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  1. AW mags

    Looking for a couple of mags, does anybody have any spares kicking about they would part with? PM with any offers thanks.
  2. AW .308 folder

    Up again.
  3. AW .308 folder

    Brillo, not recieved, tried sending you pm but you cannot accept messages, maybe inbox full.
  4. Hi,

    Ive got a non folder I might be persuaded to part with.




  5. AW .308 folder

  6. Two stage trigger

    Come in Duff eyed Doyle!
  7. Two stage trigger

    Hi, looking for a two stage trigger to fit Rem 700 or clones of, thanks in advance. All sorted now, thanks to Duff eyed Doyle.
  8. AW .308 folder

  9. AW .308 folder

    Still looking.
  10. AW .308 folder

    Looking out for an AW folder in .308, if anyone is thinking of selling or knows of one, please drop me a pm.
  11. Sako quad magazines 2x .17hmr or .22wmr 10 rnd mags, as new £25 each posted.spf 2x .17hmr or .22wmr 5rnd mags, as new £20 each posted. 1x .22lr or .17hm2 10rnd mag, new in pack £30 posted.spf
  12. AWSM .338 mags and moderator

    Looking out for a spare mag or two, also a suitable moderator for the same, any offers please drop me a pm. Thanks.
  13. Can anyone tell me what the mag capacity would be using 6.5x284 in a Sako action IV mag? Also if anyone has used this action for a build in the said calibre did you have any feeding issues? Thanks.
  14. 4-16x56 Hensoldt Zeiss

    Still looking!

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