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  1. I went to load 130 ttsx with RS70 and 62.1 grains. My speed is high 1001ms and i shoot 1 pig 51kg and 12kg and i must say it works. Now i am waiting for my cnc machine to been deliver to me and will made my own hunting copper bullets. Fingers cross Greg
  2. I tested today again. I went from 930 to 1001ms. Do you think it is to brutal speed or?
  3. Is this over max ok? It is next node from 925ms
  4. So i need to get speed up to get better stability?
  5. Today test of 56.8 was really strange. 1st 909ms 2nd 925ms 3th 932ms You can see both went same hole. Only 1st one was on left but same vertical. Anyone has any advice on it?
  6. Hello. Today i tested 130 TTSX with RS62. You can see my data. Any idea where to load? starting from 56 with 0.2 grains increase each shoot. My OBT in GRT tools say should be 925ms, so shoots 5 if you see 4-5 and 6 are good vertical i think? 1: 56 - 915ms 2: 56.2 - 909 3:56.4 - 914 4: 56.6 - 920 5: 56.8- 925 6: 57 - 932 7: 57.2 - 941 8: 57.4 - 954 9: 57.6 - 947
  7. Interesting. I tought the like close to lands. Ok will try that. Next week i am getting box of 130 ttsx and trying to chose right powder. Was thinking to go new N555 or mayby i go with RS52. What do you say ?
  8. Yesterday i wanted to test lead bullets to see how is barrel and i tested Berger 150 vld hunting with RS70. You can see barrel is not problem. Lots of people is telling me that copper bullets are not that precised. What is your experience? 905ms 150 VLD Hunting at 84.06mm coal RS70 GM210M LP Nosler case
  9. Hello all. I just bought .270win Titan 6 (560mm,15mm,1/10) and i can not make it work with 130 grains GMX. Do you guys have same experience with copper bullets? I am asking, because in my CZ .308 i also could not make it work with e-tip from Nosler and GMX. I am trying to develop "lead free" hunting reload, but 2.5cm group on 100m is for me not that good. That is min group i could make with gmx. SD and es are good, 3shoots ,925ms avarage, ES:3, SD:1.7 Any advice on this one? Regards Ronzi
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