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    Has anyone dealt with Rifle Works in Co Durham? I've ordered something from them and despite getting a shipment notification the goods have not arrived. No responses to email or phone calls yet either... Anyone heard of anything/know anything? Kind Regards, Ron
  2. Can I ask you guys what sort of neck tension you're running with heavier bullets in .308 (other larger calibre observations welcomed too...) I use a .30 cal 215gr Berger Hybrid for Match Rifle and have been sizing cases with a bushing which gives .003" hold. This is used in conjunction with a 0.030" jump to the rifling. The Berger sits on top of a hefty amount of RS60 in a Palma case. What do you find is giving good results? R
  3. Interested in the Quickload software please. Will PM you.
  4. Well I tried a slightly stiffer load and found it worked well at long range. Shooting the rifle as a true target rifle I managed to 98s, one at 900 and one at 1000x. The load is giving 2940 fps with an SD of 8-9 but I'm hoping to see and improvement with sorting bullets and making a truing cut on the case necks. I did notice a handful cases post firing offered marginal friction to a bullet being passed through the case neck so I afford to make a light truing cut. It was the highest score on the day in TR and Club FTR (scoped TR with a rest) classes so I'm not unhappy. Both my first shots were suspect elevation shots and the dropped point at 900x was a declared bad shot. The other escapee at 1000x was a wind change. Obviously the 1000x group is larger than the 900x but I'm pretty happy this is an indication of decent progress and with a few more tweaks it should be a very good target rifle. R
  5. mcpie


    My .222 rem was rebarrelled with a 1:9 twist which makes it a good performer with even the 68g BTHP from Hornady. The pet load is the 40g Vmax which nudges about 3500fps. It's very flat a very accurate. The best accuracy seems to be from the 52g flat based match Berger at about 2900 fps. R
  6. mcpie


