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  1. tackb

    Which 22 WMR

    i have a ruger stainless laminate , loves the 30-33 grain ammo , it's been bedded and had the trigger fettled , barrel shortened and a reflex mod fitted I love it but just don't use it anymore , if you want to give it a try let me know ? although I am a bit of a trek from you !
  2. tackb

    Powder Choice for 7.62 tracer

    How do they shoot through the bigger bores ?
  3. tackb

    Powder Choice for 7.62 tracer

    i used varget if I remember correctly , and retumbo in my 300rum , I even had them light when I loaded some up with unique at subsonic velocities but that was a little more intermittant
  4. tackb

    Powder Choice for 7.62 tracer

    when I loaded some I didn't even consider the powder , just loaded them and they worked ?
  5. brilliant , I'm sure it will be well thought out and fair
  6. tackb

    6.5 creedmore info

    I get 2700fps from factory 140 eld-m ammo out of my 20'' bartlein barrel , happy with that to in excess of 1000 yds
  7. Ok , my bad I won’t bother trying to help.
  8. I didn't realise he wanted to drive away from a closer range , my bad
  9. bassingbourn rifle and pistol club , shoots mepal , thetford (various) and barton rd (1200yds)
  10. tackb


    no experience of the 80 but the 75 expands just fine
  11. tackb

    Hornady ELD X no thump

    Yes I did , they seem slightly tougher than the Amax they replace but still an awesome bullet , I'm only launching at 2700fps due to a 20" barrel
  12. tackb

    Hornady ELD X no thump

    Get a good thump from eld-m out of my creedmoor out to 385m the furthest I've taken reds at to date with the creed
  13. tackb

    Boring BAR22

    my old 10-22 would do that at 30m no worries , but it had been modified to death to achieve that !
  14. tackb

    .260REM vs 6.5 Creedmoor

    I've had both , you won't notice a difference There is better factory for creedmoor Purely subjective but I found accuracy easier in my creedmoor than my 260 , the 260 would shoot just as well but it was harder to tune ?

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