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  1. I run small primer brass in my Sako with no issues at all.
  2. You might be able to do it using a NV bridge. Not a cheap option though, especially with your growing collection.
  3. I have a TRG 22A1 in 6.5 Creedmoor. I chose that because I'm a big fan of the TRG platform and liked the look of the A1, that's about it really. I've not shot a AX so can't help you with for or against points between the two I'm afraid. So far I'm really liking the A1, it adjusts a lot so fits well and is really nice to shoot. It's a very accurate rifle but I'm sure it's on par with the AX. I suppose my only gripe with it would be the cost of the magazines but that's it.
  4. sean c

    338 lapua

    I used N570 in mine with 250gn scenars. Very good speed and accuracy from the 27” barrel on my TRG.
  5. How have you found the BC? Is it close to advertised?
  6. So a bit of a update on the rifle so far. I’ve been a little bit silly and developed loads for 3 bullets at the same time, basically because I couldn’t decide which one to use. Also the way our club operates means that we vary between 100,200 & 300 yds at the weekends so I have to wait for the 100yd day to arrive for more load dev. So far it’s showing a lot of promise with the 183gn Matchking and almost as good with the 185gn RDF. I’ve not had as much luck with the 180gn ELDM but it is still more accurate than me. I should have the loads truly wrapped up on my next rang
  7. T3 Tac muzzle brake that came off a donor rifle with a low round count. 5/8x24 thread. I’m running a larger barrel with a different thread now so it’s now spare. £55 posted in the UK.
  8. I have a spare tier one unimount, specs are below. 34mm Diameter Medium height (32mm centre to rail) Long saddle (80mm between rings) 20moa / 6 mils cant Very good / as new condition. £170 including postage.
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