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  1. Is a 30-06 AI basically the original 300PRC, before Hornady threw some of their marketing budget at it?
  2. Hi Guys,I have a mint Pulsar Trail XP50 thermal riflescope for sale.Genuine reason for sale.I've been advised that £2,600 inc. P&P is a fair price for a private sale. Mainland UK only thanks!
  3. Hi Guys, I have a brand new pair of SIG Sauer Kilo 3000BDX laser range finding binoculars, with the original factory seal still intact, for sale. They've got the Applied Ballistics solver built in to them, and the smartphone app is super-intuitive to use. Being BDx, you can pair them with a SIG Sauer BDX scope or a Kestrel 5700 Elite with Link, for live weather/wind direction updates. Very capable and accurate ballistics solutions, displayed directly in the RHS barrel. These are £1,295 new, and I'm asking for £1,100 inc. P&P which
  4. Hi Guys,I’m looking to change some stuff around…I have a mint Schmidt & Bender PM II 5x25x56 CCW DT FFP-1/4MOA P4FL riflescope, and I’m considering swapping it for:• Straight swap for a mint Swarovski X5i 5-25x56 (1/8MOA Plex reticle preferred)• Swap with cash my way for a mint Vortex Razor Gen. 2 4.5-27x56 (EBR-2C/EBR-7C reticle in MOA or MRAD)If you have any of these scopes, and you fancy the chance of owning THE proven precision riflescope against which all others are measured, then PM me with photos and I will reciprocate?My PM II has had a very easy life and has be mounted in a Spuhr
  5. How did you get the vertical adjustment in the butt pad, like that?
  6. My mate was working in a studio, when the conversation turned to Terence Trent D'arby. He was shocked to learn that none of the 'young guns' knew who Terence Trent D'arby was - in fact one of the junior designers thought he was talking about a horse race!
  7. I’ve come to my senses and I’m withdrawing these scopes from sale.
  8. Hi Guys, I have two Schmidt & Bender 5-25x PM II rifle scopes with the much sought after CCW turrets and the P4FL FFP reticles. These scopes both have MOA adjustments and DT turrets. Both scopes are in excellent used condition, with perfect glass. I am extremely reluctant to part with either of these scopes, they took many years to source, but a genuine reason forces sale. I have owned all the 'PM II killers' including Kahles, Nightforce etc. and nothing comes close to the PM II in terms of controlling Chromatic Aberration – including Swarovski glass. One look and it'll
  9. Hi Guys, On Monday I will be receiving a brand new, still sealed in the factory cellophane, replacement pair of KILO 3000BDX binoculars from SIG's distributor in the UK. These binoculars are a warranty replacement from SIG. Genuine reason for sale. I will only be opening them to check that the contents are undamaged. £1,300 posted to Mainland UK. No offers please, these are £1,475 new (if you can find them in stock), and like I say, the pair I am selling are in fact new.
  10. Hi Guys, how are you finding RS powders in terms of lot-to-lot consistency? In particular RS62? The RS Website states ±12m/s between lots = ±39.6fps (or potentially a 79.2fps ES).
  11. Hi Guys, Are Tikka T3x rifles pro to rusting? My one is an absolute nightmare. Took it out for an afternoon session in 30deg heat. It got put back in a dry gun bag, drove home (45mins), took it out, orange all over it. The metalwork has looked dark brown from when I bought it new. Never had this problem with any other rifle that I’ve owned. Is Cerakoting the answer?
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