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  1. Andrew

    .22LR Dilemma

    In the "for what it's worth" department, I shot the new Tikka T1X and it was every bit as accurate as my first -and that is saying a lot. This is the third T1X I have shot (2 my own, and one a friends) and the accuracy has been consistent across the board. ~Andrew
  2. If you do use the batteries, remove and reinstall as needed. I have been using the same set of six since I bought the unit but I am careful; to shut it down when I'm in for an extended break in shooting, and I pull the batteries after use.~Andrew And good quality batteries are worth the extra $$
  3. Andrew

    .22LR Dilemma

    Tikka T1X. Not expensive and superb trigger. Drops into (most) T3 stocks. Accurate as hell. I think i posted some 100 yard targets here someplace.~Andrew (That evening: I bought a 2nd T1X today so I could have one rifle with a dedicated target set up and one for hunting. Put a 20 MOA rail on the receiver and will probably use this set up on our long range .22 shoots.)
  4. Andrew

    Finding the lands

    Or ....you get the same results as expensive Match ammunition. It depends on how you handle the rest of the operation.~Andrew
  5. Andrew

    Finding the lands

    Or you can ignore the lands and seat to the recommended OAL.~Andrew
  6. Andrew


    Describe "terrible". I have a T-3 Lite 8" twist and it is very tolerant of about any load I put through it. Half to 5/8" most of the time, usually running on the smaller side of that range. The difference is that I load to recommended length in Small Base Full Length resized brass and I (gasp!) crimp. I do this with all makes, weights and styles of bullet and I have not gotten inaccurate loads for any of my 223/5.56 rifles or pistols. ~Andrew
  7. Considering the way the Magneto speed mounts, I'd try to come up with a slave stock with a cut back foreend. ~Andrew
  8. Andrew

    Forster Bench Priming Tool

    My tool is mounted so the paperclip works. My complaint was , "Really?? For the money I paid you couldn't INCLUDE a paperclip??? Sheesh!" ~Andrew
  9. Andrew

    Forster Bench Priming Tool

    Order the primer feeding tray as well. Makes loading the tubes much easier. Also be aware that the LG primer tube holds an odd number of primers; 44 if I remember correctly. I ordered extra tubes. Otherwise, mine works well and I like it.~Andrew
  10. Andrew

    Sierra 130TMK 6.5 accuracy

    I have not used the Sierra 130's but after my experiences with the Nosler RDF and others in this weight, I'm certain that you will have good results. I work specifically with recommended OAL in my loads and have had no problem (That I can't attribute to me!) spanking MOA targets to 1100 yards.~Andrew
  11. Andrew

    17 HMR - has it a niche ?

    I own four HMR's and haven't fired any of them in almost 8 years. I have owned 17 MACH IV (what Remington stole the Fire Ball from) and the 17 Ackley Hornet and the 17 Remington. I would get the Hornet. A friend of mine has the 17 H CZ American and loves it to death. I've seen him smack prairiedogs out to 300 yards.~Andrew
  12. Andrew

    Hornady ELD variability

    ....And successful competitive shooters are successful because they can shoot -not because they weigh bullets. ~Andrew
  13. Andrew

    Hornady ELD variability

    When anyone tells me they weigh bullets and find a variation that makes them leery(often accompanied with the grudging admission that they shot fine, despite these variances)I ask them if they uniform primer pockets, or weigh brass. Are they certain that the neck tension from case to case is the same?? Lastly, I ask if they are skilled enough to be able to tell the difference on paper/steel at long range. ~Andrew
  14. Andrew

    Tikka CTR - Super Varmint

    I'll try not to let my RPR 308 become privy to this talk about an 800 yard limitation. It might get lazy.~Andrew

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