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    300 WSM - Powder recomedation

    Each shot fired with whatever powder erodes barrels. Some do more than others possibly. I have 4400 shots through my CZ 22-250 having used 3 powders and it shoots fine. Not as fast as new for sure. i have read and not done that you may add powder to regain velocity lost via throat erosion. i mitigate the throat roughness with JB Compound seems to help. Your requirment's of accuracy will vary from mine, at this point the CZ will do sub half inch at 100 yds plenty good enough for my usage. Best wishes for good shooting
  2. I encountered the same thing with 90grn sierra game king vs 90grn sierra tipped game king both fit the magazine.The tipped version version had to be seated rather deeper. What the distance to lands was i haven't a clue i don't worry about such things , my only concern is mag fit or not being jammed into the lands. Both loads shot accurately . Does the shorter cartridge shoot to your needs?
  3. I shoot a 7x57 and you should do fine. Max loads in my experience are compressed zero issues with that. I plan to do some work with168 grn Sierra Match King this summer. Best wishes for good shooting.

    6.5CM RS62 next steps in load dev

    A chrony is the best tool any hand loader can have imo. If your primers always look the same changing charge weights while looking for the other signs of pressure is what i would do, those groups do look nice. I first seat projectiles to the magazine IF the rifle has one or to the lands if not i dont jam into the lands i leave some space. Best wishes for good shooting.

    Help required!

    Should be safe, consider Redding has a product to inside neck lube, dry mica and some ball media just dip in and if the case body is already lubed size away. Could be lube dents? Perhaps clean the die body to remove excess lube and stiff they collect. Best wishes for good shooting.

    Murom primers required Derby

    My final thought here was the primer pocket already loosened from use? i quit loading brass at 10 shots OR when the primer seating feel is loose enough to notice. i had one live primer fall from a loaded round at the 10th and final loading. All that lot went in the scrap bucket for later sale as scrap. And as i see above the change in primer all other things being the same can raise velocity and via pressure and exactly how much will the other primer change things? Lyman i seem to recall published pressure data once for common primers. Shocking the amount of pressure difference between the makers.

    Murom primers required Derby

    Only the primer was a fault? i would think over pressure was involved or the firing pin point or both. And as i see in another post possible poor seating. To date i haven't blown a primer in anything i handloaded. My blown primer experience is from com bloc 7.62x25 and in Korean surplus M-1 Ball nothing other than my M-1 stock shattered no metal damage.

    Remington bankruptcy?

    Seems so the last owner/investor group must have had the collective head stuffed in the dark and smelly area. Maybe this time they just make a quality product and stop bleeding money.

    miss fires

    All the 210M primers I have used are red inside, Is it possible the shoulder was set back a bit far? I last bought fed210M primers in 2009 and zero issues with duds unless I set the shoulder a bit more than I should. Perhaps contact Federal?
  10. KABOOM

    Bullet Jump

    Yes state tax is now added on mail order thanks to our (wonderful) congress. As I despise taxes any how it rankles me. However freight tends to be cheaper than fuel when the closest outlet is 25 miles one way. If that has nothing add 30 more miles one way. I don't go just for shooting supplies. Best wishes for good shooting.
  11. KABOOM

    Bullet Jump

    Just a side bar, I just located .224 90grn A-Tip for 73 cents a per in USD I wonder just how expensive they are over there.
  12. KABOOM

    Bullet Jump

    Perhaps im missing something with this Positive Compensation seems harmonics would be exclusive to the load and if the slower load groups better you did it? I maybe really off base and hope I may learn something here. As I don't shoot at 1k yards for any reason I defer to the knowledge of those who do. As for reworking met plats if the tipped projectile wont do what's needed I sure would reform met plats and see what changes I would hope the newer ELD isn't deforming as I have read the older A -Max did, haven't seen a thing on the newer TMK deforming in flight. The idea of handmade projectiles costing less than A-tip shatters my mind. Cost has to be a huge factor in the shooting sports over there.
  13. KABOOM

    Bullet choice for PRS

    If cost isn't a huge factor you can re-barrel any 243 with whatever twist rate suits your need. I think a factory 6 CM would be a great choice in a suitable rifle.
  14. KABOOM

    A question of scale?

    Good shooting with by any measure ,my self I prefer Irish or Bourbon
  15. KABOOM

    Hornady 6mm Arc

    Ah yes reality shooters share info and not much new in 6 PPC world is there?

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