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  1. If its still for sale in a few weeks time we will be having a conversation about it.
  2. Shendy

    1967spud World Headquarters is go go go

    Hell no means i couldnt pick my bits up..
  3. There is always more to every story.
  4. Shendy


    Have a look at my atlas next Saturday.
  5. Yes but for some reason i cant up load them on to here. might be the site is too advanced for me IT level.
  6. I believe so the last one went over some area that maybe the land owner wasn't aware of, or thats how ive been informed. Correctly or incorrectly
  7. Nighforce NXS 8x32x56 SFPMOAR-T Ret illuminatedComes with sun shade and a set of steel mounts i believe they are medium mounts.Brilliant scope only selling as in going over to FFP scope.Only issue is the sticker on the top has faded slightly (see pic)£1050 Plus P&P
  8. Momo pod to fit AICS with bolt.£75 plus P&p
  9. Shendy

    Deviant Elite

    Ive tried to order and sent them a message still waiting on a response 2 weeks later
  10. i believe there is a hell of alot more to it.

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