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  1. for sale is my IOR 9-36X56 MP8 illum reticle MOA/MOA 2fp reticle incl. Rings Like new condition, serviced earlier this year by IOR. Tracks perfectly, glass is perfect as well. Recently replaced with a vortex gen ii razor that's why im selling. Now £1150

    Springfield m1903 a4 national match

    Thanks for your informative replies so far. I see it was the m1903 a1 that came fitted with the unertl 8x
  3. Good morning, is there a UK dealer that specialises in Springfield m1903 national match rifles? I've long been after one to compliment my rifle collection. I would probably have one of the modern leatherwood hilux 8x scopes replica Tnks Rod Rifletalks.com
  4. A few sensible guidelines- call sellers, most apps will also tell you name of user. Video call the user and ask for item to be shown to you. Many scammers wont show themselves on camera and unlikely others will want to do that if theyre not serious. Ask a few item related questions, unless youre really into this stuff, you'll get caught out.
  5. For those laughing about 2 factor authentication, its there to verify users, not related to sales platforms only. Coming from an IT company, i find it silly that people associate 2factor auth with sales, it's a step in confidence building and used by most platforms today which adds another level of security. Google doesnt sell most users anything and has it on all apps, most other apps have it enabled at signup stage and a few steps down the line as well. It just makes the platform less prone to be targeted. You're only as smart as the last one that got conned, one day it may bite you think twice.
  6. Maybe admins can introduce 2 factor authentication which links your posts to a real mobile number similar to what you get on google and other applications when you try to login.

    Robot messages,

    Guys, has anyone else had issues with 'saint.andrews' ?? A friend of mine was sent into for a Kahles scope, he sent the money to this guy that was referred by Saint Andrew and now it seems it's a dead end.
  8. Rod - find out more at www.rifletalks.com 

  9. Can you kindly send a few pics to my email roderick.formosa@gmail.com 


    Is it the MOA Version and which reticle?



  10. SRGNXL

    416 Barrett

    The caliber or the rifle greg?
  11. SRGNXL

    US Optics @ Optics Warehouse

    Whose selling them at the prices?
  12. SRGNXL

    March Genesis

    Thanks that is helpful feedback.what about the AW50 ? I was thinking to acquire one, switch barrel to a 416barrett 38inch, add the LRA fclass bipod on a bigdog spigot and USO sn9

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