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  1. Is there a stand with it? Do you know what model it is please?
  2. What model is this please? What else comes with the thrower?
  3. Optilocks sold. Rail and level still available...
  4. Can you send me your email address please, easier to forward it on that I think? PM if you like...
  5. No, from USA Any info you want just ask, can send pictures via whatsapp if you PM a phonenumber or email address...
  6. Having a bit of a pre spring clear out - Stainless 30mm Optilock rings and mounts (medium) - £85 Richard NEAR mfg 0 MOA picatinny rail for Sako 75, action IV (6.5x55 etc) - £80 Flatline Ops Acculevel Patriot 34mm (fixed) - £100 All in excellent condition...
  7. I have been running one for quite a while. Had Harris and Atlas before. Aspect of the ME bipod i prefer to the Atlas but other parts I prefer Harris/Atlas. On the whole I will probably stick with this bipod, advantanges outweigh the disadvantages (the detachable legs are fantastic when swapping for long legs in the heather)
  8. NGO insurance has just been re-jigged, far more cover than before. NGO do not shy away from fighting for legislative change and rights for shooters on the ground...unlike some other organisations.
  9. Litter of 6 pups, 2 bitches 1 dog available to purchase 5 weeks old now, available to go to new homes at 8 or 9 weeks I own both working parents, this will be the last litter for this brilliant pair of workers - worked on grouse and pheasant £475 (£150 deposit to secure a pup) Docked with paper work, KC registered, micro chipped, regularly wormed - fed on Ardon Grange and Nutro Lac supplement (no budget feed, best start in life) Really well marked black and white
  10. 6 weeks old now, ready to leave for new homes at 8 or 9 weeks. Litter of 9 pups, I have 3 dogs and 1 bitch available. I own the mother (GWP), nearby 'keeper owns sire - both worked regularly on grouse and lowground. Both very biddable, good with children - GWP will retrieve fox on occasion (limited red deer work, but I believe they will adapt to anything with appropriate training) Docked with certificates, wormed regularly, microchipped. Fed on Ardon Grange feed and Nutro Lac supplement for best start in life (no budget feed!) £475 (£150 deposit will secure pup)
  11. Grouse

    Tikka 595 Torque?

    I meant to put 15 - 20, not 30! Cheers Andy for the confirmation on that.
  12. Grouse

    Tikka 595 Torque?

    Anyone got the recommended torque setting for the screws to hold a TIER1 rail onto a Tikka 595 please. Does 15 - 30 lb/" sound about right? Cheers ...
  13. I concur with you, always have tested, never had a shift.
  14. Got the 95 TMK shooting with 40thou jump and N150...

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