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Hey folks. So I just ordered myself an Accuracy International AT .308, 26inch barrel, folding stock, tactical muzzle break in pale brown.

I am trying to find the best kit to fit it with.  For the bipod I am looking at an Atlas BT10-NC bipod, connected with an Atlas BT19 Spigot. For the scope I am looking at a Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50 SFP.

I am still not sure on the moderator or the monopod. For the latter, I am after one that does not require me to modify the stock as the Atlas monopod does.

Would appreciate any suggestions.





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Personally, i would not use an Atlas bipod on an AI. They are perfect on a foxing rifle for example ( I have one) but lack the stability of the likes of the Phoenix Tactical bipod, now called the Fortmeier Tactical. I have one of these also.

Just my simple take on it.


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I’d ditch the idea of a monopod. They were not invented to be shot off and whilst they can be used for that it isn’t optimal. 

Also, i don’t mean to offend but if you can stretch the budget on the scope it might be worth considering something a little higher quality. It’s like telling Usain Bolt to run in Clarke’s ! He’ll still win but he wouldn’t thank you !

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With the monopod I dont shoot with it. I just like the abilty to keep the rifle upright and of the ground.

With the scope, I am considering a higher quality one such as a
Schmidt And Bender but am not sure if im willing to pay another 1400 at the moment. Would appreciate any suggestions.

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Monopod is a waste of money IMHO - it's just not stable enough to shoot accurately from. Get a decent bag or better yet, rear rest (sand filled bunny ears) for best stability.

i too would favour a Fortmeier / Phoenix bipod over an Atlas. After owning an Atlas and now the Fortmeier, the Fortmeier is better built, far more rugged ( no bend or flex in the legs or mounting system). The stance is wider too, so you'll get better stability, but it does cost more than an Atlas!

ive also owned a Vortex PST in the past. Good scope for the money I think, but if you shoot regularly and at distance, youll end up selling it before long to get better glass, clarity etc. If it were me, I'd take the money you would spend on the PST, cut down on any takeaways (I'm partial to a good curry now and then) and any unnecessary spending for a couple of months, and buy a 2nd hand Vortex Razor Gen II, S&B PMII or IOR Recon. You see them pop up for sale now and then for only a bit more than a new PST. 

After having bought and sold things over the years, I've always ended up trading them ( and loosing money whilst reselling) for better equipment. Now I make a point of buying the best I can, so I'm prepared to save and wait. Buy once, cry once and don't sell on - actually cheaper in the long run if you think about it.

Good luck with the new rifle, sounds great ? 

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The Fortmeier is sold by a member here on this forum, goes by the name Breacher. He's a good chap to deal with.

His website is here: http://www.phoenixtactical.co.uk/fortmeier-bipod.html


Yeah it can be confusing which S&B to go for. I'd say it depends on what shooting you're gonna be doing. As you're buying an AI AT, I can only assume you're not going out deer stalking and that you have access to longer ranges?!? If so, weight and size of the scope shouldn't matter, nor should having a low magnification for woodland stalking, for example.

So, for longer distance I'd still favour a scope with as much mag as you can get, so I'd say get a PMII 5-25x56 if you can. I prefer MIL scopes over MOA (personal preference) and I think a Front Focal Plane (FFP) is more useful than SFP because no matter the magnification, your elevation and windage adjustments will correspond to your reticle. SFP is fine if you're only ever going to shoot on one range, with a known set distance so you keep your magnification on one setting.

I like the double turn turrets of the PMII, very intuitive. The zero stop is very helpful if moving between ranges and targets and resetting your elevation.

In terms of reticle, I have a preference for the H2CMR but it's all down to what works for you. I'd suggest going to a shop where they have lots of models and look through them all - ignore the sales man and his BS as most of them know squat. Or spend time looking through friends scopes. Study the different reticle designs, work out how they're meant to be used, pros & cons of each (also look at reticle images online) and pick the one that's gonna work for you and your shooting type/need.

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A friend of mine had a Fortmeier bipod and also sold them long before the Phoenix copy.

It was a fantastic piece of kit then so I’m sure it is now. It does make you wonder why they are now manufactured by Herr Fortmeier for Breacher

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Benny, the S&B scopes are very nice, and also robust. However, the downside is their warranty, which is only 2 years. 

Nightforce are as good, if not better IMHO and the warranty is superb.

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3 minutes ago, benny1996 said:

I mainly do range shooting. I have access to most UK military ranges, so I want a scope that is versatile. I want something that can reach out to 1200. I am planning on getting a 6.5 barrel at a later date.

I was looking at this S&B scope yesterday - http://www.thecountryman.com/schmidt-bender-pm2-5-2x56-p3l

Personally I think there are better reticles than the P3 but again, it comes down to what works best for you!

If you're looking at new scopes, take a look at Optics Warehouse, usually have all/most models and reticles in stock. They can also order different reticles direct from S&B even when not listed on their website. If they're also very pleasant and knowledgeable to deal with, give them a call and they'll be able to advise. (For clarity, I have no affiliation to OpticsWarehouse but did buy my PMII from them and they were good).

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This was discussed in another thread, but is very useful resource for unbiased testing and results can be found on the Precision Rifle Blog.

He conducted a massive test of some of the best top scopes out there (few years old but still holds water). I think it'll help you to know what things of a scope is most important to you and what to look out for / compare when looking st different models, brands and reticles.


id say it's worth reading through all the elements / posts he published which explains the process as well as which makes/models did well st or struggled with.

Good luck. It's a huge purchase financially, so don't rush in. You'll loose lots of money selling scopes 2nd hand, so consider your choice carefully.

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13 minutes ago, benny1996 said:

Brillo, I have heard good things about them. Do you have a specific night force scope recommendation?

Catch, I have been having a browse of opticswarehouse. Which PMII did you get?

I have a Nightforce Competition on my F TR rifle and a 8-32x56 NXS on my AI AW. Both are pretty much perfect. If I was starting from scratch I’d look it the ATACR


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I too have an AI AT in .308, folding stock with 26" barrel. The scope is an S&B PMII 12-50x56 SFP, reticle is a P4fine with 1/4 MOA turrets. I have an AI bipod, however I have a Phoenix bipod on my Ruger PR and I intend to order one for the AI, they are a fantastic bipod and highly recommended (I bought mine for the Ruger after seeing the one on "The Gun Pimp's" rifle whilst shooting McQueens). My only comments on the S&B scope are, it's heavy and I find the fine reticle a little too fine and wish I had ordered a standard P4 and not a P4F.

Scope wise, the Ruger PR has a Sightron 8-32x56 with LRMOA reticle with 1/4MOA turrets and I would consider this an excellent scope for the money.

The difference in bipods can be seen in the image below:




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