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  1. Lukas_K

    AI AT NV Bridge dimensions

    Been thinking about modifying one to fit my handguard (non-AI stock) in order to mount a 12o´clock bipod. Would there be an owner able and willing to take measurements? Need inner and outer diameter, width and heigth.
  2. Lukas_K

    TargetMaster Trickler

    Looking for a TargetMaster Trickler unit if anybody stopped using theirs. Cheers, Lukas
  3. Lukas_K

    British Military Watches

    On an additional note to UK military watches in general - C.Ward is now doing homage (licensed&official) editions of the C65. Still an affordable (well not Casio level, but for a swiss made mechanical watch) toolwatch with a bit extra of a soul to it. Personally I quite dig the Sandhurst field watch homage.
  4. Lukas_K

    what action

    Repeater... RPA Quadlock with RPA trigger is a solid combo
  5. Bump, will add Tier One rings (low) and an unused honeycomb ARD by Tenebraex. Price remains the same, but I would still prefer a trade for a MIL/MIL IOR. Some pictures:
  6. Lukas_K

    Reamer-to-die dimensional differences

    A consensus between two gunsmiths I trust who do their own dies regularly is to subtract 0.0035" from the body width. I´ll go with that and update whether it worked later.
  7. Lukas_K

    Reamer-to-die dimensional differences

    Tried, they can provide that only along their own chamber reamers. Reason is there is many AI variants already, all are 40°, but the shoulder diameter & body taper differs. Lesson learned, should not have bought one without the other. Still, having at least a best-guess guideline would save me some considerable cash and wasted time
  8. Lukas_K

    Reamer-to-die dimensional differences

    Wouldn´t ask if I could do that, would I I have reamers for this project done by a local tooling shop. It´s a 338AI and I need to provide them with the prints. Have the chamber print actually, and now need to "adjust appropriately" for the resize reamer, just as you say. Think I´ll take 0.002 off the body width and see.
  9. Say I have a chamber reamer print and would like to have a FS die made along with the barrel, without going through "fire some, send them to us and wait for half a year". The neck is easy, treat it as a bushing choice, but I cannot find any guidance regarding the body. What should be the dimensional change there, or in other words - how much smaller the die reamer should be? Is 1-2 thou of body diameter under the chamber size too much or too litle, considering some springback in the brass?
  10. Still available. Looking for something with at least 25MIL internal elevation adjustment please (Razor is around 125 MOA or 36 MIL).
  11. Lukas_K

    WTB: 338AI reamer, dies

    Yep, but I wasn´t fast enough to snatch that PTG quotes 5-8 weeks now, which could easily be more. Just hope there may be a reamer gathering dust somewhere.
  12. Lukas_K

    Savage AICS?

    I know they made SA for some time, anybody seen LA (338LM)?
  13. Lukas_K

    Atlas bt20 screws

    I believe they´re 6-32, but measure the hole to be sure. When I needed replacement ones I just bought regular screws in local hardware store and cut them to required length.

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