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  1. Orka Akinse


    😂😂 For the love of God and all that's holly, surely I could just re-barrel it and not need to go to those lengths🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Orka Akinse


    I use a .223 and my foxing partner uses a 204. It's a cracking round and if anything happened to the 223 it would be a 204 I'd choose every time.
  3. SOLD You not fast your last...……….
  4. I have one of these for sale: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=H%2fncfhAl&id=9F3E4D6DD013CF204438E06BAE590EEC845B6064&thid=OIP.H_ncfhAlMN7BhfOzR-3ZYQHaGk&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2ffarm2.static.flickr.com%2f1168%2f689054302_5cad9e2746_o.jpg&exph=337&expw=380&q=butt+out+tool&simid=608055557389225000&selectedIndex=0&ajaxhist=0 Brand new still in the sealed packaging, £11 posted to your door
  5. Orka Akinse

    British Military Watches

    Excellent video which reminds me, anyone got a contact to service my G10 watch?
  6. I recently bought a Torch Warehouse Evo 50 (50mm dia lens) with various Pils and am getting flare back through the scope at night when out foxing etc. Does anyone know where I can buy a shroud? Does anyone know the thread size? Thanks
  7. Interested in the sunshade, where did you get it please?
  8. Orka Akinse

    Pard 008 problums

    Interestingly if I remember correctly, the man Russ on you tube uses a 128 card?
  9. Orka Akinse

    F Class Tikka

    Love everything about it Andy, another work of art from your stable. Love the bipod mod, not sure why just do.
  10. Orka Akinse

    Online shopping moan 🤔

    I ordered a pair of harkila trousers for the hill. Website said in stock got an email with a three week minimum lead time. Email exchange ensued and they openly admitted they never held stock on expensive items and then said, why should they? holding stock is no good. O.o Some vendors have a policy to take your order and money then.... place an order direct with the manf or importer and they never see the goods! This on-line stuff is great. All I need to do now is clear the garage of junk, get a cracking website made and bob is your dads brother.
  11. Perhaps they don't, why not ask them?
  12. Allowing activities to take place on the range that are clearly outside the agreed parameters for use of said range that have been imposed on the range, coupled with it being in direct contradiction of the RASP you or the club submitted, will end very very badly for the individual(s) and the club and may well have wide reaching implications for ALL civilian use.

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