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  1. The Gun Pimp

    Reloading data

    Benchrest is hard on barrels. A half MOA 5-shot group - at 600 yards - is the starting point for a competitive BR gun.
  2. The Gun Pimp

    Reloading data

    If you use it for competitive benchrest - i.e 5 rounds fired in 15 to 20 seconds - perhaps 1200 rounds before accuracy starts to tail off. But, we shoot long-range benchrest every month (about 30 rounds needed) so, with testing, about 400 rounds per year - the barrel will give you about three years competitive shooting.
  3. The Gun Pimp

    Reloading data

    Nick - copy Geek above - generally most 6BR shooters with a c.30 inch barrel will be looking for 2950fps with a 105gn bullet. If you want to increase your muzzle velocity - stop mollying your bullets! Having said that - chase accuracy not velocity - though for 1000 yard benchrest it's handy to have both!
  4. The Gun Pimp

    Plot-o-matic scoring strategy

    Diggle Club has seven of its own Shotmarker targets but the GBFCA League uses their own Silver Mountain.
  5. Is this the 'mils' version?
  6. The Gun Pimp

    A small insight to what we do.

    OMG - I suppose somebody had to do it!
  7. The Gun Pimp

    Bowland Custom

    Best wishes with your new venture Andy - Vince
  8. The Gun Pimp

    Ammunition Case for ELR Cartridges

    Email me John - targetshooteronline@icloud.com
  9. The Gun Pimp

    Ammunition Case for ELR Cartridges

    Actually there is - the guy in the pic is Benjamin Gineste who won the French KIng of One Mile last month using the 33XC. The guy who built his rifle also does the ammo cases - Stuart Anselm of GS Precision. I've seen one 'in the flesh' - you won't be dissappointed.
  10. The Gun Pimp

    Selling an F-Class rifle

    I think it's only accessible by GBFCA members.
  11. The Gun Pimp


    You might like to have a look at www.ukbr22.org.uk Amongst other stuff they run an indoor postal league for air and rimfire.
  12. Good on yer Kevin - hope to see it at Diggle next year!
  13. The Gun Pimp

    2k scope

    Might be interesting to see what the teams were using at the French ELR 1 mile shoot a few days ago. Personally I'd sooner have the option of 50x and not use it that be struggling with 25x and wish I had more. I shoot 1000 yard F Class and Benchrest comps frequently and use 35 - 40x most of the time.
  14. The Gun Pimp

    Right hand shooters with left hand actions

    Yeh, I built one - after seeing a left-hand shooter with a right-hand rifle blitz our steel-plate speed comp. If you shoot off a bi-pod exclusively definitely the way to go - until you come to sell it! Hard to convince RH shooters and not many lefties.......
  15. The Gun Pimp

    Stuck Case Removal

    Not the 33XC by any chance John? Just had a similar experience - 30 odd years without a stuck case........

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