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What do people use to 'free-up' the lock rings on Redding dies to make them rotate smoothly?.. Mine keep 'binding' like f#** to the point I dread when I have to adjust them. This is a nightmare when trying to set them to 1/1000" ..The threads are clean on both the rings and the dies. Tried using a spot of lithium grease and this did not solve the 'binding'..

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Yeah I got the Forster rings on a different cartridge and they thread faultlessly. Seems a bit of a rip-off that Redding can't offer the same...just thought there might be a fix for the Redding's.. Cheers 

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Tech Line & Tips (FAQs)

Redding Die Lock Rings

Steel Strength Buffered for Thread Protection

There have been some concerned comments on chat boards as well as customer comment sections regarding an un-based fear that the Steel Set Screw in a Redding Lock ring can damage the threads of the die.

Please be advised, that in all Redding dies shipped from the factory the lock ring has a piece of Bismuth captured behind the set screw which engages the die threads as the set screw is turned in. This is more costly but far more effective than a simple brass screw, which can be easily stripped and therefore made unusable. Redding uses steel on steel for strength but places a piece of lead between the set screw and the die threads as a buffer to protect the threads from damage and provide a secure lock-up.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our tech line (607) 753-3331


is the little bit of soft metal still there if so don’t over tighten. If it’s gone your tightened down directly on the threads and it’s going to cause problems. 
I found a tiny bit of brass on the gun room floor , took me ages to work out that it came from my rcbs trimmer and by then I’d damaged the threads . Cleaned up the threads with a Swiss file , greased and put the brass pad back in. All ok now 

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Thanks for the advice guys

Richiww, I saw that on their website too  - If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our tech line (607) 753-3331 .... - I don't have any questions per-se for Redding Tech, but I do have a comment - "go back to the drawing-board, it does not work in the way that it should, end-of, and absolutely nothing will convince me otherwise.

They should come with a warning akin to, 'buyer beware, the lock rings supplied with this die are for aesthetic purposes only - in the unlikely event the lock-ring will glide smoothly across the threads count yourself as one fortunate son-of-a-bitch."

The two lock-rings I had were not fit for purpose and I'm surpsrised because they're not the cheapest of dies - should have done my research because now, after the 'barn-door-has-been-closed', I note many other people had issues with these things - should have stuck with Forster in the first place

Just had a test of the RCBS lock rings and they work a treat!

The Redding 'ring's are now on our curtain rail

Thanks for the input all 👍



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Never had a problem with rings, I use a tip (I forget where from) to use a piece of lead solder as a buffer between the set screw and die thread.  Works a treat

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My redding dies sit in the bottom of the drawer only to be used when the Forster one started to put a bad ring on the ogive of 155 eldms in 308 . Had to give the Forster a good clean and lube the internal s a bit but now all ok again . I’m only loading for 223/308 so there’s the main set of Forster and a couple of hornady dies that get regular use and the L E WILSON mandrel s . 

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I guess this is what seems to be a manufacturing anomaly and reading (in hindsight) the many user experiences I'm not the only one who's displeased. What is disappointing is Redding don't view this as a fault, but place the onus on the end user thereby implying it's not being installed/used correctly. I think Redding should consider addressing this issue because after all, the consumer is not lying and is not paying peanuts for these tools. 

'Once-bitten-twice-shy'....won't be buying anything Redding again simply because I'll never know if it'll work until I try it?...I dont buy a car and wonder if I'm going to be able to drive it - same principle applies 

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