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  1. Kipper

    Nightforce competition

    I got mine for 750 , collected in person to be safe.
  2. Judging by the email I received this morning its not the end off the world.
  3. Is the magnum R50 "medium" ?? IE RM50
  4. Kipper


    I get my scenars from CDSG, they do then by the 100 or 1000.. I checked and ita £420 for 1000 off the 105s
  5. Kipper

    .308 loads for Ruger Precision

    I worked up a load for a pals .. Hes running 45.5gr N140 Fed 210m Norma case Lapua 155 scenars
  6. Kipper

    Case Length trimming

    Lee delux quick case trimmer... trims, deburs and chamfers all in one spin.. I have one for sale (£20 posted) but only have a 308 die but there £12 I upgraded to a Wilson for match loads
  7. Kipper

    Lapua 185g / 220g scenars

    Anyone got a box they can spare 15 out off to test.. I have 155s and 175s for swaps if needed.
  8. Kipper

    N150 powder near Camberley

    I've I'd known... I've a full kg at home and now I'm heading your direction for work.. I got it for my 308 using 175g and very similar burn rate to rs52... I keep getting told it works well but haven't opened it yet as I've only loaded up 155s with n140
  9. Someone messaged about the course ages ago but it's gone.. message if still interested.. Course is this weekend in dumfermline
  10. Kipper

    Lyman 1200 dps 3

    I have no idea tbh, I was given it by a club member who retired. I have read about the mcDonalds straw hack to slow down and smooth out the powder but as off yet I've not been for a big mac. Dodgyrog.. once I finally got it calibrated it was spot on but like you say I had to keep a eye on the zero for drifting
  11. Kipper

    Recommendation for most accessible range/s

  12. Kipper

    Recommendation for most accessible range/s

    My club is located in Fife and shoots at 500yrds on electronic targets
  13. I've seen them listed but sure there wasnt any that suited
  14. Kipper

    Lyman 1200 dps 3 tube

    Hopefully you find them.. Thanks again John
  15. Kipper

    Lyman 1200 dps 3 tube

    Any joy John ?

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