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  1. Yep - no need to do anything with the underside. Most shooters seem to have a piece of plywood with carpet or astro-turf on one side.
  2. The underside must be completely flat. No pins, angle iron or the like.
  3. Best to email AMP - they are very good at answering queries.
  4. Yeah - forums are a great place for opinions but not facts! But, a final word maybe from Tony Boyer (the undisputed king of short-range benchrest, where accuracy is paramount and where a barrel that won't shoot in the 'ones' is junk). Here's what Tony says in his book "Barrel break-in is like religion or politics, there are people that swear by their particular method. All break-in methods have one goal - get the barrel to shoot well without fouling very much. I've tried all the above mentioned methods (shoot one, clean etc etc)........ I just clean, put Lock-ease in the bo
  5. As a serious benchrest shooter I was always a great advocate of the 'shoot one, clean etc' for breaking in a new barrel but, then I read a very interesting article which changed my mind and I haven't used the 'shoot one, clean' method since. When you shoot a 6PPC in benchrest competition you soon know if a barrel is a 'shooter' - or not. Personally, I've not noticed any loss of accuracy or reduction of barrel life by not running-in. When I spin a new barrel on, I'll shoot maybe 20 odd rounds tweaking the load. Yes, it will probably take me a day to get the copper out but then it's re
  6. Er no - I'm not - as baffled as TerryH! However, if you want to know about centrefire benchrest and the UKBRA then OK - I can bore you to death!
  7. Kevin - you might have a look at the Tier One / EVO Engineering website. They produce superb range of quality accessories rings, mods. brakes, bi-pods etc. One thing that is in short supply is the SEB NEO rest - they are widely favoured by F Class and benchrest shooters and are in great demand and short supply with a new price tag around £1000. Could be a market if you could knock 'em out for £750.
  8. Kevin - have you missed the boat? Two top Brit actions have been and gone in the last 10 years - Russel Gall's actions even received praise when he took one (and shot it) to the World Benchrest Championships in the USA. Later, John Carr started manufacturing his actions - I have one and it's an excellent twin-port BR action but lack of a home market caused him to put them on hold. If there was sufficient interest he could easily start up again. Good actions are now readily available here - the excellent Canadian Deadline not to mention BATs, Barnard, Nesika, Borden etc. As a hobby y
  9. Tier One rings are as good as it gets - but, if you need the extra elevation without using a tapered scope-rail, the Burris rings are a good option.
  10. Your 300 PRC barrel life will be limited. You could easily waste 10% barrel-life developing a load - don't develop two loads! And don't waste it plinking! If you want to 'save your shoulder' get a RAD recoil reducer fitted.
  11. Leeman - if this rail is still available I'll take it - please PM me on targetshooteronline@icloud.com
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