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  1. Kipper

    New Bench

    I personally wouldn't have carpet on my bench.. powder in the fibres etc etc
  2. Kipper

    Reasonable price bullets

    I got the Wimbledon match and mistral. What what I gather there pretty much Wimbledon = Smk etc Mistral = berger hybrid Mistral -T = berger hybrid with ballistic tip ... Just wish I could try them out
  3. Kipper

    Reasonable price bullets

    I got 2 different styles in 175gr & 185gr 308, just ordered 55grbt in 223 there just now. He does various calibres up to 338
  4. Kipper

    Reasonable price bullets

    http://mmeriflebullets.co.uk/index.html Guy was a absolute gent to deal with. The BC is around the same as a berger depending on your rifle and development put in I am told. So far I have only measured them on the ogive as they were as consistent as my box off scenars L I have.
  5. Kipper

    Reasonable price bullets

    I bought a batch off a guy based in the UK.. does several varieties and suppose to be really good but I haven't had the chance to test them but were very very well priced at £35 per 100.. I am stuffed if I can remember his name though but will be on box when I get home
  6. I'd the 30mm med tier one still available?
  7. I have 200 ppu once fired in 38spl.. £15 posted
  8. 2 off theses mags still not avalible ?
  9. I'll take 2 mags of they become avalible seperate
  10. Kipper

    .44 mag advice

    The best ideas are always the simplest
  11. Kipper

    .44 mag advice

    I wont be casting my own, I dont have time for that or knowledge for that. I didnt realise reloading pistol rounds was so different from rifle round, I already knew I would have to expand the case mouth etc but I assumed factory bullets would already have lube coated on them.
  12. Kipper

    .44 mag advice

    Lube?? Dont I just press them into the case as per centrefire?
  13. Kipper

    .44 mag advice

    If it works it ain't stupid ..
  14. Kipper

    .44 mag advice

    I read a bit about slugging the barrel. Pretty much ramming a bullet through the barrel with a cleaning rod and measuring the width ?
  15. Kipper

    .44 mag advice

    I will be using bought lead cast bullets, looks like Unique powder going by the advice so far. Next silly question...why is there .430 & .432 bullets avalible ? My local rfd has .429 listed for sale

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