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  1. I used Geoff as Liquid Steel Designs outside Preston a while back for my NF and he did a top job. Was £50 + P&P iirc.
  2. Bullseye was on sale 50% off so grabbed a tub
  3. I use Petes WM 185gr in my FTR . I tested them against scenars when I got the first batch and there more consistant in weight and length than the factory produced scenars and cheaper.
  4. Thanks chaps.. unique it will be and I'll go for the average I've been given and try 7gr lol.
  5. I'm currently using 2400 at 18gr with a 240gr lead bullet but need a lighter load for 25yard gallery shooting. What's everyone using ? Unique and red dot is avalible with ease locally to me.
  6. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1u6njOmdbGT5Q2Wd77TFjxOz_x3HP9U6P?usp=sharing
  7. Is it for Fclass Simon fox is your man if so. They stock various ear sizes etc of sebs rear bags and price can't be beat. Start at £60 and go up to £168 empty but also sells the sand. Ear size is important (measure your rider) and come in low or high depending on your preference.
  8. I have some 175 scenar Ls sitting I'm sure if you want to test some I also have 175 Wimbledon match and 175 mistral from MME... and 185 Wimbledons
  9. I'll take the 308 set, pm me payment details please. I could possible have collected also as I'm in Fife and have fellow club members in your area.
  10. Lad on ebay makes 1500 guides. I have one for my 308 and 1 on way for 223. Around £20 iirc
  11. Defo stick with the howa option. 👌
  12. Rcbs powder trickler £20 posted.****SOLD**** I also have a Rcbs 2000 digital scale***** SOLD****
  13. That's pretty much my set up now richiew except I had a rcbs 2000 scale. I'll look into a set of A&D I think
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