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  1. Bangbangman

    Vortex PST Gen 2 tracking

    I don't think the zero stop should (nor could) induce this problem. If you remove the zero stop or reset it at a different point in the range of elevation travel, does the problem persist in the same manner? Is your windage near either extreme of adjustment? Is your zero stop set to be near the absolute minimum of elevation adjustment? If your zero stop is at or very near minimum elevation (usually only the case with steeply angled bases or rings for long range but still zeroing at 100m) you might see this phenomenon. If in doubt, contact Vortex UK and they will sort you out (quickly, under normal circumstances), UK distributor below: Chris Country Sports Wholesale Ltd Manor Farm Chapel Street Hinxworth Hertfordshire SG7 5HN www.CountrySportsWholesale.co.uk Tel: ‪01462 743223‬
  2. You could try Edgematters forum, though you probably need to subscribe to sell. They use a set format for sales posts.
  3. Bangbangman

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    Might be worth starting a separate thread in the appropriate sub forum, Skydancer. Is it the Lee quick trim die and cutter? I don’t use them myself, so can’t advise. A photo of your set-up with a case in position might help clarify. I assume you’ve set it all up according to the instructions. When you say 0.005thou over size, do you mean 5thou ie. 0.005inch (it can’t be 0.005thou unless you’ve got some extraordinary measuring kit!) 5 thou over length what value are you using for reference, ie. 5thou over what? The max trim length? The “trim to” length? What is the value/actual number you are using and where did you get the number? How many firings are the cases? You might be trying to trim cases that don’t need trimming yet. The 17Hornet is a small case, some set-ups need an extended shell-holder to work with it.
  4. I'd have bought this if I didn't already have its black/green brother, the GSBL. Love it!
  5. I recently bought a secondhand Vortex scope on UKV. It had a problem so I contacted Vortex UK distributor and sent it in. (The private seller on UKV was entirely helpful, BTW, but it seemed sensible to go to Vortex) A brand new scope arrived by return of post. Refreshingly simple, no questions asked, no receipt needed.
  6. Bangbangman

    Mount height for AR15

    On a flat-top AR it’s not usually a matter of adjusting stock for correct height- the buffer tube within the stock limits how low you can get your head. While it’s possible to build up the stock or fit a riser if your head is too low, this is not usually the direction you need to go for a flat top. It’s usually a case of raising the scope by using the right mount. As for the angled base, a +MOA tilts the front of the scope downward, effectively giving you extra elevation adjustment in your turrets. This won’t always be necessary but if you know you’ll be shooting long range or using a scope with limited adjustment or a calibre with mortar-like trajectory (458SOCOM, subsonic 300Blk) then it may avoid or reduce problems. I have +20 MOA for mine, as this doesn’t prevent zero’ing at 100yds, doesn’t cause “half-mooning” and still gives that bit of extra elevation.
  7. Bangbangman

    Mount height for AR15

    The answer will depend on the AR. Is it a flat-top? If it is, you may need cantilever mount to get eye relief but also significantly higher than mounts for a “conventional“ rifle or you won’t be able to get your head low enough to see through the scope (ie. the opposite of the usual problem of getting good cheek weld with a trad stock.) I have 3 AR flat-top uppers: scope height above bore is typically 2.75”, compared to 1.75” on my “traditional” rifles. No riser required for a snug cheek-weld. I use American Defense (I can’t afford Spuhr) but for the money I was impressed with AR-Stoner mounts.
  8. Please could I have the code?
  9. Bangbangman

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    A quick search for REACH compliance will answer that: lots on this and other forums. Lil Gun (not little gun, they went cute with the name!) is REACH compliant, as are a few other Hodgdon powders like CFE223. However, they may become harder to obtain if importers aren’t placing orders for Hodgdon powders. I hope not as I use Lil Gun for the 20gr Vmax in 17Hornet and 300Blk loads.
  10. Bangbangman

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    Lovex DO63 is made by Explosia, who made the same powder for Accurate but called AA1680. They used to be the exact same powder (I have tubs with a sticker proclaiming this) and data could be interchanged. However, this could change (or already have) since the companies have parted ways... I worked-up a DO63 load for 25gr Vmax, Hornady brass, CCI BR primers. It was over 11gr but as already stated, use small incremental increases as the percentages/margins are relatively tighter in a small case compared to bigger. The Hornady factory 20gr Vmax load was slower than advertised when I chrono'd it in my standard barrel CZ527 Varmint: in fact my 25gr Vmax DO63 homeload was surprisingly close in velocity! If you decide to try Lil Gun, while Hodgdon do list loads on their site, I found I was getting pressure signs well below their max load, even in cold testing conditions so be warned! (Same baseline parameters as them, otherwise). Both Lil Gun and DO63 seem to be mucky powders so clean well to avoid corrosion. I want to neck size my brass, just bumping shoulder enough to chamber but trying to avoid headspacing off the rim. Haven't bothered to buy new dies yet as the accuracy has been satisfactory without, thus far.
  11. Bangbangman

    Hoptic Quiver

    This is a good option unless you don't have a suitable surface for sticking the velcro. Hunters of England also sell inexpensive round holders.
  12. Bangbangman

    Hoptic Quiver

    ??? Great idea but doesn't sound like a Hoptic Quiver though.
  13. Yes please, if you accept PayPal.
  14. Indeed. And now, perhaps as a result of all the noise, the Charities Comission (CC), are taking a close look at the NRA and whether it fulfils it’s stated charitable role. Charities are allowed to run businesses to raise funds for their charitable work. Some might be surprised that recreational shooting (and the rents, range fees etc at Bisley) may be the business that the NRA use to support their charitable role. “So what is the NRAs charitable role?” I hear you ask. I was slightly surprised when I found out. “The charity’s purposes, set out in its governing document, fall under the promotion of the efficiency of the armed forces of the Crown, or of the efficiency of the police, fire and rescue services or ambulance services, which is a charitable purpose set out by Parliament in the Charities Act.” Link to Gov document about this issue: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/charity-watchdog-monitoring-national-rifle-association-after-it-breached-rules-by-engaging-in-recreational-shooting/regulatory-compliance-case-national-rifle-association Link to NRA response:

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