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  1. Is Garlands still open one Sunday a month shoot all day for £20 with Rob ?
  2. I would speak to Marc Gardner at Gardners guns he's set up the top 2 shooting ranges in the uk
  3. Ive noticed a lot of the new alarm systems aren't hardwired and it makes you wonder if they knock out the bt cable the wifi alarm system is useless, nobody pays any attention to an alarm going off. If the police can't be bothered to turn up monitored alarms are a waste of money and verisure alarms send there own security staff if the alarm is triggered but you can see them driving straight past if they saw firearms coming out of the property
  4. which 338 Lapua Magnum to buy and how much more do you need to spend to be really accurate ?
  5. It always makes me laugh when somebody drives past with reg number ...GUN and makes me wonder if they get followed a lot 🤔
  6. lol im possibly on level 1 20 minutes is not really a rapid response I could be in 3 other counties in that time
  7. I've got 4 rifles and 3 shotguns and they've just renewed my ticket and given me 2 more rifles the feo asked if the alarm was monitored which I said no and he didn't say anything more about it !
  8. Is it worth investing in a monitored alarm system for extra firearm security ?
  9. You could try either 69 gr ggg with the Sierra bullet or the Hornady 75 gr eld match which is brilliant but not cheap 😁
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