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  1. Kalahari


    Sorry for the partial hijack but is it true that Caldwell are producing a similar product for quite a lot less? David.
  2. Kalahari

    Auction, may be interesting to some.

    This is true about many sites, but to be fair to wilson55 you can register to bid through their own on-line portal for no charge. David.
  3. Kalahari


    Thanks, and best wishes to you all from me too. David.
  4. Kalahari

    .22 Semi Auto - Ruger or Remington etc

    Just to put the cat amongst the pigeons I have just accumulated a Browning SA 22 to get back a bit of a misspent youth when I had one mainly as a snake rifle. As soon as Mark Drakeford lets us out to play I expect to have a lot of fun. It is the first semi 22 design ever built. In production for over 100 years so something might be right in the design. Bit of history and a lot of fun. David.
  5. Kalahari

    Boot repair

    +1. They have the specialist glues and a clamping system. David.
  6. Kalahari

    Auction, may be interesting to some.

    Bidding the wall can be risky because if the other bidder drops out the house has to pay. I have bought and sold a few things in local auctions and find little evidence of shady dealing. (perhaps I am just a bit dim) The rules are quite strict now. What is sometimes seen as bidding the wall is bidding commission bids and that is fine. David.
  7. Kalahari

    Auction, may be interesting to some.

    Oh yes, it is one of my complaints about auction houses. If they are working for the seller (and charge a fee) their duty is to get the highest price, if they are working for the buyer (and charge a fee) their duty is to get it for the lowest price possible. Just a slight conflict of interest! I can remember when auction houses only charged the seller. David.
  8. Kalahari

    Auction, may be interesting to some.

    It is 22% + VAT! It is OK if you remember that and do your sums first, but as Leeman said please remember to do them. David.
  9. There is an auction of shooting stuff at the end of Febuary. Some reloading stuff, and bits in weird old calibres, even an old single stack Lee Metford magazine. Barnard target set up and a Lee Enfield sporter in there too Might interest someone on here . I have no interest in the site. wilson55.com David.
  10. Kalahari

    Sending to Ireland

    Surely it is a "wood carving" or "sculpture" ? David.
  11. Kalahari

    Help Please.

    Many thanks. Very useful and very kind of you. David.
  12. Kalahari

    Help Please.

    I have been trying out some loads in my 7 x 64. They are Hornady 139gr. GMX down a 24" barrel. Powder is Viht N160. Now I got good groups with the following, 52.4gr., 53.2gr., 54.0gr., and 55.6gr. So if some kind soul can run these through quickload it would be most helpful. Some idea of MV would help me decide which one has adequate downrange velocity for the monometal to behave in the required fashon. Many thanks, David. PS. Although the top load had no pressure signs and the bolt lift was fine I got the impression it might be leaving me in a bit of a hurry! 😀
  13. Kalahari

    Light .223

    Just for my information and you build what the customer wants, but seeing it only a 223 which isn't exactly a ferocious chambering and will work in a relatively short barrel wouldn't a short sporter barrel have worked fine? No need to flute the barrel and if it is being used as a foxing rifle or similar it probably wouldn't fire long strings to excessively heat the barrel. Many thanks, David.
  14. I will take this Richard. See you Saturday? David.
  15. Kalahari

    Lee Enfield Fans.

    I know there a quite a few Lee Enfield fans on here and thought this might be of interest. It is a sporter but that may not be a disadvantage to some. https://www.peterwilson.co.uk/auction/lot/42-collins-brothers-303-bolt-action-lee-enfield-sporting-rifle/?lot=144934&so=0&st=Lee&sto=0&au=327&ef=&et=&ic=False&sd=0&pp=48&pn=1&g=1 David.

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