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  1. ubique

    AICS 5 round 6 dasher coversion

    I know it's not a T3, but a Sako 75 action will mag feed 6br if you use the 6ppc mag.
  2. ubique

    308 sub sonic

    No detonation mentioned by me.
  3. ubique

    308 sub sonic

    Thanks for the reply, it was a curiosity question more so, we were playing with these back in the late 80's, and tried all sorts including soft lead bullets with and without gas checks, round nosed flat based and they worked well for plinking out to 200m, but trajectory was interesting! We then started using the factory Lapua with the same bullet that you mention, they were gratis so no more loading, happy days!
  4. ubique

    308 sub sonic

    Which 200grn bullet are you using, and are you getting expansion or are they still full shape, if you have ever retrieved one?
  5. ubique

    Inclined picatinny rail

    An accuracy international one piece mount in 45 moa is available, as far as I recall.
  6. ubique

    Steyr ssg 69

    Thanks, but just after the ssg 69.
  7. ubique

    Steyr ssg 69

    Just seeing what is about before committing elsewhere, p1 or 2, .308 only, drop me a pm if anything available, thanks.
  8. Hello ubigue,

    Im from the Netherlands and maby im interesting in your Sinclair bipod.

    If it's still for sale i like to make you a offer of 125,- to my door post.

    Would you accept that offer?

    Do you have pictures of it maby?


    best regards



  9. Ttt, open to sensible offers. NOW SOLD
  10. Sinclair tac bipod, multi position of legs to enable low rifle height and a wider leg spacing, or med, high positions, tilt lock similar to a pod lock, very good condition, £125 inc post.
  11. ubique

    Mkii 3-12/ L17A1

    Thanks for the explanation Lapua, spot on! And thanks for looking TSG.
  12. ubique

    Mkii 3-12/ L17A1

    Back for another try!
  13. ubique

    A I tactical muzzle brake

    Hi, looking for an AI tactical muzzle brake, I have the non threaded version that I can px if needed.Thanks.

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