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  1. Bangbangman


    Payment sent, thanks.
  2. Bangbangman

    243 bullet weights

    My T3 groups well with Sierra Gameking, Prohunter and Speer BTSP 100gr bullets and Hornady 95gr SST. However, the awful 90gr Sierra Gamechanger/Tipped Gameking were unstable at any velocity (within safe loadings). Sierra screwed the pooch with the 6mm offering of this (over tough?) marketing dept bullet. They originally claimed it would stabilise in 1:10. That has quietly been revised after it became apparent it will not stabilise in many rifles with that twist (and is presumably marginal for many others, rather spoiling the high BC claims unless you have a fast twist barrel.) I don't understand how Sierra got this so wrong.
  3. Bangbangman

    .284 win with 180gr ELD M

    No apology needed! I load the 180ELD-M in a straight 284Win rifle. Furthest I've shot it is 1.4k and accuracy has been good enough to win one ELR comp. Previously, I've noticed poor box-to-box consistency in weight and base-to-ogive of Hornady bullets so I used to stick to Sierra, Lapua etc. However, these ELD-Ms are proving consistent on both measurements (I still check, though.) In my rifle they shoot best slightly jammed.
  4. Bangbangman

    .284 win with 180gr ELD M

    Can I politely suggest starting a new thread as you aren't loading for 284Win. When load data is shared for same bullet/different case but in the same thread, there is a risk of confusing subsequent readers of that thread, with safety implications.
  5. Bangbangman

    N150, I’ve been told

    I've had a duff scope (blurred), a mis-sold scope (was told it had mil/mil ret/turrets; it had mil/MOA), bullets that had been pulled (collet dent and scoring), brass that was utterly shagged (pistol cases: splits in necks but many had splits in web!) and a "low-shot-count" full custom rifle that had a pitted-crown. In all cases the seller sorted it out (well, one is in the process of sorting it...) without issue.
  6. Bangbangman

    Moa or mrad

    That's evil. To the OP: Do NOTdo this!
  7. Bangbangman

    Bullet choice for PRS

    As above, shoot what you're comfortable with. Personally, if all else was equal, I'd use the 260Rem (being able to see your own hits/misses is a crucial part of PRL and I think recoil will be easier to manage with it than 300WSM.) As for 6.5mm bullet choice... 123Scenars are not to be underestimated in the speed/BC equation, though most shooters are favouring the >140gr offerings (including the new A-Tip, if your wallet and twist-rate can handle it.) Low recoil and quite cheap if bought "repackaged" in bags. The Berger hybrids reportedly work well but are more costly. I have been happy using the 130TMK but I'm using 6.5x47Lapua so slightly less in the engine room than 260Rem and Creed. I have rifles in 7WSM and 284Win but they are better suited to ELR than PRL in my view. The organisers don't like steel or tungsten penetrator tipped bullets (milsurp) and maybe monolithics? Check the rules or wait for someone more au fait with them to chime in. Until you've shot a few comps or training/taster days don't spend a fortune on new guns and kit. I used my 308Win deer rifle and 5rnd mags for many RRCs (before UK PRL) and did not feel the rifle was holding me back at that stage.
  8. Bangbangman

    .44 mag advice

    Commercially available cast bullets will usually be lubed already. There are some other differences compared to loading jacketed bullets, eg the need to slightly Bell the case mouth and, in some cases, expand it too. Crimp also important in revolvers and tube-fed rifles I'd do a bit more reading around the subject; there seem to be gaps in your knowledge and you can't safely rely on a forum to find and fill them. The Lyman cast bullet handbook is a good starting point.
  9. Bangbangman

    Vortex PST Gen 2 tracking

    I don't think the zero stop should (nor could) induce this problem. If you remove the zero stop or reset it at a different point in the range of elevation travel, does the problem persist in the same manner? Is your windage near either extreme of adjustment? Is your zero stop set to be near the absolute minimum of elevation adjustment? If your zero stop is at or very near minimum elevation (usually only the case with steeply angled bases or rings for long range but still zeroing at 100m) you might see this phenomenon. If in doubt, contact Vortex UK and they will sort you out (quickly, under normal circumstances), UK distributor below: Chris Country Sports Wholesale Ltd Manor Farm Chapel Street Hinxworth Hertfordshire SG7 5HN www.CountrySportsWholesale.co.uk Tel: ‪01462 743223‬
  10. You could try Edgematters forum, though you probably need to subscribe to sell. They use a set format for sales posts.
  11. Bangbangman

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    Might be worth starting a separate thread in the appropriate sub forum, Skydancer. Is it the Lee quick trim die and cutter? I don’t use them myself, so can’t advise. A photo of your set-up with a case in position might help clarify. I assume you’ve set it all up according to the instructions. When you say 0.005thou over size, do you mean 5thou ie. 0.005inch (it can’t be 0.005thou unless you’ve got some extraordinary measuring kit!) 5 thou over length what value are you using for reference, ie. 5thou over what? The max trim length? The “trim to” length? What is the value/actual number you are using and where did you get the number? How many firings are the cases? You might be trying to trim cases that don’t need trimming yet. The 17Hornet is a small case, some set-ups need an extended shell-holder to work with it.
  12. I'd have bought this if I didn't already have its black/green brother, the GSBL. Love it!
  13. I recently bought a secondhand Vortex scope on UKV. It had a problem so I contacted Vortex UK distributor and sent it in. (The private seller on UKV was entirely helpful, BTW, but it seemed sensible to go to Vortex) A brand new scope arrived by return of post. Refreshingly simple, no questions asked, no receipt needed.

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