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  1. Gungrinner

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    Thanks. I hope to get up there on Sunday afternoon.
  2. Gungrinner

    Looking for Love----X

    Dose anybody know where I can get some Lovex SO65. I want to try some in my 6.5cm as the last time I shot it at 8c I had lost 100fps. Looking for something a bit more stable. Dorset, Hampshire or Bisley. Thanks
  3. Gungrinner

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    The eldm are cheap so I thought I would give them a try. If there don't work I will move to the more expensive new Berger 85.5 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target with an impressive but BC. https://bergerbullets.com/new-berger-22-caliber-85-5-grain-long-range-hybrid-target-bullets/
  4. Gungrinner

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    I ran the numbers through the hornady ballistic app
  5. Gungrinner

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    Had the rifle a few weeks now and managed to do some load testing at Bisley Siberia yesterday. Found a good node that should get to 1000 yrds at 1300fps. Happy days. hopefully stretch its legs later this month at 300 and 600.
  6. WEAVER 30 mm Six Hole Tactical Medium Rings. 13 mm from base to ring. A1 condition all round. £35 Posted uk https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/weaver-tactical-30mm-scope-rings-6-hole-caps-medium
  7. Gungrinner

    .308 brass value

    £25 for 100 plus postage sound about right.
  8. Gungrinner

    LEM case cleaner

    Big old machine that. You could throw your laundry in at the same time. 😁
  9. Gungrinner

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    N140 as it's the only suitable powder I can get locally.
  10. Gungrinner

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    Completion date received so in preparation I have purchased some plinking ammo and loaded some testers. 62grn federal 80grn eld match in starline brass with n140. (seating depth to be sorted when I get my hands on the rifle)
  11. Gungrinner

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    An expensive machine is my guess😛
  12. Gungrinner

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    I was advised the barrels where good value and from a British company. Leaving barrel bead blasted for now but could refinish later on. I hope to keep updating post with load dev when I get the rifle.

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