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Deviant Elite

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January is usually a quieter month. Never had one as busy as this year, absolutely mental.

3 different guns being finished for the purpose of PRL.

This is about as "purpose built" as it gets.


The action is a Defiance Deviant Elite. Chosen for some of its not immediately apparent qualities.


Its a controlled round feed action, which is a failsafe way of loading[ and not jamming ] a rifle, but it also has a coned breech face/bolt head.

That ensure a round can be thrown in the breech, and the bolt slammed shut....every time.

Pretty vital on a PRL gun. Everyone carries a 2 round holder on the side of their rifles, and you usually need it at some point in the day.

The case it ejected at the speed you choose, by a mechanical sprung ejector, in the rear of the action. Work the bolt hard, they go into the next field. Or do it slowly, and just tip them out the side.


This is also why the bolt is unfluted.

The action is DLC coated, and as slick as a greased weasel.

The recoil lug is fixed mid way down the action to give rem footprint. It does however have an absolutely huge tenon length of 1.8" ! That is always going to give a very rigid set up, especially with a monster barrel like this one.


The barrel itself, is a Bartlien heavy varmint, at 24" of bore. Cerakoted satin black to match the action, and muzzle threaded M18 x 1 and invisible capped. It also has a self indexing 3 port brake.


Trigger is a 2 stage, straight bladed Timney Calvin Elite.

Onto the stock. This is the MDT ACC stock, again, basically designed for PRL.

It has a full length ARCA rail, and also a barricade stop at the front of the mag well.

It also has the facility to add weights all the way down the fore end to get balance where needed, or to take the gun up to maximum wight, which is what the new owner intends to do.

The calibre is 6XC and will be pretty much free recoiling with a weight of around 26lb when all kitted up, and the brake.

All designed to give a first round, if missed, spottable at range , by the shooter.

A very purposeful gun, this. It is one of them, that just instantly feels "right" and i suspect, will be a real hammer.

Definitely one of the guns/shooters to watch next season.


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Cant remember Dave, but it came from Paddy, as did the action, and thanks to him.😊

Well designed, follows the usual port layouts, but has the active baffle gas divergers as my own brakes do.

The nut is clever, its on a left hand thread so doesn't come undone.

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The customer sent some very nice pics through.






Last pic is of initial group during breaking in. I don't think its going to need much in the way of load development.

Having seen video of it being fired, i can confirm, it has the recoil, of a rimfire.

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