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Is it safe to dry fire

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i have a Tikka T3x in .223 and I am trying to get used to the trigger weight, which is very different to my FAC air rifle.

Rather than annoy the neighbours any more, is it safe to dry fire? Or can I buy a “blank”? Or could I reinsert used cartridges? Or is it safe to just leave the chamber empty and fire?

Looking to avoid damage.





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For those who can remember the words Ease springs that being done  thousands of time on the same bolt and firing pin assy will say yes go ahead and no gizmos needed!  but others will recoil and hide there eyes  and say you need to buy XYZ ? 

everyone has a choice in life mine is to let it rip lol. 

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"ease springs"   No problem in my opinion, a snap-cap will make you feel better though!  I made one with a fired case, drilled through sideways to make it obviously a dud and filled the empty primer pocket with hard rubber compound, just enough to cushion the firing pin.

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Make some dummy rounds 


no primer 

no powder

bullet seated 

insert a cut piece of rubber into the primer pocket 

Use a marker pen to mark the dummy cartridges 


Dry fire and cycle away 


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22 hours ago, banus02 said:

center fires  YES no problem. rimfires NO big problem !

As a general rule for rimfire no, but do read the manufacturers manual. Some makes and models you can dry fire as they are designed to allow you to do so without damaging anything. 

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