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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing this unfold ! Tony
  2. Are you sure it’s 1 inch? My ZF is 26mm. Tony
  3. These are great scopes, I prefer mine to my S&B 5-25 If Gen2 Mildot isn’t your thing German Sport Optics just quoted me €330 to fit the Minox MR4 reticle which brings it right up to date and makes this a bargain for someone ! https://www.cstactical.com/p/5490-Minox-ZP5-TAC-5-25x56-w/-MR4-Reticle.aspx Have a bump on me !
  4. Items arrived safely, many thanks ! Tony
  5. TC


    I’ve got a couple of YHM 12 inch quad rails spare if that suits your needs.
  6. Make sure your son appreciates the size of the watch he is looking at, you will find a lot of vintage watches in the 34-36mm range which is pretty small by current standards. I bought my son a watch from his birth year for his 21st - newer than the 70s watch you mention above but still vintage by his measure and potentially more meaningful. Chrono24 lets you search by year and may throw up some ideas for you. Tony
  7. TC

    nordic stock for ruger 10-22

    I’ve got one in a box somewhere, I’ll try and hunt it down over the weekend Tony
  8. TC


    As you don’t mind subtitles look for Gomorrah. My Italian colleagues tell me it is subtitled for them too as the Naples slang/accent is so strong! Tony
  9. TC


    Doesn’t the Spuhr come with a levelling wedge? Both mine did. Using Ronin’s instructions above, slide the wedge in to the groove machined in the base to give a flat surface for the bottom of the PMII saddle. Fit scope, remove wedge, simples.... Tony
  10. TC

    RFD transfer rules

    I would interpret this that the ONLY thing that can be done PRIOR to sight of the relevant authority is the taking of a deposit ie. (as para one) not complete a sale by accepting full payment. The percentage of the deposit is of course at the RFD’s discretion ......
  11. TC

    Silverstone Shooting Centre

    Hmm, even after editing I can’t show an apostrophe for some reason - Grammar Nazi bait.....
  12. TC

    Silverstone Shooting Centre

    Thats the most polite FU I have seen for a while :-) I have not looked in to the pricing model in detail but it does appear steep. That said I wish Silverstone every success. Having followed the pics of their earth moving for a while the developer has made a huge investment. Oundle is not far from you if you need facilities and is cleared up to .338. Tony
  13. Hi Dave, They don't sell direct to international but do have a Canadian distributor who will ship to he UK. I have one waiting for me at my US office and will have it in hand next week. I'll let you know what it's like. Tony
  14. Excellent idea! Are they on the market or are these prototypes? Tony

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