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  1. The Gun Pimp

    Recommendation for most accessible range/s

    If you are interested in Diggle (10 miles NE of Manchester) we shoot TR/F Class twice per month at all distances from 300 to 1000 yds using electronic targets. No SSC needed. PM me (Membership Sec) if you want more info.
  2. The Gun Pimp

    Stock bedding

    I must admit, I never do this - that's the hottest bit of the barrel - leave a 'cooling' gap around it! You won't see a benchrest rifle so bedded. I've built the last two 1000 yd record breaking benchguns - both with 30 inch heavy profile barrels - you don't need bedding forward of the action if you've done your action bedding properly. Other reason - don't work with a switch barrel.
  3. The Gun Pimp

    Barrel Life

    If you do your own barrel work, then chopping off the chamber plus maybe a bit more - depending on what the borescope reveals - is something I frequently do. Example - my 6mm Dasher had done two seasons of benchrest - about 600 rounds with testing. I could maybe have squeezed another season out of it but it would likely 'go south' half way through the season so, top n tail and squeeze another year out of it. However don't expect the kind of accuracy you'll get with a new barrel. If you do it yourself, it costs nothing and gives me another season rather than scrapping the barrel. If I had to pay a gunsmith to do the work then - no. It will cost just as much to chamber and thread your old barrel as with a new one so you may as well start with a new tube.
  4. The Gun Pimp

    Under one inch at 600 yards

    Yeh we take 'em down after the shoot. Takes about half an hour to strip and repackage the electronic bits and put the frames away. We have two sets - one set for benchrest and one set for F Class.
  5. The Gun Pimp

    Under one inch at 600 yards

    Couldn't agree more - the first car I got with electric windows I thought "When that fails the window will be stuck in the 'down' position and it'll be raining". That's exactly what happened but who'd go back to wind-up windows? We get some pretty horrendous weather at Diggle but our Shotmarkers have survived a whole day in the rain on many occasions. Yes, we have taken simple measures to waterproof them but on the whole they are superb.
  6. The Gun Pimp

    Under one inch at 600 yards

    Yes - nothing like verifying the shots on a paper target - though even this can be subject to errors. I once remember a group being shot on a very wet target at 1000 yds. It was measured by butts using a digital caliper equipped with spikes to go through the bullet-holes. But, the wet target had 'wrinkles' and when we got the target back to the Range House after the shoot for a proper measure and flattened it out - the group was about a quarter-inch bigger. Clearly the real group size was 'as measured' in butts but the paper said different.... Once we started using electronic targets, we have to accept the result - though I think we said we would draw a line under the existing paper-target records and preserve them. It was a still day for Darrel's shoot (as still as we get at Diggle) so I don't think the targets were affected too much by the wind. Over the Christmas downtime we are going to do some tests to establish the effect of the target 'tilting' due to the effect of wind.
  7. Eskdalemuir is a fantastic facility and, with the growing interest in ELR - with several countries now hosting competitions other than America - this range could be a great venue for European competitions. The ELR rules have been revised (in a sensible direction) and it would be great if Mark were to get involved and perhaps host a shoot next year.
  8. The Gun Pimp


    Nick, a tumbler can be used. All you need is a small round container with a screw-on lid which will hold about 100 bullets. Put a small amount of moly powder in with the bullets and seal the lid with a bit of tape. Lob it in your tumbler (with media still in place) and leave for a couple of hours. Tip bullets into an old towel and remove surplus powder. You will now have 100 bullets which will give you less velocity than un-coated ones. You may be able to recoup the lost velocity with more powder - if there's room in the case. But, after all that - what have you gained? Hannam's sell the moly powder.
  9. The Gun Pimp

    6mm creedmoor powders

    I really just built mine as a light (to carry) gun for McQueen comps. I must admit, I was shocked at the 3000+fps velocity out of a 22 inch barrel. Got a 50 in the first ever comp so more than happy with the accuracy.
  10. The Gun Pimp

    6mm creedmoor powders

    A couple of use are getting good velocity and accuracy with Vit N160 using 105gn Bergers. Check out my load dev. in Target Shooter on http://www.targetshooter.co.uk/?p=3076
  11. The Gun Pimp

    Shooting Mat Help

    Maidment - I just bought one. These mats are made by a top F Class shooter. See my write-up on http://www.targetshooter.co.uk/?p=3125
  12. The Gun Pimp

    SEB Mini Front Rest

    Sorry - don't know my own email address! It's targetshooteronline@icloud.com
  13. The Gun Pimp

    SEB Mini Front Rest

    I've just been talking to someone who has a SEB Mini for sale for about £600 incl. postage. If you PM me on targetshooter@icloud.com I'll put you in touch.
  14. The Gun Pimp

    Old brass.

    Nick, ask Brian Fox - he knows a place in Ashton.

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