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  1. From my experience with .22 it seems to be find the best round then introduce the tuner. I appreciate it might be a totally different ballgame with CF.
  2. Have you considered a Gary Cane stock? Plenty of ideas on his website. Very reasonably priced and super to do business with. http://www.garycanesgunstocks.com/rifle.html
  3. Excellent condition, little used. Original box. Rings not included.The Delta Titanium 2.5-15x56 HD SF features a 6x zoom makes this model a universal riflescope, and 15x magnification works perfectly fine when shooting at a long distance. The Delta Titanium 2.5-15x56 HD riflescope is equipped with side parallax adjustment right down to 10m. Thanks to the parallax correction and a very good drawing of contours of the target, it is just perfect for very long shots and even on small targets. It is also excellent as an evening scope. The Delta Titanium 2.5-15x56 HD comes equipped with an illuminated (4A-S) Reticle in the SFP format making it perfect for foxing and varminting. The Delta Titanium 2.5-15x56 HD can be used on airguns, rimfires or full bore rifles due to its parallax adjustment. The Delta Titanium HD riflescopes are the latest addition to the Titanium family. The new Titanium HD version provides the user much less "tube effect" than previous models. It results in a generous field of view due to improved optical construction and increased eye lens diameter. Delta Titanium HD 2.5-15x56 HD £650 Ono
  4. Hawke Airmax 30 SF Compact 3-12x40 AMX IR Superb compact scope. Side parallax adjustment. 3” side wheel.Illuminated reticule. As new. Optically perfect. Box, lens cloth, manuals etc. Hawke high mounts, 30mm tube to 9-11 rail. https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/airm £210 Ono
  5. Due to change in shooting disciplines I have this, excellent condition, S&B scope for sale. S&B PM II 3-20x50 FFP 0.1 MRAD/CW/DT/MTC/LT/ST/ zero stop. Excellent condition, very little usage. Optics perfect. Would welcome an inspection. Comes with original box and manual. £1900 ono. £500 saving on new.
  6. ULFHEDNAR 140cm gunbag/shooting mat. Soft rifle case, opens out to range/shooting mat. Straps so can be carried like a backpack. Cleaning rod holder. Removable internal mats and pockets. VGC £200 ono. Would rather buyer collect. Link to website https://www.ulfhednar.no/products
  7. Have you considered the Sightron SII 36x42 SFP BRD MOA Non IR Rifle Scope? Used fairly widely in .22rf bench rest at 25 & 50 m/yds. About £490 brand new so a bit out the current price range but a second hand one if one comes up?
  8. Standard Sako Quad. 50m outdoors. Eley Tenex.
  9. Sorry forgot to say, 50m. Outdoors.
  10. At the ranges yesterday and returned these. Standard Sako Quad varmit, Delta 6-24x42, front rest, rear bag. Temperature 15 degrees, well in the car park anyway, wind changeable both in speed and direction up to about 8 mph. First target Eley Tenex, 5 rounds. Second target RWS R 50, 5 rounds. Whilst the Tenex gave the smallest group the R50 returned more consistent small groups. Now if the wind would always blow my bullets in neat little holes, oh well.
  11. Cicognani RC Ergal ADV Titanium front rest. Immaculate condition, little used. PM for any other info or pictures. Link to Cicognani website https://www.varidecicognani.it/en/shop/view/rest-rc-ergal-adv-titanium--P00258/ Collect only, Tewkesbury or surrounding area. (weight about 14 lbs). £475
  12. Twodogs

    Advice on Longbranch No4

    Might find this link about bolt fitting, especially in regards the No3 bolt head, interesting. http://photos.imageevent.com/badgerdog/generalstorage/peterlaidlerpostsleeenfieldforums/Fitting rifle bolts - CHS and boltheads.pdf
  13. Twodogs

    Canine companions

    My two boys, Oscar 3 and Benson 10, taking it easy.

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