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  1. AI AX bag rider. Made by Alan @ GTAC Engineering Services. Remove factory hand grip. Install bag rider to base of butt plate using supplied screw. Takes seconds to fit. Made from carbon fibre & aluminium ceracoated AI black. As new condition. £60 posted.
  2. not sure which PMii you have, but here is a few https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/mkm-schmidt-bender-pm-ii-3-12x-printed-polymer-throw-lever https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/mk-machining-schmidt-bender-5-20x50-pm-ii-ultra-short-throw-lever 5-25 can be had here: https://throwlevers.com/?product=throw-lever
  3. Is hut 60 the one near the entrance behind the CPSA? Is there any other hidden places at bisley to get ammunition or reloading supplies? Only places I know is the NRA armoury, William evens, and the worst gun shop known to man….. Fultons.
  4. Box’ed with everything it came with new. Instructions are check weight are inside the box. £55 posted.
  5. Howa + bifrost is a great combo. For a budget of £1k I would want to get some Japanese glass. Most likely from LOW. Initial thoughts: Sightron Stac - available in both MOA/MIL also in FFP & SFP in a series of magnifications and objective sizes. Vortex LHT 3-15x50 SFP (MOA or Mil) 4.5-22x50 FFP (MOA or Mil) Or Used Bushnell Elite, be it DMR, LRHS or LRTS All if the above great glass for the money, have a dailable turrets and for the most part available in both moa/mil options. I shall continue to think
  6. What rifle is it going on? Budget in mind? Also any hard preferences between 1st & 2nd focal plane scopes?
  7. Will it not? Assumed it would fit on anything that an AR grip would…..
  8. As new, little to no use. Swapped back to another grip. Comes with everything it should do new. Grip assembly, hex key, stickers, instructions, chamber flag etc. £60 posted. ps this is the elite version. Soft touch rubber and more adjustment, LOP & grip angle.
  9. Hello, Does anyone use the .223 77gr TMK on here? I can't find any load data on it. You can find data for the SMK but not the TMK. The TMK is significantly longer bullet but will be loaded at spec of 2.26" as I want them magazine fed. This will be a significantly compressed load if using the normal SMK data. Does anyone sharing their load data with TMK and what velocities they are getting? (Hopefully with N140 or H4895) Thanks in advance, Mark
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