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  1. Wentworth Sporting

    N555 6.5 creedmoor 139 lapua scenar

    Ah, yes, you're correct. Load data for the 136 but not the 139. Apologies.
  2. Wentworth Sporting

    N555 6.5 creedmoor 139 lapua scenar

    Vhit are showing a start load of 34gr for 2411 fps, max load of 39.7gr for 2759fps. This is for the 139 Scenar.
  3. Wentworth Sporting

    303 cast bullets

    On the powder side, 2400 would work with the 303 and 44 mag. I think, not 100% so please check, around the 12-14 gr mark used to be a fairly popular load for 303 lead bullets.
  4. Tikka T3, GRS stock in .223 Rem. 20" varmint barrel, 1:12 twist, threaded 18x1. £1675, Available in original black polymer stock for £1195. Howa 1500, GRS stock, 6.5 Creedmoor. 24" varmint barrel, threaded 5/8 unef. This one is an ex show display rifle and has some VERY slight surface marks on the barrel. £1050. RFD transfer £25.
  5. Wentworth Sporting

    Storing a 22lr with moderator on?

    I always remove it and wipe the crown carefully. All our rifles in the shop have the mods removed. As above, for the sake of a few seconds......
  6. Wentworth Sporting

    .22LR Semi Auto Ammo

    Lots of people having good results with the CCI AR tactical and Standard target. Reasonably priced. HK Standard plus seems to shoot well in almost anything. Bit waxy but haven't personally had any running issues. I use it in my target rifle and semi auto.
  7. Any of the above, also Hornady TAP. Good but expensive.
  8. Wentworth Sporting

    Wentworth open Thursdays again.

    Just for info, Wentworth Sporting Supplies is open on Thursdays once again. Slowly trying to get back to normal. Hopefully see some of you in the shop. All the best, Ian.
  9. Decade Corp MG4-A5 .223 AR. Very good condition, 15" 1:9 twist barrel, Vision King 1.25 - 5 x 30 scope on riser, 3 magazines, extended bolt release, original sights. £950. RFD to RFD available.
  10. Wentworth Sporting

    22 Cal 73 gr ELM-M

    Hi, I'll give them a home. Let me know preferred payment method. Thanks.

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