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  1. reload costs

    Prices of components in the US continue to fall. ~Andrew
  2. I have brakes of this man's design on my Ruger Precision 308 and my Tikka CTR 6.5 Creedmoor. These rifles are virtually recoilless with no hop. Off a bipod, to boot. ~Andrew https://muzzlebrakesandmore.com/
  3. cz 527 COL

    All of this. I load to manufacturer's specified OAL. I measure the first two rounds out of the sizer and then stop measuring. I get half MOA from my little 223 carbine for 5 rounds. No fuss. No muss.~Andrew
  4. cz 527 COL

    I load to specified OAL so I won't be of any help..... Great rifle....~Andrew
  5. Scope for 7.62x39

    I have the classic 527 Carbine in 7.62x39 and while I use it mostly with iron sights, I have a vintage Weaver 2.5X I mount for load testing and hunting when I think I'll need it. It is short, bright, and seems to 'fit' the rifle. I also have the 2017 issue 527 7,62x39 that has the 16.5" barrel and is suppressor cut. On that I have a Zeiss 2-7X which seems to be about rightly proportioned with the suppressor mounted. The X39 in one of these CZ's is a highly underrated cartridge. Accuracy with either of my rifles is sub MOA with my handloads of Hornady 123 grain or Noslers of the same weight.~Andrew (Wolf Steel case, copper washed steel bullet ammo will shoot between 1 and 1.5 MOA.) (Ruger's new American Ranch Rifle in 7,62x39 is a seriously good shooter, too)
  6. I like this series by the NSSF with Cleckner on long range shooting. Pretty bare bones practical. I made my girl friend watch it when I gave her her .308.~Andrew
  7. BiPods

    I have a Harris on my 22WMR bolt action handgun but have six Atlas Bipods on various other rifles. I also like bags and will sometimes shoot over my pack, but carrying sandbags into the canyons for long range shooting is impractical. The Atlas bipods have served me well in that venue.~Andrew PS: I'm curious. Who is "we"?
  8. Nosler 6.5mm x 130 grain RDF?

    Yeah. Those are the two sources. I may order another 500 just for yucks. SPS gives me a discount.~Andrew
  9. Nosler 6.5mm x 130 grain RDF?

    Follow up: I have found at least one other retailer who had these bullets in stock by the 500 lot but has sold out of them already so I guess the question is answered. They are available but, puzzlingly enough, not listed on Nosler's web site. Nor in their load data. Nor anywhere else..... Weird. ~Andrew
  10. I was on the Nosler's outlet website last night and spotted a listing for these bullets. I thought it was a misprint, meaning 140 grain RDF, but they had a different SKU number than the 140 RDF. There is nothing on Nosler's website, and nothing I can find on the Internet. I know that this is along shot, but have any of the UKV members heard anything about these? SPS (Noslers outlet) sometimes sells prototype bullets but usually they list them as such. Not in this case. I ordered 1000 of them anyhow but I am really curious as to what will show up at my back door.~Andrew
  11. Hornady !

    I doubt you have anything to worry about. I have shot Hornady bullets for years and years and never measured an ogive, nor had any untoward pressure excursions. One of the things to realize about Hornady bullets is that they are not considered a premium bullet. Their Match bullets are the cheapest available in the US market -yet they shoot remarkably well. On the other end of the spectrum, their Varmint bullet are likewise priced yet shoot very well. In light of performance and economy delivered, I have a hard time looking for inadequacies. ~Andrew
  12. Hornady !

    So how do these awful Hornady bullets shoot??~Andrew
  13. I ultra sonic cases because I hate cleaning primer pockets. I have an industrial-grade US that will do several hundred cases at once leaving the pockets residue free.I agitate the cases in clean water to rinse, remove the excess water by shaking the cases in a large bag made from a bath towel, then lay them out in a 6 tier food dehydrator for an hour for final drying. Takes just over 2 hours start to finish. If primers left no residue I would simply wire wool the necks and be done. I'm not into 'shiny' cases. ~Andrew
  14. Stupid powder charge question

    It doesn't work that way. Change powders or email Alliant for advice. ~Andrew
  15. 6.5 Creedmoor

    I have read this one as well. That's why I don't fret over my 20" tube.~Andrew

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