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  1. Long shot but with you selling brass you don't happen to be selling a 308 micrometer seating die are you?
  2. £35 is massively out of reach for most im sure. Where is it thats charging that? Is that the average rate to use a range these days?
  3. Hi, I'm getting plans together to construct a shooting range so I'm doing a little but of market research. I plan to have steel animal targets at 300 yards, gongs at 500 and 700. Paper targets/gongs at 100 for group testing and zeroing. Smaller animal targets at 50 for rimfires only All shooting from benches or prone under a covered position. Would the cater for most peoples needs? I'm open to other suggestions Thanks
  4. I'm looking for a forster 308 die set to include full length sizing die and ultra micrometer seating die Thanks
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