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  1. The Gun Pimp

    .223 brass

    Serious comp shooters will always use the very best components - you can never take that shot again! If you are already loading match quality 6BR then you will be using Lapua or Norma brass. Lapua do a 223 Match case - that would be my starting point. However, you might like to read this - it did throw up the odd surprise: http://www.targetshooter.co.uk/?p=301
  2. The Gun Pimp

    Hornady 6mm Arc

    I would say that almost every competitive 6PPC benchrest shooter on the planet is using something between 28.5 and 29.5 grains of Vit 133 behind a 66 - 68gn FB bullet. It just works.
  3. The Gun Pimp

    Hornady 6mm Arc

    I would agree - go for the 6BR BUT - re the 6PPC - once you've done with the case-forming, neck-turning etc if you use a 1 in 14 twist barrel and FB bullets in the 68gn range and Vit 133 powder it's probably one of the easiest cartridges to tune. You will struggle to shoot 5-shot groups bigger than a half MOA at 100 yards - that's why it's ruled the benchrest competition circuit for decades and holds all the accuracy records out to 300 yds. However if you're not shooting competitive benchrest and you want a little 'six' - stick with the 6BR - the everyman's version. It still holds the UK record for a 5-shot group at 1000 yards.
  4. Tracey Tools - Google 'em. That's where mine came from.
  5. Saddler - I do have a genuine one - £80 plus a tenner for postage. PM me on targetshooteronline@icloud.com
  6. If anyone else wants a set of the same but in silver I'll do them for the same price as Chris - not trying to upstage you Chris but just reminded me I have a set for sale. PM me on targetshooteronline@icloud.com
  7. That's the point - it doesn't obscure the target - but, as you say - 'each to their own'.
  8. I swap the Fortmeir between three rifles so it's simpler just to leave a spigots on each of the rifles. One bi-pod - three spigots.
  9. Yeh, I did move the locking lever to the top - so it's easy to adjust when you set up and I never remove the fixing, so the Allen screw is fine on the side.
  10. No it won't - other shooters don't believe it - until they have a look through the scope.
  11. Are talking about building a custom rifle for say F Class around a standard Remington action rather than using a custom action of similar proportions? If you were building say a lightweight tactical rifle, then the std. Remmy action will likely serve you well. However, if you want to hang a heavy 30 inch barrel off the relatively flimsy Remmy (massive ejection-pot & mag feed cut-out) for F Class then maybe not - especially if you are looking for sub half MOA accuracy. Not a good idea to build your custom rifle around something which may not then live up to expectations. One option used to involve stiffening the action with a glued on aluminium sleeve but add that to the cost of a bit of accurising and you're in the realms of a custom action price-wise. (See attached pic). Yes - you will hear all the "my mate had a Remmy that'd put 'em all down one hole bla bla bla." But why take the chance? Keep your eye on the 'sales' section - there are some absolute bargains to be had on custom rifles ordered on a whim and "only fired 200 rounds...". I know of at least two benchrest rifles built on custom actions by top 'smiths going for £1500 c/w Jewel trigger - just need a new barrel to suit your chosen discipline. Check out Brian Fox's stock - you're not too far from Diggle.
  12. The Gun Pimp

    King of 2 Miles

    The shoot in the south of France is well established. As far as the UK is concerned - we won't know anything definite until the FCSA let us know about Eskdalemuir. Or Marc Gardner's new facility.
  13. The Gun Pimp

    King of 2 Miles

    Each to his own but, in reality, it's less than half that for 338 / 33XC reloads. These days, travel and accommodation is often the biggest expense.
  14. The Gun Pimp

    King of 2 Miles

    For me - it's got to be about competition - ideally to established KO2M rules - not plinking at Warcop. But yes - I agree, a new UK2MSA might be a good idea.
  15. The Gun Pimp

    King of 2 Miles

    Dave and others - whilst we are in this lockdown period, I'm trying to generate some UK interest in ELR via articles on targetshooter.co.uk. I'm currently building a rig - is anyone else? I know JMH has a 33XC ready to go and I know of a couple of other ELR guns that are up and running. The future of KO2M / ELR in the UK is dependent to some extent on the future development of Eskdalemuir (and that other range close by). Does anyone have any further information? Clearly, once UK ranges are in a position to host proper competitions it should stimulate the interest in building suitable rifles - now is the perfect time to get that build under way. If anyone is building something or has any info on ranges you can email me on targetshooteronline@icloud.com and we'll put it out there.

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