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  1. Nice. Ammo sounds like high velocity, what is it?
  2. Including this one (last post was 2019 and on a different topic!) Why not start a new "Wanted" thread?
  3. I'm not interested in the politics. I just want to shoot with a good bunch of competitors. I welcome anything that increases opportunity to do so, whether it's Ventures like this, RMPRA, Gardner's, etc. Finances almost certainly won't allow me to enter the world championship but I certainly would if I could.
  4. Lever-release v Lever-action I had a call from an FEO (S Wales Police) today. He explained that they had realised their database did not distinguish between lever-action (legal) and lever-release (imminently "illegal"). He wanted to check if any of my three lever-action rifles were actually Lever-release. This seemed specifically related to 45cal (in my case 45Colt and 45-70), rather than my 38/357mag. Something to be aware of, in case confusion occurs in other forces.
  5. Remember that with 6.5Creedmoor, don't use an SRP load in LRP.
  6. Is it "locked" to a particular network (if so which?) What is the battery health indicator % in settings? How much storage/memory? Thanks.
  7. Interesting thread- thanks for the expertise, Badger.
  8. I'm probably wrong but that looks like a marketing gimmick. A muzzle brake reduces recoil by redirecting high pressure, fast-moving gas. A moderator cools and slows supersonic gas and dampens the pressure gradient (for want of a better term). So if the moderator section is working, how can sticking a brake on the end do anything functional to reduce recoil. As I say, I'm open to persuasion but at the moment I'm sceptical. If anyone knows of good data (not marketing/company propaganda) supporting this please share.
  9. Helpful chap called Chris at Country Sports Wholesale Ltd www.CountrySportsWholesale.co.uk Tel: ‪01462 743223‬
  10. I've got 2 Gen 1 PSTs, both have been reliable In many years of 4 seasons usage with utterly repeatable tracking (mainly CSR, so lots of dialling) and satisfactory optical quality. I have a Gen 2 Crossfire which has so far been fine on a 308Win. MRad reticle monocular has been fine. I have a Diamondback Tactical on 22LR, no problems. I bought a secondhand Strike Eagle 1-6x and it was blurred beyond about 60yds: it was replaced by return of post with a brand new one, which hasn't left the box (after checking it all worked.) I haven't owned a "high end" vortex, so can't
  11. I’ve just experienced a similar attempted scam after posting a Wanted ad on a different forum. Be careful!
  12. My T3 groups well with Sierra Gameking, Prohunter and Speer BTSP 100gr bullets and Hornady 95gr SST. However, the awful 90gr Sierra Gamechanger/Tipped Gameking were unstable at any velocity (within safe loadings). Sierra screwed the pooch with the 6mm offering of this (over tough?) marketing dept bullet. They originally claimed it would stabilise in 1:10. That has quietly been revised after it became apparent it will not stabilise in many rifles with that twist (and is presumably marginal for many others, rather spoiling the high BC claims unless you have a fast twist b
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