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  1. Terry In pretty much the same position and also found it confusing. Three different sets of rules just to confuse everybody, the NSRA being the most different. Bench rest UK conform to THE WORLD & RIMFIRE & AIR RIFLE BENCHREST RULES 2013-2021. http://www.wrabf.com UKBR 22 and Bench rest UK shoot very similar targets and have same categories for rifles I.e. sporter, LV, & HV. Major difference is UKBR sporter must be designed to be shoulder fired and have scope of max x12 magnification whereas Bench rest UK, any rifle under the weight limit, max x6.5 mag on scope. Th
  2. Only at 25m so nothing spectacular, factory standard Sako Quad Varmint off a bipod. Eley Tenex. X6 mag on scope. 250 20X. 6B82756B-8440-45D1-A9AD-6758337C3174.heic
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