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  1. A couple of questions How much for just the rifle Barrel length Barrel condition as the screw cut looks like the moderator may have been left on for a bit
  2. Cheers, I wanted to see how hard it would be to convert to left handed, looks like a new stock would be cheaper
  3. scope and caller now sold, new price for pard nv007 and torch £415 royal mail special delivery
  4. pard nv007, original version with an extended eye cup as i found the original eye cup awkward, 45mm scope adapter and shim set, adjustable torch mount to suit picatinny rail, usb single bay charger and two LG 18650 batteries, black sun dark engine IR illuminator. I will also include a 48mm collar that for some reason doesn't fit to well. Rudolph 2.5-15x50 scope, boxed, illuminated dot reticle, lockable adjustable turrets, side parallax 30mm tube works very will with pard unit and on board laser, and is excellent with the dark sun. Fox pro patriot caller, a programmable
  5. lyman trimmer, with power adapter, four cutting heads, and a selection of pilots £85 posted
  6. I have asked for photos on SD since may and got none, mot sure he really wants to sell it
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