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  1. I am thinking of delving into Quickload, a friend run a copy of a program for me, and on the Powder section, it has "*C" which I believe is "compressed" and "*T" what does that mean if I may be so stupid to ask.
  2. So they can tell me "we will contact the suppliers" no I have not. We are purely curious as to the powder as I for one have never seen a "cocktail" like it, stand to be corrected though.
  3. Curious. After buying the above rounds at Bisley, and getting massive variations to shots, we stripped three rounds down, the powder weight in each was 44.00gn, 44.20gn and 45.00gn all from the same box , looking closely at the powder it looks like there's a variety (Mixture) of powder in the cases, as in long, short and round particles, and the round particles vary from dust to quite large, the Bullets are all the same, the cases vary in length a bit, more than some other makes or more than they should but thats not the end of the world. Does anyone know what powder they are supposed to be carrying in these rounds, or is it all guess work?
  4. Gazza0208

    Hornady ELD ELD 123gn and 140gn

    I am after 123gn x and 140gn m Hornady ELD in reasonable numbers if anyone needs to shift some.
  5. Gazza0208

    260 Rem FL Die set

    Yes all sorted thank you
  6. Gazza0208

    260 Rem FL Die set

    Any good make considered. SORTED 😁
  7. SOLD 😁 America’s favorite high-speed turret press has been re-engineered and upgraded to offer unmatched versatility, power and precision. The T-Mag II has a new Hi-Tech iron frame with state of the art silver hammer-tone powder coat finish for guaranteed durability. Lyman’s improved Turret Retention System allows smooth indexing while maintaining rock solid turret support. The new turret handle makes indexing easier than ever. The T-Mag II’s six station turret head lets the re-loader mount up to six different reloading dies at one time. Like more expensive progressive presses the turret head detaches to easily change calibers while retaining precise set-up. The turret handle doubles as a turret-removing wrench. No tools required. Obtain extra turret heads and have all your favorite calibers set up to reload. The T-Mag II features a “flat machined” base that mounts easily to a wood or metal bench. Compound leverage assures a powerful and smooth operation. The handle mounts for either right or left hand use. The T-Mag II uses standard 7/8″ x 14 dies and can be used for reloading rifle or pistol cases. It comes with universal priming arm, primer catcher, and turret handle. New Turret System for Even Greater Stability “Silver Hammertone” Powder Coat Finish “Flat Machined” Base for Solid Bench Mounting Ideal for Pistol Reloading Right or Left Hand Operation Non-Rust Handle & Links Turret Handle Also Used for Disconnecting Turret. No Tools Required. Turrets Change Easily Had it Two years, just does not get the use I intended it to, so it can go to make space. Original box.The pictures show it attached to a bench plate, that is not included primer loading bits are. £215.00 Delivered UK mainland
  8. After another Tumbler.......SORTED 😉
  9. Gazza0208

    Redding Deluxe Die Set 223 REM (RED-84111)

  10. 450 RWS 308 Once Fired Wet tumbled and Sized. Primer Pocket cleaned. 150 £28 Posted.. 100 £20 Posted Sold
  11. Sorry, they are sold, funds pending..
  12. SOLD 25 Fully Prepped, once fired, Ad elsewhere
  13. Gazza0208

    Wilson Case Gauges

    After 223, 30-30 if anyone has them to sell on. SORTED

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