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  1. eddieb

    375 Load Enquiry

    Hi Srvet Thanks for the info. My rifle has a 24" barrel its a Winchester Safari Express. According to the Barnes load data my load using Reloader 15 seems to be giving better speeds from a load that is several grains away from max. Up to now I have only tried the rifle in practice and on paper. SA trip is off this year and given the right circumstances I may use it to cull the odd deer locally. Obliged
  2. eddieb

    375 Load Enquiry

    Hi Yes I would still appreciate the info. Thanks & Regards
  3. eddieb

    M&P15 .22 jamming

    Different gun but my 10/22 would stovepipe with Winchester and RWS subs but faultless when I changed to CCI .
  4. eddieb

    Advice please on my bolt

    You could polish the raceway with some fine wet and dry or emery . I finished mine with a rub of metal polish. Slicker that cat s!!!
  5. eddieb

    375 Load Enquiry

    Hi I have done and there is a load for Swift A Frame at that bullet weight but as Barnes do not list any of the Vit powders in their data i was hoping someone could run it on Quickload.
  6. eddieb

    375 Load Enquiry

    Could somebody please help with a Quickload calculation to give me an idea of starting and max loads with below components. Cartridge .375 H&H Magnum Bullet 300 Grain Barnes TXFB Powder Vitavourhi 150 Primer would be CCI Large Rifle Magnum and Winchester Brass. Currently using RL15 but would like the alternative. Cheers
  7. I will take these please will PM for details etc. Cheers
  8. Hi will send a message with regard to the trickler. I would like to take it.
  9. eddieb

    cut and crown

    Have Jackson Rifles not already disproved the need for re-proofing on end of barrel work such as shortening -screw cutting - re-crowning. I know in our area a very well experienced gun-smith stopped sending such work to the proof-house.
  10. eddieb

    N150,N550,N160. 3006

    I am using N150 for 180grain Accubonds with good results. Same barrel length. Mind you its purely for stalking I load but they group reasonable and stuff goes dead quickly.
  11. eddieb

    King of 2 Miles in France

    I have never been involved in any form of competitive Target Shooting. Loading for and Zeroing stalking/hunting rifles is about my lot. Reading the posts here with awe, just amazing achievements well done all involved.
  12. eddieb

    Jewell Trigger Cleaning

    Zippo lighter Fuel has always done the job for me and no probs on trigger mechanism.
  13. My shooting buddy used to soak his T8 with WD and first firing was smoky but nothing else. Too many Doctor Dooms

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