    I have two rifles based on the .222 rem case. One is an out and out .222 rem with a Border barrel and it shoots like a dream with 40g Vmaxs and a case full of N130 in a Lapua case. The other is a .17 Fireball also with a Border barrel with 20g Vmaxs in carefully prepped RP cases. Necking and trimming a Lapua .222 rem case down to that size would result in chunky necks. Both use the BRNO Fox MkII action which is a Mini Mauser but with a closed action top. They're very stiff receivers and the controlled feed extractor prevents fumbling these smaller cases when feeding. I also like the removable box magazine and set triggers. You can pick up shot out Fox MkII actions for next to nothing and have them rebarrelled at reasonable cost. The .222 rem is probably my favourite rifle, it can shoot varmints and Roe and is a very satisfying calibre to shoot at targets. As gbal states, it was stalwart of BR for a long time as the case inherently works. Huge increases in accuracy are possible with the better powders, cases, barrel and bullets now on offer. Don't rule it out..
  7. Well Sundays shoot went fairly well. Two 2+15 shoots at Blair Adam at 500 yards shooting prone with sling fitted. Harley bench testing (uneven firing points, blustery wind etc etc...) The first shoot was with the slower load (2750fps) of 24.5g of N140 (SD of 9) and it was OK. It was clearly capable of holding the vee but didn't demonstrate any preference for a particular zone, I'd say it was a 3/4 moa group. The second shoot was much better, it was with the faster ammo (2850fps) but with a higher SD of 13 and the it demonstrated a tighter vertical spread which was generally between 1/4 and 1/2 moa. I then trialled some other loads based on RS60. Seven shot strings from 24g right up to 27.5g(!) in half grain increments. Weight - Average Speed - SD 24 - 2512 - 21 24.5 - 2566 - 23 25 - 2619 - 31 25.5 - 2668 - 20 26.0 - 2723 - 17 26.5 - 2774 - 15 27.0 - 2830 - 9 27.5 - 2891 - 5 (bingo!) Velocity increase is very linear per half grain increment 54, 53, 49, 55, 51, 56, 60 so I'm happy I'm not doing anything exciting. The weather was quite hot yesterday (for Scotland) and the cases resized easily and primer pockets hadn't expanded (I have made a tool to check this). The decreasing SDs seem to typical of RS60 in the .308 case - the harder it is driven the better it seems to perform. There's room for another grain in the case but I think I'd be quite happy trialling this new load the next time I'm on the range. R
  8. Thanks again. I'm going to try RS60 tomorrow, seven shot strings at 25, 25.5, 26 & 26.5g. My experience of RS60 is more positive than my experiences with N550, it's seems more tolerant to heat than N550 and performs better the harder it's pushed. I use it for MR purposes and can get SDs of 4-6 across 22 shot strings. I'll be interested to see if it does something similar in this smaller case. All my powder charges have been trickled up using my new Target Master trickler and my analytical scales suggest they're all within 0.04 grains of each other. Cases are batched to within 0.3g and fully prepped. I'm using 0.001" neck tension in my Redding bushing. I'll report findings in due course, R
  9. Those are very impressive figures for such a small case. The sample is smaller than mine but all the same, very impressive, can you divulge load details and anything else pertinent? Case prep, batching etc? What distance were you shooting over? I'm not convinced heavy bullets of any calibre run true over the first hundred yards. My .308 win match rifle can demonstrate 1/4 moa groups at 1200 yards but closer to 3/4 mo groups at 100 yards! It's nice to see a one hole group but this rifle will be used between 400-1000 yards. R
  10. Laurie (and others), What sort of ES could you get with your 90g loads? I can get an ES of 19 across 10 rounds with an average of 2760 fps (SD 8) & An ES of 31 across 10 rounds with an average of 2890 fps (SD 11) Admittedly I haven't been batching bullets yet but powder charges are being weighed accurately. I'm using an Oehler 35p but only a 2" rail. The barrel is still very fresh, around 70 rounds to date. R
  11. The rifle is basically finished and I'm editing a video I've made of the chambering process. I managed to get a few shots over the chronograph yesterday and 2900 fps seems to be well within reach with N140. Load development will continue but I was getting single figure SDs at 2890 fps with CCI BR4 primer and (quite a lot of) N140. Bullets were moly coated Sierra MK 90grn and 20 thou jump in a .170" freebore chamber with a .252" neck. Interestingly the point of impact for loads trialled with 3 differing weights of N140 were very close together at 100 yards, probably less than 1/2 moa apart. I'll test CCI magnum primers with the same load next and weight sort my cases and report back. Ron
  12. I had a chance to test fire my .223 Grunig yesterday at BBT. The reamer Geoffrey made cut very nicely indeed and the throating reamer produced a nice throat. I had a chance to have a look round the new workshop and it's full of some very impressive precision machines. Although I have only limited experience chambering barrels (I have BBT reamers in .223 rem, .308 win and a .224 throater) I can feel the difference cutting when compared to my Manson and PTG reamers. I've been editing a video I made of the project build and will post links to it when it's ready. Be warned, it's going to be a long one!
  13. Thanks for the very comprehensive reply Laurie. This latest batch of Lapua match brass measures a very consistent 0.012" thickness. A previous batch (prob from around four years ago was measuring 0.013-0.0135" ) so I might be inclined to work up a load without turning these new cases and see what the results are like. I will order a mandrel and pilot for my K&M trimmer though, I like to have the tools to hand should I need them. This will be my first .223rem build, I'm quite new to this but have chambered a few .308s recently on my new lathe and have been very pleased with the results. I understand it to be a little more finicky though and will proceed with caution. I'll indicate the bore with a Gordy Gritter rod (very time consuming but it seems to be worth it) and use a tight fitting pilot on a Manson floating reamer holder whilst keeping my fingers crossed. I appreciate the comments about powder and seating depths, a single caliber depth is a much better way of saying what I was trying to say when rabbiting on about bullet / case neck parallels! I'll likely start with N150 then, I have plenty of it and use it with my .308 win. I'll post pics when I can and results when they're known. R
  14. Thanks for the input, what sort of speed is required for the advantage to become apparent? R
  15. Laurie's input would certainly be welcomed. It's like summoning "the dove from above"!

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