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  1. Rabbits and .22

    It's been full on with the foxs and corvids this time of year and a big part of this is gathering fresh bait I'm shooting between 5 and 10 rabbits a night which until tonight has proven to be easy using my .22 Sako Finfire with Drone Pro.How ever tonight I found I was missing a lot then I relized Ide started a new box of Winchester 42g and some rounds were really loud! I.e. Fast Now many of us expect this from a box of CCI but not Winchester has any one else had the same problem? I changed to a box of 40g and was back on aim.
  2. Rabbits and .22

    RWS sound like a plan interesting and disappointing that Elly have gone that way.
  3. IR Eliminater

    Thanks Bruce I've spoken to Night Vision Store and I'm now looking at the thermal options Clive Ward was very helpful and his just down the road so I'm just waiting for his delivery. The plan will be to fit the thermal on my 22-250 and keep the Drone Pro on the 243 for the longer shots.
  4. IR Eliminater

    is there an IR that doesn't show up like a torch? I.e. A black light type? im using the NM800 on my drones at the moment fine on rabbits but some one is educating the foxs and as soon as I switch on the IR many are spooked.The other option is to pay out for a thermal scope but the ones I've looked through aren't that good. How much would I have to pay too get the same performance out of a thermal scope as my Drones prose ? Montey
  5. Plotting sheets

    Thanks for the advise I'll be doing that then.
  6. Plotting sheets

    Can any one tell me were to buy plotting sheets? prefebly on card for 600 900 and 1000yards.
  7. Plotting sheets

    Thanks I was hoping to buy some on card and wonderd if they are available as TR ones are from London and Middlesex
  8. Recent build

    Good looking house that great too see something different on here thanks for posting
  9. Muroms for magnums

    Laurie many thanks for your reply the articles have saved a lot of gues work .
  10. Muroms for magnums

    Laurie at the end of your excellent article you mention Palma brass and small primers is there a drop off in performance using the small primers with the same amount of powder,as an accurate load using large primers? Ive gone over to Palma brass for my 308 FTR rifle but I'm wondering if this was a good move as I've left the load the same as using large primers? 155.5 Berger RS52-47.3g Lapua brass small primers are CCI dr large are Fedral gold match
  11. Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    Rabbits a tipyooooo
  12. Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    I bought mine when the Ammo worked well then noticed the drop off in groups plus a blocked barel (Luckly I noticed) so I've left it in the cabinet until yesterday as I've just bought some Winchester ammo and tried it. All seems well again and in the spring I will back out with on the rabbits. Numbers of rabbits permitting but that's another story.
  13. New brass

    I've just been back through several pages and can't find a reference to prepping new brass.ok I know I've read bits regarding this subject and I know to measure the case length but I've always full resized my brass out the box.Im using Lappue in 308 and 300wsm both for Fclass. I can rember Brilo mentioning getting the best results with new un preped brass but my memory isn't perfect and I apologise if I'm wrong!! So what do people think I'm finding the less I do the better the results!
  14. Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    I've just looked at the Night vision uk web site and it shows the next delivery at the end of January.
  15. New brass

    First off I have spotted that I stated I use Lapua bras in the 300wsm when I use Norma I don't believe Lapua make bras for the 300wsm? My take is that less can be more i.e. to much prep can distort the case.Given that the brass has come out of an expensive exhaustive process. I personally find once fired the best which I suppose is pretty obvious !! Good to hear every ones take on this thanks.
  16. Unusually I watched country file last night It had a piece on Lincolnshire police refusing to renew FAC or shotgun certificates if there is no GP medical report . There was an interview with a medical person who stated that prescription drugs prescribed for asthma may be a reason for refusal or diabetes once diagnosed could also be a reason for refusal . To get the full picture of the piece it would be worth watching on iPlayer An interview with the countryside alliance representative didn't seem to give any advice on what to do if there was a refusal or if one was dealing with an anti-shooting GP ! Their advice was not to pay for the GP report at least that's my tacke on the piece. I for one did not realise that treatments for quite common conditions especially in the older age group may be grounds for refusal !!
  17. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    As stated this is a guid line not red line legislation but I imagine it would be difficult for an individual without the backing of the NRA or BASC to confront and win against their local police force .
  18. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    I did mention I hardly ever watch country file for the same reasons they are very biased against shooting and country sports. What caused the concern to me that the police statements and the senior medical practitioner statements on the program . It would've been good to have had a representative of the NRA or BASC on the programme but that wouldn't suit the BBC left-wing agenda. Has anyone on here actually had experience of being a refused license because of the GP not returning the form as this is a guidance document published by the Home Office not redline legislation.
  19. Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    I've have two Drones the first with the 10x ad on and the proper 10x mark 2 as it were with the extra day light filter. They are superb at night and in day light out to a proper 300 yards. Having a good day time image is really inportant as it makes zeroing the scopes really easy. My mates have photons NS 850 and thermal none of them are easy to set up like the Drones. I have one on my RPA 243 and the older one gets swapped around this is made easy as they are so easy to zero. ive had two issues on the older one Carl sorted it over the phone and the second one on the new one it went back it was turned round in a week.Ive added the NM800 the only down side is Charly does pick up on the ir some times but 200 to 300yards with a 95g Nosler does the job.The other thing is at last light or first light they out permform the very best scopes.In moon light you also don't need the ir. if you can buy one you won't regret it.
  20. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Many thanks for all the excellent advice given on the subject and the extra that I taged on as it were. im booking a reloading cours in the new year despite reloading for several years I don't know enough to get the best by F class rifles so it will be time well spent . Happy new year to one and all Montey
  21. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Yes I've gone all comp spec so will follow on the same I imagine
  22. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Ok thanks its a phone call to Spud in the new year then with an order for the full length die as well.
  23. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Not wishing to hi jack the ops thread but am I given to understand neck sizing only is a waste of time and money? If you don't neck turn? ive all ways ful resized but having just bought my first 300wsm for F class comps I've bought a neck sizing die. should I have gone for the full resizing die?
  24. Reloading course

    Rusel Simon's runs a course and really knows his stuff he taught the reloading on the F class course run by the league. i figure if your good enough to win a world championship and be as consistent as he is you know your stuff! just google his name and his sight comes up I'm hoping to do one my self next year. ive used spuds youtube posts and they are easy to follow and well done.

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