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  1. Just out of interest what calibre would you used those on? .223? Thanks
  2. Gungrinner

    Lee Lock Ring Eliminator

    Hello, I was after some used Lee Lock Ring Eliminators. Thanks
  3. Gungrinner

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    I was getting some strange vertical fliers with intarso's this week at 600 on target 44. Shots were up and down as much as 1.5 moa. Never had that before with the same batch of ammo. Some shots not picked up at all with ggg 69g ammo I had a go with. Need to do some more testing on a calm day.
  4. Gungrinner

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    Wet and windy Sunday a few weeks back at 300y. First 2 shots were sighters. Need a bit more practice with the windage.💨💨🙄
  5. Gungrinner

    My DIY annealing machine!

    Hello, Please can i have a quote for your annealing machine. 308, 6.5cm and 223. Posted to uk Thanks
  6. Gungrinner

    F-Class 1000 yrd face size

    I think I remember reading somewhere that a 600 yard centre was stuck over the 800 and 1000 yard target to make it harder. I am asking because I have downloaded a plot sheet for 1000 yards at Bisley. This shows V as 0.3moa and the 5 0.6moa. Could be all rubbish but i would like to know if the plot sheet is correct.
  7. Gungrinner

    F-Class 1000 yrd face size

    Thanks, Do you know what it was before the changes?
  8. Gungrinner

    F-Class 1000 yrd face size

    I believe Bisley has changed the F-Class 1000 yrd face size in 2019. What is the size of the new Bull and v-bull please. Thanks
  9. Gungrinner

    Howa1500 6.5CM

    Dauntsey guns is not far from you. Get a barrel action for a reasonable price from them.
  10. I think the add was up for about 5 mins or less before it was sold. I was too slow. 😴
  11. Gungrinner

    6.5mm target & hunting rifle

    Howa in a nice chassis/stock and have some change for ammo.
  12. His trigger spring are spot on. Be prepared to pay vat and postage charge.
  13. Gungrinner

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    Thanks. I hope to get up there on Sunday afternoon.
  14. Gungrinner

    Looking for Love----X

    Dose anybody know where I can get some Lovex SO65. I want to try some in my 6.5cm as the last time I shot it at 8c I had lost 100fps. Looking for something a bit more stable. Dorset, Hampshire or Bisley. Thanks
  15. Gungrinner

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    The eldm are cheap so I thought I would give them a try. If there don't work I will move to the more expensive new Berger 85.5 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target with an impressive but BC. https://bergerbullets.com/new-berger-22-caliber-85-5-grain-long-range-hybrid-target-bullets/

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