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  1. Are you sure you want to stick with 308Win for long range? There are better options. If you are only going to be shooting on a range, prone or bench only, I'd go longer still and heavy profile. You might want to check what will still fit in your safe, though.
  2. Looks very suspect! Did you see at 09m30s (and after) he uses the rear bag (held by his left hand) to block the rearward movement of the pistol grip. The rifle comes to a jarring halt rather than the slide-to-a-stop in the preceding tests. Like I said: beware the snake oil peddlars/marketing guff.
  3. Not all moderators can have muzzle brakes fitted. There are some systems that allow the mod to attach over a muzzle brake. There are now some hybrid mod/brakes that claim to do a bit of both, which sounds like marketing BS to me. Beware of "purchase bias" from happy owners and the usual guff from the manufacturer and salespeople!
  4. It's a steep learning curve being a juvenile fox. This one turned-up in our garden, with one of the farmer's lovely Harlequin ducks in its mouth. It then fought with both our cats! Luckily the cats seem unharmed, though both were wired afterwards. I had to shoot it- I was convinced one of the cats was going to get killed, the way the fox tossed them about. No idea why they didn't run/climb. Waiting for a safe shot was nerve-wracking as they were tangled-up half the time and running around the next. My son was watching nervously
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