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  1. There is a UK made alternative available now. https://www.pr-s.co.uk/quivers-and-bolt-knobs-1
  2. Charlts

    zeroing a mil/mil scope

    I'd rather be 5mm left or 5mm high if I had to settle for it. Mostly I'd love to be able to be able to shoot well enough to spot that kind of error consistently.
  3. Thanks for sharing the pics Mr Duston, great to know these things.
  4. What’s the issue with fitting it in the coax press out of interest?
  5. I like the GRS stocks, one of my Creedmoors is in a Hybrid stock which has done everything from stalking to banging steels exceptionally well. I’ll probably end up letting it go soon as it doesn’t fit with the direction my shooting is going in these days.
  6. I’d seriously look into the new Sig Sauer Tango4 scopes, the 6-25x50 with the Dev-L ret is awesome. It’s got great glass, awesome zero stop built in, tracks wonderfully and is generally a delight to use.
  7. Yes please, PM inbound.
  8. Charlts

    Nosler Varmageddon

    Love them! Use them in 204, 223, 243, 308 and 300AAC to great effect.
  9. Charlts

    Semi Custom 22lr

    I know that MDT are working on it, so it's just a case of being patient. The factory stock is really well designed though which helps. I'd like to get a Laminate one, bed it, fill it with lead, attach an ARCA Rail and have an adjustable cheek piece to be honest.
  10. Charlts

    Semi Custom 22lr

    I love a tricked up 22lr for practicing with! My Lithgow LA101 - Stock filled with lead shot and resin to increase weight, full length ARCA rail on fore end. 30 MOA Brittania rail, Sig Tango4 6-24, Dev-L Mil scope. MDT Cyke Pod. It's a super accurate rifle and with the canted rail dialling out to 300+ yards is a doddle, just waiting on MDT to make up a chassis for it and it'll be golden!
  11. Charlts

    Picatinny to tripod adapter

    A universal ARCA rail from MDT would be my choice that way you could utilise some of the existing threaded holes in the Bolthorn chassis.
  12. Charlts


    Colin I’ll have a couple of Cyke pods and Atlas bipods with me on Saturday, you’re always welcome to get behind whatever I’ve got with me.
  13. I’ve been using mine since May, they’ve been superb at everything be it stalking, varminting, glassing or shooting PRL. As binos they’re up there and as a range finder I’ve not found anything to touch them, plus the added benefit of ballistics capabilities is very useful.
  14. Charlts

    Deviant Elite

    It’s a stunner Dave, having shot it there’s zero recoil and it’s more accurate than it looks! Great job mucker.
  15. Charlts

    Picatinny to tripod adapter

    Put an ARCA rail on the underside of your stock.

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