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  1. TC

    308 sub sonic

    Can you share your load details please? Powder weight, brass spec and primer. cheers
  2. From memory the difference front to back on a typical 20moa rail is less than 2mm? Don't sweat it 😏 If you have time on your hands and want to convince yourself have a play with your calculator plus/minus 2mm and you will see the difference in output is miniscule especially as you are likely dialling in 0.1 Mil or 0.25 MOA increments.
  3. TC

    Parker Hale 1200tx

    If you haven’t already, give Norman Clark Gunsmiths a call, they purchased all of the Parker Hale spares inventory. Tony
  4. Tan 4500NV BT in good working order with box, manual etc £190 posted NB As I understand it this generation is not compatible with Apple IOS bluetooth. I’ve been using it with a Trimble Nomad and there should be no issue with Android.
  5. Good, at least you can get out there and shoot. In fairness a Harris with a podlock (add one if you don’t already have it) was considered state of the art not too long ago and for speed of deployment they are tough to beat. Not mentioned above but the Evo Engineeting/Tier One bipod is quality too. https://tier-one.eu/products/evolution-bipod-1 Enjoy your new rifles 👍 Tony
  6. I know many that would disagree with you but I’m trying 😆 Enjoy your new toy. Tony
  7. If you are looking for a well made bipod at a realistic price take a look at the Dolphin gun product. I have Atlas, Phoenix and now Ckye and I’d say the build quality is on a par. The legs are not notched so I would not want to adjust them on the clock is the only drawback I see. http://www.dolphinguncompany.co.uk/phone/bipods.html That said it’s still £175 which I appreciate is a chunk of cash for 2 legs just not as crazy as some of the others 😆 If you need something that will get you up and running and using the new to rifle PM me your address. I have a couple of Harris Bipod’s with swivel, notched legs and pod locks sitting in the draw not being used. I’m happy to lend you one👍
  8. TC

    Marking Brass with Sharpie's

    On a more practical note couldn’t you just tape 2 sharpies and a pencil together? Pencil runs as guide in rebate, sharpies mark case......
  9. TC

    Marking Brass with Sharpie's

    If it comes in a multicam molle case i’m in for a group buy 👍
  10. Spigot and spikes sold. Type A Bipod, skis, rubber feet and upgrade QD picatinny spigot now £210 posted. Tony
  11. Definitely some truths there ..... As I typed my reply I was thinking “I could help with this”. There needs to be care to ensure that any activity is complementary to PRL not competitive. There are already discussions of “competitive series” etc In fairness I think the thread was started to gather useful input and all of the commentary so far has been on ELR which was primarily added to give “value” to travelling shooters. As PRL gains momentum I think the ELR day becomes less relevant.

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