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  1. What you have is a example of one. Not at all useful really to figure the trouble. It may take a few brands or as you say handloading, and that may not solve the problem. Before buy the supplies I would try at least 3 other brands of factory ammo.
  2. I think you got it right, brass life matters, not grain structure.
  3. I have worked with Barnes Bullets in 5 barrels all were cleaned to bare steel from the start. All shot very well none worse than 5 shot group at 100yds being .75 inch. Most were better. If nothing else is amiss and results with the same load vary perhaps consider the nut behind the bolt. I would love to say all my shots are perfectly directed as desired but no, error happens.😀
  4. Having shot for qualification from the equator in Guyana South America, , Cuba, and California to Canada in winter, Never have fired a shot in shorts or bare feet. Uniform of the day to include thermal gear and wet weather clothes. I am just not tough enough for frozen toes or sunburned feet. 🙂

    New Rifle.

    The last 2 new rifles purchased I ran several patches with JB compound before firing a shot. Both grouped extremely well and do so today. I spoke with a tech rep at Sinclair/Brownell's about this after the fact and the premis being I had removed the minute burrs and polished the lands. He agreed. So if you really want to do break in do so, this is another way of getting the same results with less time and shots fired. Best wishes for good shooting.
  6. I use the 750 degree tempilac and when it melts the case hits a bucket of water, as for case prep , de prime anneal fl size, trim , deburr, chamfer. Not having checked velocity in annealed vs not anneal or for that matter group sizes if the process helps out great. My sole reason to anneal is brass life and wildcat case forming.🍖
  7. Our minds run the same way and experience, Ruger, Savage, CZ all have fine variety of lower priced 223. My Savage 110 9 inch twist is one of the most accurate factory non modified rifles I have the pleasure to use. Optics in the 6-18x range should be fine for the ranges the OP desribes.
  8. My thought was on corrosive primers but no, so perhaps a few patches of JB Compound and see what happens. If they warranty this great. Best wishes for good shooting.
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