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.308 bullet of choice


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I’m not especially experienced with longer range .308 shooting but by all accounts heavier but slower will buck the wind better. I’m getting a 175gr TMK up to 2,670fps. Need to chrono my CFE223 loads but hoping it to be fairly similar. 

Alliant Power Pro 2000MR is supposedly very good for .308 but there’s not much of it in the UK yet.

What twist rate is your barrel?

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2 hours ago, Jeffo1960 said:

What is your opinions of the best 1000 yard bullet for the above, Berger 155.5, Berger 185 juggernauts,or any other suggestions.

I have a 24" 1:11 barrel.   I use 185 Jugs at 1000yds,  very good indeed.  I can't stabilise anything heavier than 185.

I find 155 Lapua Scenars are excellent out to 600 but from then on the heavier and more aerodynamic Berger 185 has the legs.  

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Another user of the 185 juggernaut very good at 1000 from my 1:12” accuracy international. Also had good results with the 175 Berger longrange boat tail both around the 44.5 grain mark with N150 or N550 . The 155.5 Berger with 42.5 grains of N135 works great for 300 yards club comps . Slow and steady is definitely the best way forward 2600+ FPS  2.9” ish coal . 

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1 hour ago, Jeffo1960 said:

This is one of the reasons for asking the questions as getting a semi custom built soon, was hoping to get it done before Christmas, but will be in the new year now. Thanks 


What twist rate are you going for? I’d suggest a 1:11; I don’t think my 1:12 will work well with anything heavier than a 175gr bullet. 

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On 9/29/2021 at 11:22 PM, Jeffo1960 said:

Anyone got a couple of Berger 185 Juggernauts to spare as the gunsmith wants a couple, but Can't get any at the mo, that's 1 of the things holding the build back 

I got a few left so happy to spare a couple if you need them. 

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