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  1. I have six rifles built by Mick all on or before time and I'm really happy with all of them fantastic cominication and a consistently high standard of service ive had less than happy experiences with two other custom rifle builders.
  2. Your find any competitive FTR 308 should produce a single ragged hole at 100yards with a well produced home load 5 shot group after two sighters what maters is what velocity to wait of bullet to be competing at a thousand yards plus constant velocity I only use the 100 yards as a starting point. see Six Point Five Guys ten shot ladder testing on you tube for load development I've been running proven loads in different callibers and found I've arrived at the same powder wait. Also I've used this method on a new rifle and I'm very pleased with the results. Also a new powder bullet in my stalking 308 again looking promising.
  3. Montey

    Lamping scope

    S&B pm11 56 is the best I've ever had but a sightron comes close and much cheaper
  4. Montey

    Thermal scope

    I've been using the a thermal scope from Night Vision .co.uk in Kent. It's proved to be a total game changer I've used the Drone mk1 and mk2 since they've been available but the thermal scope means I'm not shooting at the range every shot taken within 200 yards and 90% are just over 100 I've had the scope fitted to my 223 as I don't feel the need for a bigger calibre because of the short ranges I'm shooting at. I am using a thermal spotter from the same company which means im able to identify my quarry I simply can't fault the two thermal systems.Is there any down sides.if so I haven't found them yet! Once the scope is set up correctly for your personal use it's the best night vision I've seen and totally covert.
  5. Montey

    Thermal scope

    I totally agree Ide take a Drone over the Archer but some still won't use any thing else it's what you get use too using I suppose.
  6. Montey

    Thermal scope

    Bob your all ways welcome to come and have a look through mine Gen3 I don't have any experience of only the top grade Archer that fits on the back of the scope and still needs a lazer or RI. Dose Gen 3 require either a lazer or RI? i have the Digcepter and that gives a perfect picture out to well past 300yards weather permitting. The thermal spotter makes quarry spotting and identification easy.
  7. Montey

    New to firearms, have a question.

    If your new to fox control or not I strongly recommend reading A Foxers Year by Patrick Hook it has become the foxers bible as it were for any one. Other good reads are Foxing with lamp and rifle by Robert Bucknell and A Foxing Life by Mike Powell Ide been Foxing for years and found these books both insightful and interesting reads.
  8. Montey

    bolt action .224 Valkyrie

    I'm following this with great interest as it's ala well and good reading about a new calibre that's meant to be a big improvement but I feel like I can trust what Dave has too say regarding real world performance walts and all. Thats a stunning rifle
  9. Montey

    Fox saw my ir

    Yep that's what we recon got one permission we're the farmer lets one of his tenants keep chickens so it's a fox magnet the problem is the guy is out with his torch and his dogs or gun he gets a few but misses a few they get really jumpy on that bit it's were I shot the dog fox last night. Pleanty get missed with night vision as well I'm not knocking lamping truth too tell I miss it.
  10. Montey

    Fox saw my ir

    It's becoming a lot more apparent these last couple of years that they pick up on the ir my answer is the thermal scope from Night vision store uk it's a game changer! i was out last night showing a friend whose bought a cheap bit of kit and was disappointed in what it could do pulled up and scand the first field of sheep only to see a fox 90yards away laying down we were lucky as I pulled up making lots of noise he just lay ther I put the 223 with the thermal scope on the bonnet he was looking at us but just not bothered and that was it one shot a very dead Charly. i had the Digcepter scope out on the 22-250 and at that range the ir might just have spooked him.Thats the third fox this week with the thermal scope not one of them took any notice of me all under 140 yards.
  11. Montey

    That Spud 1967 bloke .......

    Spud and his staff are very helpful and professional wish every one I deal with worked to the same standard. Having retail out lets of my own I'm super critical some would say harsh even but Ive been really impressed by Spud and his team.
  12. I use Bog Pod sticks they are a trypod design I'm on my second set as my old ones the clips slowly broke one by one so I fixed it into one position and use it standing or seated as the legs splayed right out .My family bought me a new sett for Christmas and these ar all black heavy duty version absolutely brilliant the down side is the price! ive tried both the mk1and mk2 trigger sticks and thier rubbish in my Opinion the first ones flex to muchand I only any use for my .22 The second ones are stiffer still don't work for me I can't get on with them ithink I will be eBaying both.
  13. Montey

    Worth a read...........

    Vote Corbin and sell your fire arms quick as private gun ownership will be targeted based on his supporters views. At least the Greens (the leftist of the lefts) have said as much. if cominisom or Karl Marks doctrine works so well why have China Russia and every other country that went that way given up on it? Corbin and McDonald claim to be socialist as that's more acceptable. Corbin is a firm leaver just look at what he's done or hasn't done.
  14. It's based on velocity flat spot so by definition a constant in velocity node the node may then show again at higher velocity.As I understand it velocity equals pressure? please take the time to watch 6.5 guys on YouTube load development its in two parts and Scott Satterlee seams to know his stuff ive watched it and made notes. ive only used it on my 300wsm with RW70 with 215 Bergers it wasn't great but I had no time to use a different powder and went with the best load using this method the powder was just to temp sensitive at the Europeans with hind sight it showed it wasn't the best choice of powder as barel temp made so much difference. ive still got so much to learn with load development but this seams like a good place to start that's why I'm interested in what other forem member have done.
  15. Montey

    Worth a read...........

