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  1. Andrew


    Really, about any load from a reputable loading manual will be good in the triple deuce. It's hard to find an IN accurate load if they are well assembled. I have used IMR 4198, RL7, H4895 and many others. I had a friend who claimed that he had a huge quantity of surplus IMR4350 that he loaded in his deuce to win local 100 yard BR matches back in the early 60's.~Andrew
  2. Andrew

    interesting little problem

    I'm guessing the problem is the taper crimp when applied to that one lot of brass. Try a few rounds roll crimped and see if that helps. I generally only apply a taper crimp for light loads in my handgun cartridge weapons using it particularly for 38 Special target loads in handgun. For any loads that approach full power I use a roll crimp.~Andrew
  3. I was watching a fellow on YouTube who was also having his doubts about using the set trigger on his CZ 7.62x39. He fired like ammo types using the single set and the standard non-set trigger. The none set trigger delivered tighter groups across the board. This guy wasn't a world class shooter but his findings ran parallel to mine. I do not like single sets and prefer the non set triggers.~Andrew
  4. Andrew

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    The Sierra 100 grain are very accurate from my 6.5 Creedmoor. Sub 1/2 MOA.~Andrew
  5. Andrew

    300 Win Mag Reloading

    There is nothing wrong with your load (generally speaking) other than you used new Norma cases. New UPB cases will generally head space on the belt. On the next loading, size them to headspace on the shoulder. This is the way the US Army rifle team produced their handloads for the 300WM. Seating to Hornady's recommended length is fine and your accuracy will be much improved -provided the load is well balanced to begin with. I will be loading some of the new Nosler 210 grain RDF's this week to test in my 300WM and will seat them to Nosler's recommended OAL. Hopefully I will be able to get out to shoot them them at extended ranges shortly thereafter.~Andrew
  6. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    .... another promised delivery date has come and gone.~Andrew
  7. Andrew

    Twist rate

    This. I shoot prairiedogs on open, wind swept grounds and even a 4-5 mph breeze will need correction at 300. YOu just need to learn our load and how it performs in the wind. No 223-launched bullet will save you from being wind-blown at longer ranges. FWIW, i shot 50 and 55 grain bullets out to 350 for years from a 1-12" without difficulty. I still have a slow twist CZ but have otherwise gone to 1-10 and 1-8" twists -the latter seeming to be the standard for many factory rifles these days.~Andrew
  8. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    So you've said. I do too but as I have indicated, patience wears thin once the man has taken your money. Still, it will come when it comes and should I have wanted to back out of the deal, a number of people would have stepped right in and I would be at the back of the line.... again! I think i'd rather be at the front!~Andrew
  9. For what it's worth, the big shop in the City that I frequent has had a short string of Bergara 6.5's on their second hand rack. ( don't know the model, it has a Ruger Precision-like chassis) These are rifles that they have sold and have had returned. I do not know the reason but our gun club treasurer bought one some time back and it wouldn't group so he took it back to the shop and they said it was a "known problem" with the crown and replaced the rifle on the spot. Another curious thing is that their long range expert (ahem!) used to push a Bergara on every one who mentioned the word 'rifle'. Not so much anymore. I have read great things here about Bergaras but at the dealership I have seen some mediocre representative grouping (MOA with Hornady Match) and several returned rifles. It gives one the sense that these rifles may be a hit and miss affair. I have zero personal experience with them myself. ~Andrew
  10. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    Two previous arrival dates have come and gone so I'm taking this news with a pinch of salt. This does put the arrival closer to the vague "July" date that everyone else has been given so this might be the real arrival date. In any event, I'll post my results and hopefully, some groups.~Andrew
  11. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    An update of sorts. I went into the City to get some powder and the gun floor manager found me and told me that Beretta USA has guaranteed his and my T1X to be in the store within two weeks. I wanted to ask if he would give me a brick of Lapua 22LR Match for every day over two weeks that it was late but he seemed so genuinely excited that I didn't want to pee on his rose bed.~Andrew
  12. Yup. This speaks for me as well.~Andrew
  13. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

  14. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    I also have Anschutz. They are....pretty. I was at the SHOT show a few years back and asked the SAKO/Tikka folks how they determined which barrels went on SAKO and which went on Tikka rifles. The answer was that the barrels all come off the same production line no matter what. I don't recall shooting an inaccurate FinnFire. What I have found was that my Anschutz, when compared across a wide spectrum of munitions, were no more accurate than others shooting ammunition they like. If anything, they had better triggers and that was it. A friend just bought a $499 Ruger Precision 22LR and it is no less accurate than his 64 MS when fed ammo it likes. The T1X is a hunting rifle and despite the "Multi Purpose Rifle" designation, the MPR is a target rifle. When mine shows up I'll post some comparative groups**.~Andrew (**Between a M64 and the T1X)
  15. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    I had to pay for mine to get it ordered. I think just waiting for them to hit the shelves will have you waiting longer yet! The shop I ordered mine from (a Tikka dealer) said that the 10 rifles in each chambering they ordered are already sold and spoken for. I really have no problem waiting -look at the NET: No on has them yet on either side of the pond. What really bugs me is the lack of wherewithal exhibited by the dealer when they don't call (Beretta USA in my case) and get an update to pass on to a customer that has already paid in full, and whose rifle is now 6 weeks over due. The last time I talked to the gun department manager about my Tikka (and his because they were on the same Special Order Form last December) all I got was a lame smile and a shrug. "I don't know..." That gets me a little miffed. I don't' expect him to knit aT1X for me out of cobwebs but a more informed answer would have been a bit more respectful -especially in light of the fact that the shop has had my money for six months. Once you've handed over the cash and the deadline has come and gone, it is no longer simple 'impatience" on the part of the anxious buyer. I don't think that some form of explanation is unreasonable and the dealer who can't provide it is not looking out for the interests of the customer.~Andrew

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