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    243 bullet weights

    I am glad to see the experiences with this projectile, will save me money not buying them. Altitude and assorted weather related things can enhance stability, but unless Im gifted some trying these wont happen.
  2. Yes I have 4200 through a 22-250 RL15 and IMR8208XBR shoots fine just not quite as fast. Imo lots of the barrel burnout talk is over stated. each use ie bench rest has its needs but for vermin it really don't matter. The 1k yard shooters have another standard Im sure.

    New powder scales, what to buy?

    Just dont buy Pact if they are still around mine have been home to the factory twice and failed again

    223 Rem longer range load

    Western Powder also has data with Tac for this projectile on line.

    223 Rem longer range load

    69 grain SierraTMK over CFE223 as indicated by Hodgdon data on line. I shot these in my 9 inch twist Savage with great results at 200 yards on paper and 500 yards on steel. Way less wind drift. Conditions were 3/4 value wind at 10 -15 mph gusting.

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    My example was based on the fact that the prarie dog lived because its heart/lungs or head were not hit, fmj was the only ammo we had at the time. The sole intent was to show things can and do survive being poorly hit. Having shot thousands of V-MAX I am well aware of it's capability and limitations. The need for shot placement with any bullet is what I intended to show.

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    Shot placement is paramount. having seen small rodent's live after a hit with 8x58fmj then another hit with 30calfmj lesson drilled into my head. Same size rodent with 223 VMAX had to be hit again with another VMAX launched from a 22-250 to stop the escape. You must hit the "shut off switch" or things run off.

    7mm Bullet Data

    Not the solution but have you seated the 165RNSP deeper?

    Sizing 243 necks 20thou tighter

    Im with you. I cant understand for the life of me why 020 under would be a good idea. With a 28 degree inner chamfer you might seat a projectile but the very thought of the unknown pressure rise makes me very unhappy.
  10. KABOOM

    Case lube

    RCBS case lube cheap and works very well.
  11. CZ has a hammer double one with 30 inch barrel's the other is a coach gun no chokes 20 inch barrel's. I have the coach gun. Used on rabbit's and 16 yard handicap trap doubles. Yes the high end shooter's looked askance at me until I managed 23 of 25 birds smashed.
  12. Some barrels don't group well with some ammunition price be dammed. Some it just doesn't matter what you use they group fine.
  13. KABOOM

    Warm barrels live longer?

    That's a bit warm sir!
  14. KABOOM

    How important is the Brass?

    While cost is a factor indeed unknown brass is not the way. Why ask for trouble use brass that you know for sure the number of firings and keep notes on usage. Safe reliable accurate ammo is the goal, not the potential loss of things you may want ( eyes, fingers ect).

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