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  1. Duster31


    Sorry if it came across like that I was not trying to be rude 👍🏽
  2. Buy a sako you will never regret it !! Iv always had semi custom sako 75/85 and they just do every thing every thing else does better yes full custom rifles are very nice and amazingly built but some times the tight tolerances can cause sticky gritty bolts ect
  3. Duster31


    Why’s that then the 20cal 39gr blitskings wipe the floor of a 50gr 223 my old 204 was shooting 39gr blitskings at 4000fps that gives you a drop of 28.8 inches and 444 ft-lb at 500 my 223 shoots 52gr eld m at 3510fps that gives you a drop of 44.3 and 346ft-lb at 500 It would be nice to see some heaven higher BC bullets to see how they perform also if you just shooting things out to 250 there is no real noticeable difference between a 204 and 223 but if you wanna shoot 500-700 it makes loads of difference
  4. Iv been using these for years in my 223 at 3510fps every one told me they would not expand at all well let me tell you that out to 350/400 they expand aswell if not better than 50gr blitskings
  5. Duster31


    Does any one know if we will ever get a heavier 20cal bullet again as Berger don’t make the 50gr any more I think the 20cal guns would be unreal if we could get some 50/55gr
  6. Edited and adding pictures I’m not sure if it will fit muzzle break it’s just standard m18x1
  7. Jet z .30 cal m18x1 very little use £150 wildcat .30cal m18x1 £80
  8. Brand new n160 £85 brand new n140 £85 750g n130 £60 870g n530 £65 72x 39gr blitskings £35 posted 95x 55 gr 6mm blitskings £35 posted hornady quick detach die rings x9 £40 posted Hornady custom grade due set 6.5 Creedmoor £30 posted L.e Wilson case trimmer with 204 and 6.5x47 case holders £150 posted Redding 6.5x47 competition seating die new £100 posted
  9. Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PMii FFP P4FL-MOA ret with 1/4 MOA ccw turrets Double turn & locking turret with more tactile clicks MOA turrets / 0.25 MOA click value Condition is "Used" NEAR MINT Lens are 100% mark free & scratch free. Optically & mechanically perfect. Tracks & performs flawlessly. Dispatched with Royal Mail Special Delivery Any questions please feel free to ask £1900 posted
  10. For sale starlight SuperGen 2+ Figure of Performance 600 this had a new tube 3 years ago it’s never been used as spotter this had killed foxes out to 300 with no trouble at all you can easily ID a fox at 500+ yards with the right ir and weather conditions If your looking at this you will know that the starlight longbow is the best tubed night vision on the market £2250 Also have a spare scope that can be sold to come with the unit for £1000
  11. I currently use the boretech products to clean my rifles but was just wondering if many of you use the KG bore polish at all ?
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