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Please post your experiences here, good or bad.


Please no libelous stuff, just honest opinions and feedback to assist others when they're out shopping or trawling the "tinterweb"



Starting with the UK



Reloading Solutions


has to be possibly THE place to source everything you need in the UK, good people, knowledgable and Afthab (the owner) is absolutely mad keen..


5 star service





Tim Hannams


I use it for bulk buys, never had a bad experience, but I pre order and collect on appointment.





South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies



Family business run by one of the nicest guys in the industry and backed up with our very own Baldie :D , excellent service, freindly and have a large stocklist for those "hard to get parts" Plus and this is a BIG plus for me, they market their OWN bottom metal for Rems and are the UK importers of Surgeon Actions - need I say more.




Jackson Rifles


Again, a top class service - its only trade, but for those with accounts, Peter offers prompt, friendly service and carries a large stock list.


If you need technical advice, Peter is a qualified engineer and has a vast amount of experience in the firearms industry, happy to say I own a rifle he built for me many years ago and its possibly one of the most accurate guns I own.

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North West Custom Parts


10/22 specialists. Have loads of after market solutions to tricking up your 10/22. Also Duracoat finishes by the bucket full.

Wayne is a decent guy who will spend time trying to help and advise. Check out their first class blueing work.


Mike Norris at Brock & Norris from Kynnersley near Telford is a very knowledgeable rifle smith.

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Spot on guy very helpful with sensible prices and is in touch with the real world.


Would definetly buy from him again, had a problem with a shot gun I bought from him 2nd hand and he got it sorted no problem whatsoever.

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Firms its always a pleasure to deal with, because their service to the trade is always rapid.

Peter jackson.

Julian Savoury [pes mods]

That shagwit in huddersfield....Jaeger sporting arms. :D

Midway UK are pretty good with us.

Border barrels, Les is a smashing fella, and ALWAYS helps.

Graham at sporting services, another gent.

Good old Brian Fox.


I would not hesitate to recommend any of these people, though not all supply retail.

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Companies that I have used and wouldn't hesitate to use again and recommend:


Reloading Solutions, need little introduction.

South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies, need I say more!

Steve Beatty at Ivythorn Sporting in Somerset, great customer service and back up, a pleasure to deal with.

Chris Potter Fieldsports in Tunbridge Wells Kent, bought and sold a few rifles over the years here. Great all round gunshop and friendly staff.

Eastern Sporting in Essex, whilst rifles aren't his speciality, Alan will bend over backwards to help you out, great prices and customer service.

Roding Armoury, Essex good source of bullets and powders.


Also Midway UK, never had a problem with them personally, Riflecraft,

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A big thumbs up for Brian Fox a superb guy to deal with, polite very helpful and very competitive on price.

He put himself out for me and sorted out importing my Kelbly after Litts went through. He also did it cheaper than the price I was quoted, so not only did he get me my rifle which I thought I would never see he saved me some cash as well.

Top bloke.


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Norman Clark I have had nothing but a first class service from them, along with Reloading Solutions and Sinclair International


Roger at SYSS has been very helpful (apparently that Dave guy knows what he's talking about as well :D) as does Brian at Fox Firearms. James from Jaeger Sporting Arms has always been exemplary to deal with.


Those from abroad that have always answered my emails quick time and been helpful above and beyond the call are Surgeon Rifles, McMillanand Bartlein Barrels.

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Spot on guy very helpful with sensible prices and is in touch with the real world.


Would definetly buy from him again, had a problem with a shot gun I bought from him 2nd hand and he got it sorted no problem whatsoever.


I'll second Eldon on this, i get all my stuff here, very good prices and as you say, stoobs a top fella to deal with! In an area where reloading your own bullets is like voodoo magic to the locals he is a legend for being able to get me the stuff im after!

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Speaking purely from experience.... Please bare in mind that i'm related to Victor meldrew. I'm very hard to please.. :ph34r:


Reloading solutions Rarely seem to have what i want in stock. Talking basics here like Hodgdon powders and common brand bullets in common calibers, weights etc. Good prices, lovely shop, very freindly folk but it takes them too long to replace sold stock. To be fair, maybe it takes a long time to restock from the importers ? I accept that... So stock more of the common stuff so you dont sell out before the next delivery....


Midway Uk Friendly outlet where almost anything is available...... At a price. Postage charges seem hefty compared to competitors too.


Norman Clarke Component prices fair with fair postal costs too..


Fenland Rural Fair pricing and very helpful..

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Guest Kenneth

Metal and wood work.


