For a BR scope, Thank you for any info
  6. Thank you for the welcome posts guys, very much appreciated. Now all i have to do is find a nice BR scope for indoors. Stay safe & take care.😊
  7. Many thanks for that, will have a look see.😉
  8. Hi Guys, New to this forum, shooting air rifles [& comps] for 20 years and only just found this forum. Looking at BR indoors as failing health harder to get up/down. BR may just suit........... Looking forward to a really good read. Thank you.
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