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  1. Kipper

    Sierra 175MK vs Scenar L 175

    I have some sitting if you need 10 to try
  2. I'm sat on it learning my lesson through personal reflection.
  3. You haven't responded to my PM either Jon... stand in the corner and reflect lol........ Edit!!!! Wasnt you, if you need me I shall be in the corner pmsl
  4. Absolute bargain @saddler..may be off interest to yourself
  5. Compete kit with app cable £120 plus postage are maybe able to deliver close by.
  6. My things all arrived today Many thanks
  7. Kipper

    MME bullets

    I've spoken to Peter at MME and he is sending me x100 of .224 hpbt , £17 Also a box off samples off his target bullets in 308 to try out at £34. Seems a really nice chap, he doesnt release BC data as it has too much factors to cause varations in different tests but he assures me that the BC off his non tipped target bullet consistently matches Bergers VLD and the tipped version is just over Bergers data. I am quite excited to try them........
  8. I'll take them if cooter doesnt
  9. Had it 3d printed as I couldn't find one
  10. Open but new box off 155 scenars in 30cal.... will swap for 175s or 185 also £30 posted NOW SOLD
  11. PM ref oal gauge and comparator body etc
  12. Came with trimmer and not needed... £10 posted

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