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  1. Dear Members, "Whether your a seasoned Pro looking for a friendly & affordable competition to finish off your season, or a new shooter wanting to give competitive F-Class a go, this is the one for you" Hosted by the 101 Rifle Club at Altcar Ranges in Hightown - Liverpool. Open to F/TR, F-Open & Factory Sporter / Target Rifle (as a combined class) All current NRA regulations for these disciplines apply. The All Distance Challenge 10.11.18 / Individual Entry £40 2+15 @ 300, 500 & 600 Yards (51 Rounds needed) excludes blow off's Laurels Rutland Teams Event 11.11.18 / 4 Man Teams Entry £40 2+10 @ 800 & 900 Yards followed by a 2+15 @ 1000 Yards (41 Rounds needed) excludes blow off's The Altcar Grand Aggregate A free bonus for everyone shooting the full weekend and a chance at winning some quality prizes. 1/ I've attached a full and detailed brief covering the full weekend and the prizes on offer. 2/ I've included our entry form which covers both days as an (open words document). This can be downloaded, filled in online and emailed back to me once either a Cheque has been posted to me or a Bank Transfer made to the 101 Rifle Club. All details of what to do and who to send it to are covered in the brief. Full details can also be found on the NRA UK & 101rifleclub.org.uk websites which also includes a list of local accommodation you may wish to stay at. For the latest updates and news regarding this competition, please join our Facebook group page (The 2018 All Distance Challenge & Laurels Rutland Teams Event) If you have any questions or need help with anything else, don't hesitate to contact:- Richie (101RC Captain) at richsjones@hotmail.co.uk Thanks to all our sponsors for their kind generosity, support and amazing quality prizes. Ruag Ammotec Uk, Optics Warehouse, AIM Field Sports, Bergara Rifles, Kahles Riflescopes & Tier One 2018 ADC & LRTE (ENTRY+BRIEF) UPDATED.pdf ADC&LRTE ENTRY ONLY.odt
  2. Dear Members, Entries have now been closed and I want to thank all of you that have enquired about our competition and are now coming for a weekend of shooting at Altcar Ranges. An email will go out to everyone tomorrow but just a quick reminder to bring a form of picture ID so you can gain access onto our range and make sure your there for 0800-0815 and in time to settle and collect squadding. For all those early birds, our club will be open at 7am and any earlier give me a phone as I'll be about somewhere. See you all Saturday, Regards, Richie
  3. Calling all F/TR, F-Open and F-Sported/TR shooters on UKV and beyond. I'm pleased to see that entries for our competition at Altcar on the 11th/12th November are now starting to trickle in. We've less than 6 weeks to go guys so if your interested or have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with me either on here or by email at richsjones@Hotmail.Co.uk and i'll get back to you at first chance. Our aim is to make this competition as friendly and as relaxed as we can so it's a great experienced for our seasoned shooters including any new shooters that are wanting an introduction into F-Class competitions before making the next step into the big league next year. If any of you are thinking of entering the individuals and would also like to be part of one of our teams, just let me know as i'm more than happy to accommodate and will make it happen. Look forward to seeing you all on the point soon. Kind Regards, Richie
  4. Hi All, My March scope is now sold and I'm just waiting on some final details to complete the sale. Thanks for all the enquiries and I hope to see some of you on the firing point soon. Regards, Richie
  5. FOR SALE:- MARCH 10x-60 x 52MM Model No - D60V52TM Serial No - X623 Second Focal Plane Elevation Zero Stop 60 MOA Elevation & 40 MOA Windage 1/8 MOA Adjustments MTR-1 Retricle also includes a set of "THIRD EYE" Mounts £1650 ONO Dear Members, I purchased this scope new from Stuart Anselm at Osprey Rifles and Its been on my competition .308 F-Class F/TR rifle ever since. Its in good working order, been very well looked after and has served me well at the Club, GBFCA League and Team GB F/TR International level. Comes in its original box with sun shade, mirage disc, lens covers and the stated "Third Eye Tactical" mounts so you have a complete package that's good to go. I must make you aware that it has a very small and faint scratch on the front underside of the scope body but it's very hard to see and there are slight usage marks on both turret screws from using a screw driver and not a coin which was a quick lesson learnt. Reason for sale:- I want to upgrade to the newest March and in the mean time was lucky enough to win a new competition Nightforce at this years F-Class World Championships in Canada so I'm crossing over to the dark side for a bit and giving that a go till I have the funds for my new March. I've taken several close up pictures of my scope but can't upload the pictures as there all to big a file for this forum so if your seriously interested and want pictures, please email me at richsjones@hotmail.co.uk and I'll send them to you. I'm hard to catch for a conversation as I drive for a living but if you have any questions and want a fast response, please text me on my mobile:- 07970 060037 and I'll get back to you with the answers at first chance. This scope is also advertised for sale elsewhere and my preferred method of payment would be via bank transfer. Kind Regards, Richie
  6. Dear Members, With the World's in Canada fast approaching and a very busy shooting schedule ahead of us, I thought it best to get our competition information out there now. I've attached a wall poster with a general summary of what's planned including a link for entry forms that can be downloaded. If any of you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via email or text and I'll get back to you at first chance. Hope to see you on the firing point soon. Kind Regards, Richie Fullbore Captain 101RC 2017 ADC + LRTC ENTRY FORM.pdf
  7. Dear Members, It was great to see some of you shooting up at Blair over the weekend and I hope you all got home safe and sound. I've had an encouraging response from several of you regarding both our Individual and Team competitions and I'm very happy to see that entry forms are now starting to trickle in. Can I please urge everyone to fill in there Individual/Team entry forms with all the details requested so we can provide Altcar Ranges with all the information they require and also make it easier for me to keep records of who's shooting what and with what team. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any answers, Kind Regards - Richie.
  8. Dear Members, The 101 Rifle Club is proud to announce it will be holding its Premier short range F-Class competition for a fourth year including a Rutland Teams event over the weekend of Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November 2016 at Altcar Rifle Ranges in Hightown near Liverpool. Both competitions are open to members of the NRA or any Rifle Club affiliated to the NRA and for the following shooting classes - F/TR, F-Open and Factory Sporter. Saturday 12th November The All Distance Challenge - (£40 per Individual entry) Course of fire will be 2+15's @ 300, 500 and 600 yards. Minimum Round Count = 51 (excluding Blow Offs) Sunday 13th November "The Laurels" Rutland Teams Challenge - (£40 per 4 person Team) Course of fire will be a 2+10 @ 500 yards followed by 2+15's @ 600 yards (x2) Minimum Round Count per shooter = 46 (excluding Blow Offs) Competitors using Rifles and Ammo above 4500 Joules will need to do a HME test at 200 yards and all competitions will be shot on official targets appropriate to your class of entry. I have attached a shooter brief covering all the fine details and entry forms for both competitions. Entry forms will also be on the official 101 Rifle Club website soon including a list of local accommodation for those that need it. If you need any further information don't hesitate to make contact either by Email:- richsjones@hotmail.co.uk or Mobile:- 07970 060037. Look forward to shooting with you all soon, Richie (101RC Captain) 2016 ADC + LRTC ENTRY FORM.pdf
  9. I have my old trusty rusty SBS "Spanish Astra" 32" barrel Full and 3/4 chokes..Had it 18yrs and cost my Dad £80 back in the day. It's been run over, dropped in several ditches including one river,seen daily use in the worst of conditions and spent most of its life caked in mud and wheat. Never and I mean Never has it jammed, not ejected or had to be looked at by a gunsmith. Its accounted for more game and vermin than I care to remember and still to this day from a choice of several others higher value (AYA No2,W&S and BSA) shotguns in my cabinet wins hands down every time. Couldn't speak more highly of this true bargin basement work horse. I have looked after it with regular cleans but if you seen it, it's obvious it's had a hard life ha ha. A true keepers gun.. See them pop up in my local gun shop every now and again and there still under a ton and I'd imagine dismissed.


