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  1. MOE SL Carbine Stock in FDE + Buffer tube. Commercial spec. Only mounted. Pds 45 posted. Sako 75/85 mounts with bases Blued incl plastic inserts unmarked. Pds 55 posted.
  2. parabellum


    I have always found very honest traders in the UK, I myself although living in a different country have been completely honest when selling stuff in the UK with very satisfied buyers so one does get caught off his guard when he hopes to close a deal and when he has been scammed for the first time in his life. Having said this some security features built into this site would help and members sharing their experiences online although not mandatory is strongly advisable. And btw for the smarter guys here calling somebody stupid after an unfortunate event is not cool .
  3. parabellum


    same here see above.
  4. parabellum


    Yes Thanks Mate
  5. parabellum


    Thanks for your input guys. winnnierowrow is another asking to reach out to donaldmcginty816@gmail.com stevewonder is another asking to reach out to Andrew in Durham Gary is another asking to reach out in Chicago richardboyd025@gmail.com The crook who swindled me has a UK account on Monzo .
  6. parabellum


    Yep another or the same one 100%
  7. parabellum


    Forget referrals to emails outside the forum. Clearly the wanted section is targeted. I am now looking back and found another suspicious referral.
  8. I have been conned out of Pounds 1200 by member Saint. Andrew who has referred me to a certain Steven Philips peakstevenp@gmail.com who is now claiming the scope is now lost by Royal Mail he even asked a further Pds 350 ! . I am off to the police to file a report. Watch Out Guys! If anybody wants to give his input privately (which would be much appreciated) please send me a PM.
  9. Price Update NOW Pds 1800
  10. Brilliant and in excellent condition the BR50 stocked Anschutz 2007/2013 is the top of .22 rimfire BR rifles. The ultimate Square aluminium action sits in factory bedded Br50 walnut action. Original barrel with Cicognani FAT 1 . All original factory seals on action and barrel . Original Anschutz best trigger possible. Only selling because I have 2 of these rifles ! Buy with confidence the rifle is 100% perfect. Price Pds 1900.
  11. Price drop Pds 550 posted BARGAIN minute ago
  12. Posted in error. thks
  13. Bank details removed from public view

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