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  1. Just bought a sightron Siii 2nd hand and never noticed it was in Mrad... (yeah I paid close attention) SOLDor willing to swap for a MOA version.
  2. I emailed them prior to check. As long as the original serial no is visible its fine. So there is a tiny strip underneath un done showing the serial that's hidden by the mounts.
  3. Used NF competition. FCR1 reticle Cherokoted but seriel no still visible as per NF instructions. Comes with sunshade and end caps. £1300 posted RRMD.
  4. You won't find a cheaper more consistent bullet. I just checked the price list he sent me. £18 for his 55gr Wimbledon Match.. which is his version off the SMK. I'm that pleased with his bullets that if your not then I will refund you lol.
  5. MME bullets. Do a 55gr FMJ in .224, and handmade In the UK .. Peter is a gentleman to deal with. I can't fault them at all. Consistency is fantastic plus cheap as hell, iirc £21 posted per 100 http://www.mmeriflebullets.co.uk/
  6. Call Mik at Dolphin guns and get a trakker. Can't fault mine
  7. There also never sort of a base plate 💪
  8. Say what you want !!! Your just jealous you could never complete the 5 mile off death........... its only for the elite Toe 2 toe with superman
  9. Cancel that, it just sold via eBay.. possible to yourself foxyloxy as its heading over the water.
  10. Jumping in.. I have the swivel top for one off theses for sale if the buyer requires
  11. Perfect working order except the powder funnel is missing, I just poured it in direct and topped it up every 20 loads or so.. £100 posted
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