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  1. Orka Akinse

    .223 load

    No but I am starting to see the bolt face leaving marks on the head at 26g, Didn't notice at first until I had a real close look. I've bought a tub of N133 so will experiment with that shortly work permitting.
  2. Orka Akinse

    .223 load

    Surprisingly, to me at least, my Rem 700 1 in 12 twist .223 shoots 60g VMax very well. I've used Vit N140 at the 26grain mark as a trial load but I'm flattening and cratering the primers a smidgen too much for my preference. Anyone else got a good load or powder they can recommend for this bullet wt please?
  3. Orka Akinse

    PARD 008

    My Approx location for collection is J17 M4 but am willing to travel a reasonable distance to make the sale.
  4. For Sale is my PARD 008 Only zero'd on my .223 had no more than 10Rds fired Just not getting used Age 12 months old was a birthday pressy Comes as bought new in the box with all paperwork and more detailed operating instructions. Cash or BACS only, would prefer F2F but willing to post at your cost. If we meet social distancing rules to apply £475
  5. Orka Akinse


    Well, they have, according to Hermes, being delivered and signed for. Not sure if I was lucky or not but will heed the sage and wise words of you guys on here who do it more frequently than I. All's well that ends well.
  6. Orka Akinse


    Thanks all, like TerryH I've labelled them on their website as Bullets so we'll see what happens. The tracker says its on its way TBH is was a c**k up on my part, I'd put bullets in got all the way thro the process and before I'd clicked confirm order, consulted on here and decided to go back and change it. Did that, Clicked confirm and it said bullets!!!!...… oh well lesson learned. Well see
  7. Orka Akinse


    just two hundred 150g SST's Bullets NOT Ammunition What do you put as the description?? They'll never understand the difference
  8. Orka Akinse


    Who can I use as a courier to send just bullets to Scotland? Any recommendations?
  9. I have two boxes for sale. 1 x Sealed Box 1 x Opened Box but bullets still in the sealed plastic bag £38/box PLUS Postage or can pick up Nth Wilts or £70 for both. Plus postage Advertised elsewhere
  10. Orka Akinse


    😂😂 For the love of God and all that's holly, surely I could just re-barrel it and not need to go to those lengths🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. Orka Akinse


    I use a .223 and my foxing partner uses a 204. It's a cracking round and if anything happened to the 223 it would be a 204 I'd choose every time.
  12. SOLD You not fast your last...……….
  13. I have one of these for sale: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=H%2fncfhAl&id=9F3E4D6DD013CF204438E06BAE590EEC845B6064&thid=OIP.H_ncfhAlMN7BhfOzR-3ZYQHaGk&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2ffarm2.static.flickr.com%2f1168%2f689054302_5cad9e2746_o.jpg&exph=337&expw=380&q=butt+out+tool&simid=608055557389225000&selectedIndex=0&ajaxhist=0 Brand new still in the sealed packaging, £11 posted to your door

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