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  1. Rangefinder

    Scope for driven Boar

    Hi has anyone had any experience of these type of scopes below for Hunting Driven Boar or Deer 1-6x24 red dot type, Aimpoint Magnifier, Aimpoint Red Dot or any others not mentioned thanks Jimmy
  2. Rangefinder

    Quad shooting sticks

    Hi Is there a manufacturer who makes a set which are adjustable that do not whistle in the wind and have a good reliable mechanism for adjustment thanks jimmy
  3. Rangefinder

    Scope 1-6x24

    Anyone selling a scope for driven boar illuminated dot reticle thanks jimmy
  4. Rangefinder

    Zeiss victory

    Hi anyone selling a Diavari 6-24x56 scope thanks jimmy
  5. Hi Ive a large carbon build up on threads of moderator at the crown ! Would this affect accuracy ? can someone please advise thanks jimmy
  6. Rangefinder

    S&B scope

    Hi has anyone got a S&B 8x56 or 6x42 scope for sale thanks Jimmy
  7. Rangefinder

    .22 starter pistol

    Hi has anyone go one for sale thanks jimmy
  8. Rangefinder

    1-10 twist .243

    Thanks folks I’ve got a good accurate load using 100gr Sierra soft points
  9. Rangefinder

    22-250 Sierra 69gr TMKs

    Sean is a blind as bat he’d be better with a punt gun
  10. Rangefinder

    Tikka T3 trigger

    Hi I’m looking for recommendations for an aftermarket trigger for tikka T3 preferably single stage thanks jimmy
  11. Rangefinder

    20MOA Rail

    Hi has anyone got a 20MOA Raul for TIKKA T3 super Varmint thanks Jimmy
  12. Hi, Sako 85 in good condition complete with Atec Mod 500-600 rounds £950.00 Reloading gear if required redding body die, redding micrometer seating die & LEE collet neck size die.100+ Nosler 168gr ballistic tips, 70 Berger 168gr VLD hunting, 100 once fired Lapua Brass, pro shot cleaning rod, load data for Nosler, Berger & hornady heads. optilock bases, 25, 30 & 34mm rings. Photos available on request

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