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  1. 4" from base to bottom of ears. Filled (don't know what with but bloody heavy at 12lbs) £110 posted or can be collected Fife or Dundee
  2. What size is it ? A friend is looking for the 11- 22 iirc
  3. Howa easily.. I have a 223 with a 24" varmint barrel that shoot superb and a 308 I'm about to rebarrel for FTR . For the price you can't beat them and more amd more aftermarket stocks etc appearing due to there popularity.. Only down side is the factory stock is garbage.
  4. I'm using cci as there easy to find locally and MME bullets. I have a bunch off 155s here so maybe use the 185s up on the 300wm. She is going in for a 30" Broughton 5c 1/10 after the last shoot next month. Finally (maybe) part off my ftr build
  5. Peter is always helpful and think longest I've waited on a delivery is around 4days
  6. I love MMEs bullets. I use the Wimbledon match in 2 rifles and will be same in the 300wm when it arrives. And N165... I was thinking 170 till I seen your thread
  7. How does it do with 185s? I run 2 loads. 155 & 185 Have a 223 my son uses for Fclass buts it's a 1/11 running 55grs. I bought it brand new varmint barreled action for £75 so didn't argue... wonder if the guy lost his job lol.
  8. So just use the small tray and usual holder ? I've been meaning to change over for a while but wanted to kill my current barrel whilst using up my LRP brass. Got 1 more shoot before she is off for the new barrel so swapping brass for new load. Now to decide on staying with N150 or try this RS powder everyone is raving about.
  9. I'll be switching to palma brass soon. I'm shorter for depriming but had a thought today. I use a lee hand primer loading large primers but will it still work as per for the small primers given the large hole in the shell holder ? I have a small primers tray.
  10. I buy mine casted by Roger @dodgyrog there very good
  11. mment340@gmail.com Is Petes email address at MME. I normally get a reply same day
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