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  1. No upset at all buddy, just keeping you right. (I'm not a moderator BTW, I just enjoy the forum and gets lots of info from it. As I said welcome to the forum, losts of very helpful folks on here with tons of info. Enjoy. Regards. JP.
  2. You will need to fill in your info though. read the pinned first post from the mods. 👍
  3. Seems a bit harsh?? Welcome to this forum. Regards. JP.
  4. BH, apologies I typed a reply yesterday but didn't hit the submit tab. Doh. I thought the PM was one of the more expensive ones. I'm awaiting the arrival of a culver PM bought a few days ago on here. Good luck with your sale. JP.
  5. johnnyb0_1

    Leather knife sheath

    A number would be appreciated if you wouldn't mind. Thank you. JP.
  6. johnnyb0_1

    Leather knife sheath

    Anyone on the forum know of someone who can make a custom leather knife sheath? Cheers. JP.
  7. Interested. Can you give me the model please? You cannot receive PM's. Cheers. JP.
  8. Morne, why don't you post a video of the RAT in action. Either here or Youtube, If I can see it working I would be up for one. Cheers. J.
  9. I think your message box is full mate? First dibs please, I'll send you a message later. Cheers. JP.
  10. Neck or full length sizer? Cheers. JP.
  11. johnnyb0_1


    Dave, I hate you. I really hate you. You roll out the Rolls Royce of ARs, then tell us we can’t have one. That’s just torture. LOL. Beautiful piece of work. Well done my friend. BTW will be ordering my 6mm CM barrel for my AX when the local police Firearms dept. Get their act together. Which is an unknown. I won’t hold my breath though. It will happen though. Keep up your good work, you and yours stay safe and take care. JP
  12. Spoke to Dave at the shooting show in Feb. I was asking the same question. He told me he can do it without you sending him your rifle as he has a couple of slave AI actions. I have had Dave build custom guns and re-barrel others, the quality of his work is second to none. I would heartily recommend to talk to him. You will not be disappointed. Cheers. JP.
  13. johnnyb0_1

    Hoptic Quiver

    I ordered direct from Hoptic, ( Quiver and pic level). Posted no problem, although that was about 2 years ago. Cheers. JP.
  14. Baldie is quite correct, Ase do this tread. I have one fitted to my SGC. Cheers. JP.

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