    Cheers John - We're all glad you enjoyed yourself. I was going to say I'll probably see you at Diggle for the last 1000 on the 29th Nov but then remembered it's my wedding anniversary so I best swerve it in order to keep the peace. I will be there on the 12th Dec though so will hopefully catch everyone then.


    PS - I'm sorting all the scores on the doors now. I'll try and post them but have struggled uploading them in the past for some reason so will forward them on by email including a PDF. If someone can then upload them onto here that would be great..Cheers Richie


    I want to thank everyone who took the time out to come and compete at Altcar over the weekend. You really have done me proud. Credit to everyone for persevering in some seriously crapy weather conditions. Like with all these shooting events, they take lot of planning and all the 101 came together and put in there all and that's all you can ask so I hope you can all take something away from it and enjoyed yourselves. It's a learning curve and we already want to come back bigger and better next year and have plans in motion. I want to apologise to the few that were effected in the first match by the stoppage. It wasn't ideal but our start times and stoppage times were governed by Range Control (For good reasons) and maybe on a dryer day we would of got through everyone quicker as our markers did struggle spotting the smaller Open calibers on wet targets. Which now brings me onto our markers. They done a fantastic job considering the conditions and inexperience most of them have so thankyou for being patient with them. I want to congratulate all those who come away with the awards (Laurie I'll make sure your Trophie finds it new home) and I really hope we can get you all back to Altcar and the home of the 101RC next year. The season isn't over yet and no doubt I'll see some of you at Diggle, but for those who I don't, I wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year. Richie


    Hi All, Competition D-Day is fast approaching and fine weather has been booked for the full weekend so alls good on that front. I'll route out a few of you at Bisley over the weekend as I still need a couple of competitors full names, addresses and vehicle Reg in order for you to gain access onto Altcar Ranges. For those who aren't at Bisley and haven't done so yet, can you please forward these to me asap and can I remind you all to bring a form of ID with you as you will be challenged at the entrance on both days. Competitor stats so far:- 63 Entries - Saturday. 14 Teams - Sundays. I like even numbers so I'm looking for an F/TR shooter to join the mix but mainly for one of the teams on Sunday. If you've interested please get in touch! Text 07970060037 / richsjones@hotmail.co.uk


    That would be Great Vince. Just keep me updated as soon as you have confirmed the Team status. Richie

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