    I voted leave with my heart but my head said remain I own seven companies and a farm I can sell up and go were ever I want New Zealand included. I can't believe the dogs dinner May has made of leaving. The EU its doomed long term Germany is only just managing then there's France and the way they have gone so never mind the state of all the miner players who are broke!Uninployment is very high in Europe the lack of border controls are seeing economic migrants flooding in and Crosing to were ever they see fit.who can blame them I'd do the same in thier position. i employ serval EU citizens they don't have a clue what's going to happen I value them all highly and hope I can carry on employing them. well why vote out then I hear you say? Because not keeping the EU Citzens all ready here and those that want to come and work would be stupid and I thought we had enough sense to do that. Would I vote leave again? I don't know!!
  16. I've got both and have tested both at the same time the readings were almost the same. I find the magneto speed super easy to use but the lab reader does need a proper set up which means make sure you change the bullet wait! im going to be trying the ten shot ladder test just look up 6.5 guys on YouTube for new loads and refining old ones if it works I'll save a lot of time and barrel life..any one else tyres it ?
  17. Montey

    Pulsar xq38f

    I've got an 38s one of the first just changed over to one of Clive wards E6 pro it's in a different league really shows if you take the two out together on a wet night.
  18. I was at Bisley last week on an NRA club day my first time on the electronic targets at 600y all went well and apart from needing to find a difrent technique or rhythm so I didn't rush my string I had a reasonable score.In the afternoon i shot the 1000y I was using my FTR rifle with the old 5 turn Night force scope I use the later model 10 turn version on my open class 300wsm and have shot this on the same target once before.i encountered a problem straight away as I lined up the reticle on the white vbull the reticle split optically.This did not happen on any other serfice I aimed at no amount of adjusting made any difference and to ad to my problem I needed anything from 6-10 minutes of wind.Has any one else had a similar problem ? The plot sheet looked really bad the worst score I've ever maid at a 1000y.
  19. Montey

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Been out till late tonight and had a blank its that time of year when thier mating and pushing out the young as well to other foxs ground I've got one that's around more in the day time than at night got a Camra on the bait sites so should get some more of a target time, well done Bob for dedication I could not sit out in this weather in a high seat for so long!
  20. Plus one for the liner paint works very well ive just had a mate weld to gongs together as I've put holes through them that way I've over lapped the holes haven't had try them yet
  21. The big point with the lenzi bag for me was not the leather ( if any thing it's a minus as I don't think it's going to be great in the rain ) but what it's comes filled with a high density volcanic sand if I'm wrong on the description please do rectify the wait of the thing plus density is what makes it work for me. How ever using a thick mat is negating the bag so I intend to have my aim field sports Matt modified. I recommend also making sure your rifle stock sits down on the top of the bag between the ears.
  22. Montey

    Another use for thermal

    This thread has given me an idea I'll take mine with me on Saturday for a driven pheasant shoot it's a woodland shoot and or though we have a good team of picker ups some times it's difficult to find a bird in the cover so I'll try with a thermal. ive got the latest from Clive Ward so my trusty Pulser 38s is up for sale just pm if interested.
  23. Montey

    Know your quarry, squirrels (request).

    Shot loads over and the years using a shot gun it's quite simple really
  24. Montey

    Warden Digcepter

    The Drone Pro has all ways been considered the best digital nightvision available in the UK by most nightvision pundits, I myself have two the mark one with the 10x added on and the mark two that came with the 10x as standard. Over a period of time i've shot a lot of foxes and rabbits using both however I found myself looking for an alternative when the company in Ireland stopped selling Drones as Armersight were bought out by Fleur. I went and bought the Digcepter first thing I noticed was the high build quality it's a lot more rugged construction than the Drone 10x i've had it for some weeks mounted on my 223 I can honestly say it exceeds the performance of the Drones in all areas. Full set up is very easy as was the Drone un like other night vision I've had experience with helping friends over many hours work out complicated menu systems. After taking time i'm playing with the brightness settings on the reticle and the screen I found I have a better picture out to 300 yards than the Drones I initially started on standard set up and found it was equal now after many hours of use it surpasses. Battery life is much improved over the Drones and using straightforward rechargeables as recommended by Clive are cheap and easy. I'm using a laser supplied by Clive but have experimented with his SunRanger large and small the larger one on a clear night enables me see to well out past 300yards to a range that I would not shoot at night. I will be selling my mark two Drone sometime in the New Year as I now have full confidence in the Digcepter i've also got one of Clive's thermal scopes to set up and use so I'll let you know haw I get on with that as well.

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