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  1. You’re not the only one. Apparently the tolerance for the centre dot is 0.3 mils. https://www.snipershide.com/shooting/threads/shortdot-whacked.7063952/#post-9330203
  2. RRS BAX15 AI AX / AXMC plate. Replaces original Hand stop / guard. As new condition, comes with instructions, screws, hex keys etc as it would new. £75 delivered. Any questions just ask!
  3. Just out of interest Chris, not that you can own too many AI’s!? What’s peeked your interest in the AX.mkiii when you already have an AXMC? As mentioned above, you could get a new rail, AR pistol grip conversion, perhaps a few of the new .308 conversion mags and hey presto! A lot of cash saved! However if you’ve got the cash, and just adding to the collection. My cap is doffed! Fair play
  4. Hopefully people are clued up enough if they are going to buy an AI they will buy it from Sporting Services rather than Sportsmans and have actual customer service!
  5. Knew there were more stuff I forgot... MTC (more tactile clicks) is part of the LT (locking turret)
  6. Mils sorry. 0.1 per click. 14mils per turn Elevation turret, locking double turn Windage turret locking single turn
  7. For sale, bought from Graeme @ sporting services a couple of years ago. 5-25, MSR reticle, clockwise turrets, locking turrets, first focal plane, mRad, MTC (there might be more acronyms but I forget) Optically & mechanically perfect. Not a dust, mark or scratch on the lens. Body of the scope is perfect with zero marks. The turret has a small rash / mark to it. Seen clearly in photos. Further photos or high Rez can be sent on request. Looking for £2,000 which will include RMSD. No offers. Happy to keep if I don’t get the asking price. Can also be viewed or purch
  8. Chris, both are in production depending on where you live. Obviously as you said the ASR was made for the US market / solicitation. So if you live in the US you will get an ASR, if you live in the U.K. or Europe you will get an AX Mk.III. So won’t be a case of which one will win. Differences seen below:
  9. I would want to retain the AI keyslot, so will be waiting for the Mk.3 AX rail to retrofit for my AX
  10. 77gr TMK (69gr TMK also work very well but might as well use 77 if you have 1-8 twist) Mag length loaded these bullets are very tolerant to jump. CCI SRP, N140 24.2gr, 2.26" length 23gr was also excellent Job done.
  11. It does sit quite a bit lower compared to standard. Most people who’ve shot it have noticed a positive difference. The take home message for most I would imagine would be.... would I sell my existing AI to get an AT-X. No. If I didn’t own one, but wanted one.... would I choose the AT-X over others, quite possibly.
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