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    What you need is my work truck engine V-20 Cummins 2900bhp and 5000lb plus torque, down side it weighs several tons lol.


    700bhp!! hahah great for shattering parts!. No worries if the cash flow is on par with Bill Gates lol. While im somewhat underpower on long grades off road I have all I need.
  3. To bad im not in the UK or that would be mine, nice rifle I have its brother in my safe,best wishes for good shooting
  4. Thank you im wrapping my head around the theory, makes some sense.
  5. Very interesting, how does one know if the bullet deformed or some other malady caused a keyhole? I would tend to guess any recovered bullet deformed on impact the backstop. This makes my brain itch so please enlighten me.
  6. Ear protection works best when doubled up, as in muffs plus plugs, that said I despise muffs as they don't seal over my glasses. I undergo annual exams mandated by the govt in the USA, coal miner and its required in order to work. Im in my 9th year with noise levels that make gunfire seem pleasant I use plugs and to date no reduction in my hearing. In a perfect world some means of muff that would total seal, be cool when hot and warm when cold over plugs would be what I want.

    r.e.a.c.h regulations

    Yes works when the brain ticks, I was hoping that normalcy would return and all the powders used for eons would return. Quote.url

    r.e.a.c.h regulations

    Now that Brexit has occurred do the R.E.A.C.H> regulations apply? It is odd thoughts time in Wy USA.
  9. What will a 7mm do that the 6.5 wont on paper? I like 6.5x55, 7x57, and 7-08, nothing wrong with 6.5 creed either.6.5 wsm is interesting and im sure burns plenty of powder. If bullet weights are the same the 6.5 wins b.c .
  10. KABOOM


    Hi, were cash no obstacle I would have my CJ7 with the 2.8R Cummins and a NV3500 .I refused to come up with 10 for the engine plus prob 5 k for the transmission. Should I become filthy rich that may change. I mine coal filthy ya I do that rich hahaah no.
  11. KABOOM

    Best reloading manual

    I compare data between sources based on powder I have or can obtain, bullets that the data matches and mostly I go with the data with higher velocity. Slow work up and chrono at the same time and I develop loads on hot days looking for pressure signs, bolt lift ect. If im close to what the data says and I maxed out my charge I quit, any pressure signs I reduce my charge. I try to use powder that isn't temp sensitive. Bullet seating is more simplistic, will it fit a magazine if yes seat out as far as I can, if not seat to mag. Single shots I seat just until I have no engraving on the ogive. Should have added if my seating is for a magazine it also wont be jammed into the lead of rifling. I have seen bullets stick in the lead from being seated to far out and combo of short throats plus brass work hardned and no longer grips well.
  12. KABOOM

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    Indeed so, and in long narrow valleys found in Wy around Encampment the darn wind swirls adding to the windage debacle . so I try to get my self set for a zero wind value shot, often I cant so I compromise and at least lessen drift by wind value related to where I shoot from.
  13. KABOOM

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    I will concede that some have success with match bullets on game ,on critters larger than jackrabbits I haven't done so. What is the perfect hunting cartridge? IMO its whatever handles the job ( suited for quarry).
  14. KABOOM

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    Your exactly correct, Placement and the right bullet for the job is paramount, I have shot deer and speedgoats with Interlocks and Interbonds, I prefer the softer Interlock on the speedgoat, bigger game like elk Barnes, if factory and if I carry the 30.06 any 180 will do.
  15. KABOOM

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    Better read some data there my brother, your totally wrong other than using match bullet or a heavy jacket, bonded or mono metal may exit the animal. I compared 15o grn 308 and 6.5 140 grn creedmor Hogdon 2020 manual. Lighter bullet may go faster you cant compare a light weight varmint bullet to any thing intended for larger game. Based on your profile and location I assume USMC, I earned the title in 1980.

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