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  1. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    Good to hear. I've only run into one person who has handled a T1X personally and they said exactly the same thing. ~Andrew
  2. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    It is certainly puzzling to me. I watched as many vids and adverts as i could find before I ordered my T1X and I know exactly what I'm getting. No illusions. My distant view of UK shooters on various forums is that they like assurances before they purchase. Not so for rifles? I know that you folks get the shaft when it comes to prices but aren't prices proportional to the item in question? Tikka gets another $150 -$200 for a walnut on their hunting rifles in my locale. Would that extra expense added make the T1X worth the cost in the UK? Make it not a 'cheap' rifle?? In the end, It is how it shoots that makes a rifle worth the money. Lord knows I remember the Kimber Super America .22 marketed in the early eighties. The most beautiful rifle I ever shot carrying a $1200 price tag. Unfortunately, it was also one of the most inaccurate 22's I have yet experienced. A $49 Chinese JW-15 Brno #2 copy embarassed it back to the seller. I still have that ugly JW-15.~Andrew
  3. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    I must agree. I have five T-3's with the synthetic stocks and they have been a rock. My two 223's and the 204 get used for prairiedogs and get banged about in the back of my Jeep. My 308 and 7mm-08 get used for big game hunting in some pretty rough terrain. Both have scratches and nicks but hold their zero year after year. Given the choice between hardwood or the Tikka synthetic I would choose the synthetic. That it makes the rifle less expensive is a plus to me.~Andrew
  4. I have a CTR in 6.5 CM. It has a 20 inch barrel. I shoot it at 1000 yards with no issues.~Andrew
  5. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    In the US the 452's cost about 25% more than the Tikka. I can't imagine what you guys were reading into the adverts or seeing in demo vids for the Tikka. They clearly showed that the T1X does not have the barrel contour of a CTR, or anything close to it. They also made it clear that the T1X has a light synthetic stock. That said, some of you are acting like you have been deceived. I will reserve judgement until my 22LR arrives ( yes, IF it EVERY arrives) but I expect that like the my T3's, it won't seem like much until I pull the trigger, at which time it will seem very good indeed. I've never shot an inaccurate Tikka and I expect the T1X to follow that trend. Just my best guess.~Andrew
  6. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    That's what I thought had happened. I was trying to be polite.~Andrew
  7. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    Did I miss something? Other than the interchangeable pistol grip and foreend, was there something else? Comb? I didn't read anything about the stock except this for this feature and compatibility with some T3 stocks. What was being hyped?~Andrew
  8. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    My T1X cost me $460 US. This is pretty inexpensive.I woudn't be expecting anything better than the stock on my T3's for that money. There seem to be a lot of contradictions when it comes to delivery time. The gun department manager at the store I ordered mine from said that at a corporate meeting discussing new products, a 22LR T1X was being handed around.~Andrew
  9. My Ross is in excellent shape with a deep "1917 " stamp in the buttstock, along with "Quebec". The fellow I bought it from said that is was sent to the US as a trainer. Mine also has the bayonet and like yours, is missing the scabbard. IT also has a sling. The pristine bore on this 1910 prompted me to shoot well-fit cast bullets in it and in that capacity it shoots extremely well. I never noticed any wandering of the rear sight but with that coarse worm thread it wouldn't surprise me. I need to get into the back of the gun room and pull that Ross up for a second visit. It really was a pleasure to shoot.~Andrew
  10. I'd forgotten about the Ross. I have a 1910 that is in fine shape but I have only shot cast bullets through it. Accuracy was superb and the sights are quite good. Deep Pockets, indeed. That folding sight for the LLE you mentioned? I just saw one for $550 US. Gone are the days when you could buy such items for the cost of lunch.~Andrew
  11. I don't know. I spent a stupid amount of money for a vintage target sight for a Lee Metford so it can't just be a 60's onward thing? I also have target sights for the No1 MkIII and No 4's as well.~Andrew
  12. My 1948 Springfield Model 1903-A3 National Match has the purely American Lyman Model 48 Long Slide rear sight and matching globe front with interchangeable front inserts. THis is the correct sight for this kind of rifle. I'm thinking that the type of target rifle you choose to build will dictate the 'correct' sight.~Andrew
  13. Andrew

    Rifle for offhand shooting

    I shoot the majority of my off hand with a Tikka T3 Lite in 308. The reasoning is that I hunt with an identical T3 except in 7mm-08. (Identical glass, trigger pull and sling) The 308 is simply cheaper to shoot. That said, my favorite off hand rifle out to 300 yards is, of all things, a CZ 527 Suppressor-cut carbine in 7.62x39. It's a factory 16.5" rifle that I restocked with a m527 Varmint walnut stock. With my 9" suppressor in place it points like a dream. The trigger is excellent and handloading for the thing is economical and rewarding. It is very accurate. In the end, it's not the rifle but how much you enjoy shooting it that keeps you out there, and the more you shoot, the better you get.~Andrew
  14. I agree. The 175 grain route is the best. I shoot 168's at 1000 but I live at 3500 ft above sea level so they usually work. I am switching to 175 grain Nosler RDF.~Andrew
  15. Andrew

    Howa 6.5 grendel

    I don't know if you can still get H335 but I tried some comparing it to Accurate 2520 which is a highly rated Grendel fuel around here. My speeds with a 120 grain Pro Hunter averaged 2554 fps and the SD was around 10 from some brass that should have been annealed on the previous go-round. I still have another grain and a half left before MAX and I might push that way as the cases were easily extracted and looked good. This CZ Grendel of mine shoots better the hotter I push it.~Andrew

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