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  1. I’ll take this if still available please. Tony
  2. TC

    Sourcing projectiles

    Knowing what I know now, ask me which option I would have gone with ........😖
  3. TC

    Sourcing projectiles

    I just supported the UK guntrade and paid £378 for 1000 123 gr scenars having struggled to find any in stock UK. I’m seeing them listed on the link above for 287 Euro inc German VAT ....... But still, I can feel better knowing I supported the UK gun trade every time I pull the trigger 😉
  4. TC

    AI Ax rifle accessories

    B&H are much cheaper shipping internationally than RRS and using DHL allows you to Pre pay the duty which is both quicker and cheaper than being bent over by Royal Mail Your item is out of stock but does appear to ship internationally https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1344809-REG/really_right_stuff_baxr15_auxiliary_plate_for.html Tony
  5. TC

    Hornady 208gr BTHP in .308Win

    I had good results with the 208’s in a 20 inch barrel with RL17 (RS60 I believe?) I was running a 1:10 but as above certainly worth a try in your barrel. Tony
  6. Yes please Steve, PM for payment info. Tony
  7. TC

    40gr 223

    I’m away so can’t look up my load at the moment but take a look at Reloader 10x. I was seeing great velocity (from memory over 3900) and accuracy with RL10 and 40g Blitzkings from a 1:12 24” barrel which I unfortunately no longer own. I just ran some leftover rounds through a 16” fast twist and the accuracy was amazing. I’ll be resurrecting the load !
  8. TC

    ammo ,the stolen dog found

    What great news and quodos to the owner for never giving up 👍
  9. TC

    The Fix from Q

    Impressive ! Looking forward to seeing it. Tony
  10. I’m looking forward to seeing this unfold ! Tony
  11. Are you sure it’s 1 inch? My ZF is 26mm. Tony
  12. These are great scopes, I prefer mine to my S&B 5-25 If Gen2 Mildot isn’t your thing German Sport Optics just quoted me €330 to fit the Minox MR4 reticle which brings it right up to date and makes this a bargain for someone ! https://www.cstactical.com/p/5490-Minox-ZP5-TAC-5-25x56-w/-MR4-Reticle.aspx Have a bump on me !
  13. Items arrived safely, many thanks ! Tony
  14. TC


    I’ve got a couple of YHM 12 inch quad rails spare if that suits your needs.

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