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  1. markymark

    Vortex PST Gen 2 tracking

    Yeah that’s my point. Lots of people had issues while torquing up the rings to 20-25in/lbs as per ring manufacturers instructions . Vortex used to have a slip in the box telling you the value needed. If it’s secondhand it might not be included. The newer vortex scopes are listing the recommended value in their manual now to stop this issue. Plenty of users have fixed there reticle or tracking issues based on just dialing back down to circa 17in/lbs. I would check this before anything else. If you do have a problem, thankfully it will be sorted by their excellent warranty.
  2. markymark

    Vortex PST Gen 2 tracking

    “Specific torque setting” is that as per ring manufacture or vortex scope recommendations? Some of the newer vortex come with quite low suggested torque values approx 17-18 in/lbs
  3. markymark

    Cold bore shot

    What do you class as a cold bore shot? Cold bore, cold shooter and clean bore? Cold bore, fouled bore, cold shooter? Cold bore, fouled bore, warm shooter? I’ve found very little difference in my cold bore shots, but a significant difference with a clean bore. Most people confuse the two, but both often go hand in hand. Ie the shooter will clean their rifle and put in back in the cabinet. So next time they use it, it will have both clean and cold bore. I believe the first clean bore shot will be off due to the cleaning residue, oil being left in the bore. Causing a POI change. Also cleaning the barrel will remove copper fouling which help to fill the imperfections in the lands and grooves. As the bore gets dirty shots will fall to a more consistent to POI. Obviously when fouling reaches a certain level accuracy will drop back off again.
  4. markymark

    AI mod cover

    Check out Praesidia & Cole Tac as well
  5. Everything sold & paid for. Thank you everyone, sorry to anyone who missed out
  6. For sale: Midwest Industries M-Lok Handguard, which will fit all Marlin 1894 / 1895 & 336 lever action rifles. With fit both models with barrel bands or end caps as I’ll be selling the hand guard adapter as well for use with barrel bands. Comes boxed with instructions however I used the supplied thread locker when I installed it so you will have to use your own. for more info please see: https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/product-p/mi-marmr.htm https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/product-p/mi-mar336a.htm Also for sale should you like, a Hopic USA .38/.357 quiver/longbow (black / m-lok) & m-lok forgrip https://www.hopticusa.com/product-page/lever-gun-longbows-38-357-and-44-mag
  7. markymark

    6.5cm load question

    Miki - An interesting one, and something that will no doubt has been & will continued to be discussed for sometime more! I do suppose it comes down to which side you fall down on. I’m not doubting the .22-250, .243 and also including the .223 with the vast degree bullet options available are brilliant. I guess if you have the money, and shooting is your job or livelihood I would totally agree to get a rifle set up (rifle, scope, caliber & bullet selection) totally up for the task in hand and to use it as a surgical tool for that one job intended. A counter argument would be the whole beware of the man with one gun, he knows how to use it analogy. Although that isn’t me, I still have plenty! When there is such an extremely flexible calibers such as the 6.5CM in most cases they really can do it all. Target, ringing steel, deer & varmints. If your more of an occasional shooter (not professional game keeper etc) there is merits in knowing your one load inside out and having the confidence to engage to whatever distance you feel confident with, including any limitations the weather dictates at the time. On a personal note I still have my .223 and very much plan on keeping it and using it for the job intended. But I’m going through the process of shooting all my .308 off and retiring that caliber and trying to master my 6.5CM and keeping it simple.
  8. markymark

    6.5cm load question

    Couldn’t agree more with VarLR. Miki - I assume woodlander was suggesting using a Varmint bullet designed for the 6.5CM such as 100gr Sierra HP or 95gr Hornady V-max etc. I disagree, I believe the 6.5CM is the perfect can do all caliber here in the U.K. Northern Farmer - Are you wanting a can do all load, one bullet / one rifle? Deer, fox and target, plinking etc? Because the 130TGK will no doubt do that all. However if it’s solely going to be a foxing rig then perhaps there is some merit in choosing a faster, flatter varmint bullet? Mind you, dead is dead. I don’t see Mr fox arguing the toss over the 130gr TGK.
  9. markymark

    6.5cm load question

    Well I had success using suggest coal: 2.810” so you might want to start with that. I have attached screen shots of suggested max limits for IMR 4350 & RE 19.
  10. markymark

    6.5cm load question

    Viht data also uses small primers. You running LRP or SRP brass for your creedmoor?
  11. markymark

    6.5cm load question

    The app suggest highest velocities will be achieved using RE 19, which looking at a burn rate chart is similar to Viht N160.

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