Steve Kershaw

Lew Potter

Russ Gall

Callam Ferguson

Andrew Evans-Hendricks

Pete Lincoln

Brian Fox




Tim Hannams

Rodding Armoury



Reloading Solutions

Optics Warehouse UK

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Mike Norris (Brock and Norris) excellent for anything rifle related and most things reloading wise


Dasherman - excellent riflesmith


Both genuine nice blokes who know there stuff.


Midway UK for bulk buying most things so postage works out cheap


Sandwell Fieldsports - friendly, helpful and always have the kettle on!!


JF Neville. Good shop, helpful staff


based on my experiences

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Having used these people I feel I can recommend them:


Reloading Solutions, always end up in there to long talking to Aftab very knowledgeable and genuine guy. Very good at sourcing things, can take a while but they do get their in the end.


Midway UK, good for bulk buying, they seem to be able to get hold of the unusual stuff easily and there prices are pretty competitive.


Adenbourne my local and an excellent gunshop with plenty of guns in stock and a knowlegeable if a little grumpy bunch of guys who work there lol. They also make an excellent cup of coffee.


Lastly but far from leaste Neil Mckillop, his workmanship is superb and a nice guy who is very clued up on all things shooting. You will get nothing but sound advice from this man. Very competitive pricing and delivers on time.

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I have never had anything other then a first class service and very good deals from Rugby Gunshop and Northampton Gun Company in the 25 years i have been shopping there.

I have been buying my reloading stuff from Norman, again excellent service, they always have what i need.

First class mail order service from Brownells and Sinclair even though they are international, oh and not forgetting PacNor, top prople.



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  • 9 months later...

Ryton Arms in Thetford

They mainly sell deacs but if your after k98's, Mosin Nagants and such they will sell them on prior to deactivation and you will struggle to beat them on price. Very helpful and friendly people and if you go there to pick stuff up then you have to have a look round their workshop as it is literally floor to ceiling in guns from MG42's down to skorpion smg's- without a doubt the coolest room of guns I have ever been in :)

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Another vote for Roger at SYSS, great service, knowledge and didn't hesitate in putting right a problem I had on a Duracoating job.


Baldie @ Valkyrie, always willing to spend time with customers and straight talking.


Brain Fox, personally delivered a Marlin to Scotland when he was coming up here stalking...brilliant.


Pukka Bundhooks in the NE for reloading components, little stock but easy to order in advance and prices are excellent. Great advice too.

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Reloading soloutions - EXcelent

Spud1967- EXcelent

Dauntsey guns EXcelent

tim hannams -EXcelent

Sportsman gun centre - HORRIBLE

henry kranks- Great

York guns EXcellent

Richard Uttings EXcellent

Sporting services EXcellent


Gunsmiths well iv only used 2 :


Steve bowers - Top gunsmith but you might have a waiting time as hees so in demand


Niel mckillop, great prices and very good turnaround time , builds tack drivers , highly recommended .



SGC - I just had too many bad times there .. after sales is horrible i bought a one piece 17 rod passing one day , couple months ago . its marked up all over in daylight and bent slightly , too far to take back .


new battery pack for light force less than a year old , now doesn't hold charge ! its dead , allways charged after every use . used 10 times .


bought a bushnell 3200 tactical 10X40 thru there website , it came but no reciept same as when i bought a vx3 no reciept !


ordered NF one piece direct mount for R700 S/A , 9 months later drove to get answers as they never replied to emails . even phone them and no on could give an answer ?? wtf ! they still advertise those mounts in gunmart but there not in stock . i wrote the manager saying this aint good enough , as they didn't want to give any kind of compensation at the time , after letter he sent me $20 quids worth of vouchers - for having 240 quids of my money for 9 months ( And remember i had to drive there and back just to get refunded/sorted )- was better than nothing i guess . i am now sworn never to go there again



went to get cci primers , H4895 powde , 75A-max heads , none of them were in stock , - spent about 350 on reloading bits - THEY NEVER GIVE recipt ! FKN-AS##OLES

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I second most of the above especially Dave at Valkyrie. and reloading solutions.


For anyone in the area of Dauntsey Guns (Wilts / Glos) ...they are very good and well worth a visit / check on website.

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Riflecraft for my rifle stuff but don't go if your sensitive or lack a sense of humour !


Syss when I had a flirtation with 10-22 s ,very knowledgeable


The country store at sawston get me a lot of my components , great guys


I refrain from using the below shops because I was brought up to say nothing if you've nothing nice to say


Roding armoury

Jackson rifles

Fenland rural sports

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