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  1. Ok, will let you know if sale falls through. Regards
  2. Will you accept £250

    were shouts in north wales are you please 

  3. #1 Having sold my 6.5 I am selling these on. Originally had planned to keep them for when I get around to getting a 6.5 barrel for my AI but as that is likely to take a while decided to sell them on. they are 500 in a bag ( took one out check it was the same as another lot I had them put it back in and sealed bag) as well as around 25-30 from ammo I pulled. Postage will not be cheap given weight. £275 ovno collected from north wales, or posted at cost. If they don’t sell I will just keep them. They are not £65/ 100 retail if you can find them.
  4. Superb condition and very little used. I use it reliable to range to 1000y on the range I use. Have ranged out to 1500y on houses in past with it.Has multiple preset ballistic curves you can select from or has 3 programmable curves. You do this via an app. I had done this for my 6.5x47 and it was very accurate.The range finder has blue tooth so will also connect to external devices like a kestrel 5700 to even more accurate information.Metre or yardInclinometer and can give you measured or true distance Elevation in moa or Mrad. a great bit of kit, just switching from binoculars and range finger to range finding binoculars. Can send a video of it working/ ranging/ providing information to email/ WhatsApp if you pm me details.UK postage only£275 posted
  5. Having bought an accuracy international I have made the hard decision to sell my sako 75 6.5x47 rifle built by Brock and norris it comes in a McMillan A5 stock ( not bedded) it is a real tack driver trigger set at 12oz at present round couldn’t is currently 570 ( I keep my empty boxes and started a new box of 1000 primers with rifle so can keep track) comes with a Barton 20moa rail, atlas bipod rail and ase moderator. can include RCBS dies and fired brass with the rifle. have unfired brass and bullets etc that can be negotiated separately. £1400ono
  6. Gen 3 Kahles 6-24 scope. Superb optical quality and sight picture with a very wide field of view. great condition. pm me for more details/ pictures £1600&postage
  7. Hi sent you a pm. Is this still for sale? regards
  8. Hi, have more picture, sent full size to email address provided. regards
  9. Tikka t3 McMillan A5-3 adjustable stock. Has a tier one bottom metal for the use of accuracy international magazines. Painted in subtle 2 tone green/grey £525ono
  10. Great scope, loads of elevation, around 30mil, once zero stop is set you have up to 2 turns or 26mil. The number on the elevation change after the first revolution from 0-13 to 14-26.34mm tube, ffp, mil reticle and mil adjustments.Comes in box, will all paperwork and tebrenex scope lens covers. £1250 https://www.steiner-optics.com/riflescopes/t-series/t5xi-5-25x56

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