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  1. Leave it long. You can always cut some off but going the other way? Not so much. Twenty two inches was optimal for my 17 Mach IV. Should be great for the 17 Hornet.~Andrew
  2. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    You and me both. And I had to pay delivery price in full a the time I ordered it! ~Andrew
  3. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    And it's now a month overdue with no reason given......~Andrew
  4. Andrew

    Depth of bullet inside the case

    A US Marine once told me "If it looks stupid, but it works, it ain't stupid." There is some wisdom there! That said, some of my most accurate cartridges have the bullet seated well into the case: 300 WM., 300AAC, and 6.5 Grendel have been the three rounds i have been shooting this month. All half MOA class with the bullets seated deep into the case.~Andrew
  5. Andrew

    Tikka 260 T3x odd groupings

    New rifle new shooting dynamics. I have a CZ 527 Grendel that I am finally coming to terms with, performance wise. It's taken me about a hundred rounds to really get to know how to shoot it for group. Off hand in the field, no problem. I've already taken deer with it, but squeezing the smallest grouping needed practice. ~Andrew
  6. Andrew

    Tikka 260 T3x odd groupings

    It looks like an inconsistent hold. Maybe you just need to get used to it more.~Andrew
  7. Andrew

    Primer seating tool

    I just bought a Forster priming tool two nights ago. Haven't tried it yet but it came highly recommended.~Andrew
  8. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    I had a 64MS model and sold it. It was accurate but not commensurate with the price tag. As to the delay, you might be right. I went into the city yesterday and stopped into the store I ordered the Tikka from. The gun department manager and I both had rifles on the same 'special order' sheet and he couldn't offer me any updates but said he would look into it. I already bought a Tikka case, the accessory stock attachments, and ordered a new suppressor.~Andrew
  9. Living in Montana has it's perks. This is one of a couple of informal ranges we have available that reach to 850 and beyond. The most challenging is a timbered canyon that has maddening wind shifts and eddies. Dependent on the time of year and foliage, there is better than a mile to be had but the bullet's path takes it past rock faces, over coolies (right angle ravines coming in from the canyon walls) and through stands of timber. All of which play hell with bullet. It's great shooting when you can decipher the conditions and find a path to the steel, but on other days the conditions are too wild. You really need to work at it. On one outing we had a very good west coast PRS shooter with us for some 850 yard plinking. About 3 minutes into firing a wind came up (with the accompanying dust and debris) that held a steady 27-34 mph. One fellow retired to the pickup truck, the PRS guy hung with us. Afterwards he described the conditions as "sporty". ~Andrew
  10. This is so true! Our Sunday afternoon long range group sets a steel target at 540 just to get a quick scope zero verification. The next target is 614 and then they space out to a tad short of a mile.~Andrew
  11. Andrew

    OCW method and seating depth

    I agree with the man's statement about seating depth. I load to recommended OAL for all loads.... the same way manufacturers load their match ammunition. ~Andrew
  12. Andrew

    Quickload check

    Reloading data is not an absolute. I have several cartridges that give "max" velocities with a mid range load. I also have some that struggle to hit predicted velocities. You'll get no confirmation from the internet. Consider yourself blessed and go shooting!~Andrew
  13. Andrew

    Quickload check

    What does Hodgdon say about expected velocities? The manufacturer's established data is always Quickload's recommended default. ~Andrew
  14. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    According to all the reviews, it does come with a standard, adult sized stock. I hunt with a T3 lite and when set up with identical glass and sling and weight of trigger pull, the T1X should provide some inexpensive practice. ~Andrew
  15. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    This more recent vid seems to indicate that the bottom plate from the T1X will transfer to other stocks? ~Andrew

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