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  1. Hi Chris, The barrel is either 26 or 28"-i can have it measured up, the profile is heavier than the Remy varmint barrel and its not threaded. Let me know if its what you want, there are other people interested so its first up best dressed I guess. Atb Reecy
  2. Item now sold pending the usual-thanks Chris Guys, 6.5 x 47 Lapua Remington 700 barrelled action for sale good condition, fitted with Badger Ordnance tactical bolt knob and standard Remy trigger, the barrel is a Bartein 1-8.5" twist heavy profile i don't know the round count but it shoots well the action is lodged at my RFD so can stay in storage if required for sale at £400.00 atb Reecy
  3. Payment sent-thanks very much for the body die
  4. Hi i will take the .243 small body die if it is still available send me details of how you would like payment and it will be done atb reecy
  5. Hi guys i didn't say it is a T3 mag i should have some more research(have checked now) it's a LSA-55 mag not many around, that's what makes it rare anyone interested knows what to do atb Reecy
  6. Dear all i have a few mags gathering dust-so they're going up for sale Tikka .308 detachable mag 5 round single stack 70% condition but it's quite rare £43 posted AR15 20 Colt round mag £18 posted AR15 30 round mag £25 posted AR15 6.5mm Grendel 8 round (or is it 10?) mag £40 posted atb Reecy
  7. Reecy

    Small base resizing dies

    Mike I have found that its a must for any straight pull rifle reecy
  8. Bruce,

    would £50.00 plus £5.00 for postage be ok?



  9. Bruce, Pm sent to you Reecy
  10. Reecy

    Winchester Mod 70 Bottom metal.

    Bob, pacific tool will ship to individuals in the uk, no problem, give them a try reecy
  11. That's a great find -especially because it was already yours and didn't cost you anything what type of powder did you have squirrelled away and when did it enter its hiding place? good for you😃😃 atb reecy
  12. Dear all, To the many shooters on this forum and the wider shooting world who knew him, I am greatly saddened to let you know that we have lost one of life's shooting gentlemen, earlier this morning Alan Francis Canavan passed away. Alan was known to lots of us from the early 1990's and onwards when we were all shooting Practical Rifle which then went on to become High Power and then Civilian Service Rifle. Alan's shooting history started a long time before that when he was a member of HM armed forces- notably he served in the 4th Battalion of the Parachute Regiment and later in his retirement, he took on a role in the Merseyside Army Cadet Force passing on shooting and other skills to those younger people who showed an interest. There was more to Alan than met the eye and he took part in many shooting trips in the UK and America, they were events that he relished, not just for the competitive shooting and the travel but for the camaraderie and experience. Alan was a true gent and would always show his good nature in all things-shooting or some other situation. A great mate who will be missed by those who knew him. atb Steve Rees
  13. Thanks to everyone who showed an interest in these bits they are jota sold now atb Reecy

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