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    What waterproof jacket / smock

    PS. Keela use eVent fabric; a country mile better than goretex; it actually breathes in UK conditions. The Keela SF smock (and, yes, the hooligans do actually have them on issue) is a nice piece of kit if you fancy cam and pockets They size very large, so try-on prob a good idea. Edit to add link (I see theyve changed to something called ADS and got a new military webname). https://www.ilasco.co.uk/sf-mk1-0-jacket.html
  2. brown dog

    What waterproof jacket / smock

    Reproof the paramo. It's easy. Or paramo will refurb and reproof it for your for not much money.
  3. brown dog

    Better problems to have

    Very nice.
  4. brown dog

    Moment of weakness

    That's a pretty cool toolwatch collection. Can't think of anything I like that's missing.
  5. Still open to offers.
  6. 10x42 ELs (with old style Butler Creek scope caps fitted to the objectives in place of the useless Swaro obj covers - the butlers show flaked paint when I originally painted them green ) Glass perfect. Would describe as close to mint, less for small & normal wear to the anodising on the bridge. The best there is: £950 shipped (bank transfer or cash, please).
  7. Just fancy a change & Thanks!
  8. Don't suppose you still have the iron sights?!
  9. Just posting a pic of the AI ret for someone
  10. I can't find a single 'proper' walking boot on the market that doesn't have a goretex/sympatex/whatevertex liner. What the hell's happened?! Anyone know of any brands offering walking boots, less than crampon B1/2/3 types, that are just plain old leather?
  11. brown dog

    Walking boots without 'breathable' liners?

    Ha! Outstanding!
  12. brown dog

    Walking boots without 'breathable' liners?

    Lundhags are a rubber welly with a leather upper sewn on! They were 'de rigeur' as the 'must have' ski march boots back in the late 80s. I 'get' their construction for arctic melt, or working on boggy ground, but they wouldn't be a breathable choice for a summer alpine walking boot.
  13. brown dog

    50 Cal Ban Dropped

  14. brown dog

    Walking boots without 'breathable' liners?

    Chaps, many thanks for all the ideas - I'm following up on the non gtx scarpa deltas (I get the Google impression that the non gtx may have been discontinued). The sl actives are a bit too much boot - stiffened for crampons etc. .. concurrently, I also wandered over to the stores this morning to order-in a new pair of altbergs - which I will reevaluate in a new light and increased sense of appreciation, now that I've learnt that virtually all modern civ boots are lined with poly bags!
  15. brown dog

    Walking boots without 'breathable' liners?

    Non gtx Scarpas?Don't suppose you're a size 9?! 😃 I'm actually looking for a pair of boots for doing a high alpine trek early next summer. Mostly snow-free. For me, I found long ago that gtx etc in boots worn for extended periods leads to foot rot. You mention the issue boots - they're made by Altberg - they offer several non gtx boots in their mil line, but the civ line is all sympatex lined. Lowa:gtx Berghaus:weathertite Karrimor:someshite Scarpa are all gtx less than their first 'serious' B1 boot, which is unlined; but heavier than I want. I'm losing hope!
  16. brown dog

    Walking boots without 'breathable' liners?

    They're half rubber!
  17. brown dog


  18. brown dog

    AR Iron Sights

    Like to drop me a pm?
  19. brown dog

    AR Iron Sights

    Scratching an itch: Anyone got any picatinny iron sights gathering dust they'd like to sell?
  20. brown dog

    AR Iron Sights

    Mark, thanks, apols, I should have said, I'm after something 'permanent' rather than pop up. Edit to add: Something 416 or LMTish
  21. brown dog

    Oceania Defence

    Yup. Have to say though, I've tried/heard some shockers that don't even give the (false) impression of being ear safe.... one particular Brit brand leaps to mind. As regards diminishing returns on firearms launching supersonic projectiles, I'm not sure I understand where the similarly logarithmic increased cash spend chasing the Nth degree of suppression sits against the realities of supersonic crack?
  22. brown dog


    Steve, I seem to be unable to pm you. Is your inbox full? Atb Matt
  23. I'll buy it back, less the scope and bipod, if you'd like to ping me a price.
  24. brown dog

    Red light headtorch

    After a lightweight, exclusively red light headtorch, grateful for any recommendations!
  25. brown dog

    Red light headtorch

    Thanks - trying to find one with red-only.

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