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  1. Rangefinder

    Ear protection

    Hi Rich, thanks for the info I’ll get a set thanks jimmy
  2. Rangefinder

    Ear protection

    Hi some advice required, im thinking of getting custom fit ear protection which ones to avoid and which ones to go for thanks Jimmy
  3. I can vouch for this scope, rings etc, it has superb Clarity A real bargain
  4. Rangefinder

    Cold bore shot

    Thanks for all the replies
  5. Rangefinder

    Cold bore shot

    Hi can anyone advise on what causes a different POI with cold bore shot, can this be eliminated? thanks Jimmy
  6. Is scope still available?
  7. Hi vortex Razor in immaculate condition - £1550.00 reduced new price £1425.00
  8. Rangefinder

    Scope for driven Boar

    Hi has anyone had any experience of these type of scopes below for Hunting Driven Boar or Deer 1-6x24 red dot type, Aimpoint Magnifier, Aimpoint Red Dot or any others not mentioned thanks Jimmy
  9. Rangefinder

    Quad shooting sticks

    Hi Is there a manufacturer who makes a set which are adjustable that do not whistle in the wind and have a good reliable mechanism for adjustment thanks jimmy
  10. Hi Ive a large carbon build up on threads of moderator at the crown ! Would this affect accuracy ? can someone please advise thanks jimmy
  11. Rangefinder

    1-10 twist .243

    Thanks folks I’ve got a good accurate load using 100gr Sierra soft points
  12. Rangefinder

    22-250 Sierra 69gr TMKs

    Sean is a blind as bat he’d be better with a punt gun

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