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  1. Kipper


    There is a gsg version in the for sale section for £100
  2. I have 2 off theses bore snakes unopened. £10 each to cover P&P
  3. Kipper

    Lee autodrum and a tooth brush

    I just use a cheap toothbrush and "masage" the cases in the tray before seating
  4. Kipper

    Need some new friends....

    I'm from gods county that is the Kingdom of Fife...... welcome
  5. You could reply to the messages you already have.. just an idea
  6. I use Peters Wimbledon match 185gr and love them, I couldn't get the mistrals to run fast enough
  7. £60 and I'l take them #scottish lol
  8. Free bump.. I can confirm this is an accurate rifle...too accurate given the owners 150s last season
  9. I have factory trigger guards for a howa 1500 SA 1 for 308/243 5 for 223 £20 each posted
  10. Kipper

    Shooting insurance

    Runs December to December so better waiting till January to get a full year's cover for your money.
  11. Kipper

    Permission letter/cards

    Ask in person
  12. Kipper

    Fitting cabinet

    The local authority where I am wants it fixed to the property... This includes the FLOOR, all 3 off mine are fixed to the plasterboard just for support but bolted into the floorboards with massive self tapping speed bolts
  13. What stock is that Trigger ?
  14. Kipper

    223 target plinker

    @25dynod has a very good priced rem700 for sale in the sale section
  15. Kipper

    Lee Enfield mk3* issue

    I'm lucky enough, 20 min from blairddam, 45 to Castlelaw, 2hrs to bloody Bisley though

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