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  1. Andrew

    Flash Hole Deburr Recommendation

    I have used the Lyman for some time. The trick is to debur after you resize and trim the cases, and before chamfering. I never have any problems.~Andrew
  2. Good eyes. I missed that.~Andrew
  3. Andrew

    6.5 Creedmoor AR10 target load

    Not competitive? Seriously? What is your target at 1000?? ~Andrew
  4. The people who think it not safe to fire think that drilled and tapped receivers on their hunting rifles are unsafe?? Nonsense. Shoot it.~Andrew
  5. My meaning was that a pin might have been drilled out and the rifle rebarreled. Again, I'm probably off base. I have no idea what that hole might be tho I haven't gone as far as to dig through my gun room for my MkII's. I'm sure I would have noticed the placement of the hole. Car hair. I get those! ~Andrew
  6. Something was mounted there once, or ground off. Was that rifle rebarreled before you got it? I know that Pattern 14 drill rifles had a pin placed through the barrel at the chamber and welded in. Perhaps in an earlier life this rifle had the chamber pinned in a like manner for some reason and later drilled out? More interesting/concerning is the fissure on the feed ramp. It's hard to tell if that is a crack or a metallurgical flaw.~Andrew Addendum: I just had a look at some of my reference books and drill rifles were usually pinned through the chamber but, there seemed to be a tendency to do what was easiest to de-mil the weapon: including making saw cuts through the receiver. So I am probably wrong, but there might still be a chance that it was d-milled at one point.
  7. Andrew

    6.5CM Necksizing Problems

    Fl resizing.~Andrew
  8. Andrew

    New 223 lapua brass

    I always FL resize new brass so that my second loading results are as near to the first as possible. I trim to a uniform length as well. You can uniform the primer pockets, et al, but consider the rifle they are being fired in (stock or custom chamber) and the use. I shoot pint sized prairiedogs out to 400 yards with my .223 and never uniform necks or primer pockets. Were I shooting some kind of precision event, I might. It depends on how well the rifle was shooting. I certainly wouldn't do it preemptively.~Andrew
  9. Andrew

    .22LR Dilemma

    Threads never wrap up. They just dangle til someone pulls on it!~Andrew
  10. Andrew

    .22LR Dilemma

    In the "for what it's worth" department, I shot the new Tikka T1X and it was every bit as accurate as my first -and that is saying a lot. This is the third T1X I have shot (2 my own, and one a friends) and the accuracy has been consistent across the board. ~Andrew
  11. If you do use the batteries, remove and reinstall as needed. I have been using the same set of six since I bought the unit but I am careful; to shut it down when I'm in for an extended break in shooting, and I pull the batteries after use.~Andrew And good quality batteries are worth the extra $$
  12. Andrew

    .22LR Dilemma

    Tikka T1X. Not expensive and superb trigger. Drops into (most) T3 stocks. Accurate as hell. I think i posted some 100 yard targets here someplace.~Andrew (That evening: I bought a 2nd T1X today so I could have one rifle with a dedicated target set up and one for hunting. Put a 20 MOA rail on the receiver and will probably use this set up on our long range .22 shoots.)
  13. Andrew

    Finding the lands

    Or ....you get the same results as expensive Match ammunition. It depends on how you handle the rest of the operation.~Andrew
  14. Andrew

    Finding the lands

    Or you can ignore the lands and seat to the recommended OAL.~Andrew

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